Shave and a Haircute – Favorite Stranger Things – Boring Shit/Work Time

96% of the blog space is used.

Another reason I’m almost done with it.

It being the blog.

And so I can wake up every morning and write books instead of word vomits.

Or so is the idea.

Hey. I’m back to a more normal schedule!

Shit. It’s almost noon and I woke up not that long ago.

… yeah!

No more waking up before dawn and passing out before 8 pm.

Now it’s back to sleeping around midnight and waking up at 10 am or so.

It feels better.

I feel like I can get much more shit done.

Yesterday I didn’t do much but the super long word vomit. Finished the transcript of the interview I did. Started the article and the layout. And yep. I think I’m going long. I didn’t pitch it long. I sort of did. Anyway. 1,500 words long.

And I should do the rest as well.

I’m inspired. That’s the point.

And I was also hungry.

Got a bagel sandwich at Æther Cafe. It was alright. Surprisingly, I liked their vegan sandwich better.

Mamut was open for the first time in a while. And I love me some of their Rye IPA.

Two IPAs. One bagel sandwich and a side salad.

Sounds healthy and good to me.

Went to Nelson for a caguama and to play some jazz. Place was empty.

Wrote part of the article there.

I don’t only play jazz. I’m not that much of an asshole. Playing jazz has such a /r/iamverysmart asshole connotation. I pepper it with Beatles or Hendrix or other things here and there. I just fucking enjoy jazz, okay? Especially playing My Favorite Things around the holidays.

Speaking of Things. Came back home. Stranger Things 2.

Season 1 one was better.

This one has too many powers and less mystery. More guns and explosions. Less nerdiness and intrigue of what could it be. More production. Easier to guess what is going on. Less mystery and adventure. More action and romantic drama.

And I think they forgot about Nancy’s friend. The ginger chick…

And Will sucks.

Just let that kid die.

Sorry. Spoilers?

It’s still a really good show. I’m on episode 9 I think. Or maybe it was 10.

Oh yeah.

I also shaved yesterday.

I haven’t shaved in months.

I put it up to a “vote” on Instagram stories. As if I cared…


Almost everyone voted that I should shave anyway… so yeah.

That was the result.

Up next is the haircute which is really needed.

And December…

Tomorrow a new cover picture. But no article. Nothingness.

I have much shit to write.

And I should get to that.

After breakfast. And some TV.

And then I’ll get lazy and do nothing.


I have to work.

I have to finish a bunch of things. I shall finish a bunch of things. I already took too much fucking sweet time that I guarantee the next paycheck is going to be less than half than the other two.

When they all should be more than what they are.

Fuck my laziness.


That’s what breakfast should be.

And I should make them myself instead of ordering Uber Eats or getting street tacos.

It’s cold out.

Shitty Calimax time.

Fuck I hate that Calimax.

Gentrification hasn’t hit hard enough for that Calimax to be turned into a Trader Joe’s already.

Or you know… a decent Calimax like the ones in the richer areas.

Maybe I should stop living in Zona Norte….

Or maybe quite the opposite. Keep living here until gentrification and El Centro es la Onda really hits.

And my rent can stay cheap.

But…. that might never happen. And it might be years from now.

This is still Zona Norte.

There are still transexual hookers and drug addicts in the vicinity.

I have no idea how some families live around here.

So yeah. To that Calimax I go.

At least Tacos El Rey is still here.

Post from a year ago.

Delicious Tacos el Rey.

This is the most boring shit ever.

There’s no action.

I need to write and I don’t. I want photography gigs and there’s nothing.

It’s just cold out.

At least Bisho keeps my lap warm.

Time to work and work out.

Churning out them articles today.

And then tap Tuesday.

And I want to enjoy it. And for that. I must be productive.

Otherwise, I’ll just fall into a pit of winter depression.

I should also go get a haircute…

Saturday, a Tijuana Adventure.

Next week. Holiday party.

And next Saturday, another Tijuana Adventure.

Now I work.

I still need that fucking marker.

And I should probably put more coffee on.


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