Don’t Be An Asshole – December is Coming, Last Month of Blogging – Emmy Rossum (and Adam Duritz)

Don’t be an asshole.

That’s the life lesson from Dr. John Kitchin, aka, the Slomo dude that rollerblades along the boardwalk at Pacific Beach.

Great reporting by the New York Times. I’ve seen the dude multiple times. I’ve heard the rumors that he can’t see faces and that he has a nice house by the beach. And now it’s all there. His life story.

And his life lesson seems to be one.

Don’t be an asshole.

Do what you want.

Wasn’t that the life lesson of Jesus?

I don’t know what I want.

I know I don’t feel like working still. Basically, because there is still money in my bank account to live for a while. Even though student loans are on my ass and I need to fix that.

And I really do need to work.

Haven’t bought that fucking marker.

My latest published story was about Szavio. I feel like that was forever ago. I’m so fucking slow at delivering stories. I do like one a week when I should be doing at least four.

And I never work on my so-called book. That’s because I waste away doing this word vomit.

I saw Szavio yesterday. He is going back to Minneapolis soon to take care of some things. And hopefully, he will be back in Tijuana.

We talked life and music.

And how we were supposed to jam together. And maybe start a band. And it wasn’t only me who was thinking this. Other Tijuana people were in the same boat.

Now I’m not sure.

But I’m definitely back to music.

Tap tappity tapping the fuck out of the electric guitar.

Practicing classical trying to remember all that I used to be able to do. Soon I’ll be reading music again because I need to get my sight reading back to a decent level.

I also saw my parents.

That’s a whole different mess that… well.. that doesn’t belong here.

I’m not sure what will happen there.

I’m hungry and I can’t decide on breakfast. There hasn’t been any food in my kitchen for a while. I just go out and have tacos and what not for breakfast. Or order Uber eats. It’s way too cheap to eat out in Tijuana that it makes it just way too easy to not cook.


And the thing no one cares about.

My NFL fantasy team ate shit again.

Two wins ten losses for the season.

At least I’m not the Browns and I’m not at 0.

But I am more like San Francisco with barely a fucking win that I celebrated as if I had won the whole damn thing.

NFL Fantasy. Not for me. Not this year.

I’ll try again next year I guess.

My bench did more points than the other players. Fuck.


I just got an email about doing a Tijuana Adventure.

I haven’t had a tour in so long! But hey. Apparently, I will be having one this Saturday with four people my age that sound like they are cool. And of course, I’m being cheap again.

I like doing the tours.

So the extra money is just extra nice.

And I should finish all the stories I said I would finish this week (hah. Yeah right).

I haven’t been doing my workout. I haven’t cleaned Bisho’s litter box.

He is complaining.

I should do both.

I had my camera yesterday for when I visited my parents.

Sunset was disappointing.

It looked like this.


I’m done with sunsets.

I rather take pictures of food or other subjects. I need more photo gigs.

More writing gigs.

More everything.

I do nothing.

I just drink.

I went to Nelson for a second yesterday. That’s where I met Szavio. Then we wandered around. Divagamos. I owed him some tacos, but instead I bought some empanadas.

And I ventured into Chips.

It was a bit boring but I got to put a dollar in the jukebox.

I like to see how the punks got happy that I played a NoFx song.

And how they got confused with the Chick Corea song I chose… but seemed to be jamming to it.


And done.

The next person put on cumbias and shit.

I was done.

Came back home.

Watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World and fell asleep after the vegan ex-boyfriend.

And now.

I have a week to figure out what to do.

Let’s see.

Well… yep. A bunch of google docs open and I don’t feel like working on any of them.






And work.

Force myself to work.


Completely forgot it’s fucking Celebrity Throwback Monday.

Let’s find one.

And it’s almost December.

This blog is coming to an end.

To a real end.


Thanks for all who have been reading. This has two or three more weeks of life.

I just found more of my old writings.

  • My Record, The World Record.
  • Chapter 19, James Franco.
  • Liberation Day.
  • Much More than a Paparazzo.

All written in 2011 for what was supposed to be my book. I will post them all here before wrapping up the blog.

Fuck. Again. I’m going through my hard drive. And it’s just way too many fucking celebrities to choose from.

I should get breakfast first before choosing and editing pictures.


Haven’t chosen any.

Here’s an old horrible pic of me.

I miss those jeans, that hoody, and those shoes… they were all fucking great.

That day I saw Mark Ruffalo, Molly Sims, Kelly Ripa, and Tatum O’Neal.

I already posted about Ruffalo and the rest are boring.

A day just like today except seven years ago I was taking pictures of Emmy Rossum.

I haven’t posted Emmy Rossum.

She was really nice.

And one of my friend’s favorites. He was obsessed with her. Whenever I had Emmy Rossum, I told him about it. Just like whenever he had Audrina, he called me to tell me about her (because I fucking love Audrina)…


That Audrina from The Hills.

Don’t judge. She was nice to me and I felt like we got along. Same with Nikki Reed. And other people that were around my age, except you know, they were the “talent” or “fame” and I was the dude with the camera.

Fucking wild life. My LA life.

It feels like forever fucking ago.

YAY! Emmy Rossum.

Let’s see how many folders I have of her…

Five folders.


Here’s three screencaps.

Oh yeah.

Celebrity bonus. Adam Duritz. Because I guess she dated the singer of the Counting Crows. Lucky dude. He looks like an uglier Dave Attell.

I don’t really even know much about Emmy Rossum except that she is on Shameless…

And that she was a really nice girl.

The first album I have is from February 2nd, 2010.

A lot of pictures!

And to be honest… I don’t really remember the day. All I know is that she was nice. I sort of remember the heart decorations at American Airlines…

Next up, May 23rd, 2010. Again, a lot of pictures… and don’t really remember the day.

But it was when she started dating Adam Duritz. Getting the two shot was difficult…

November 29th, 2010 by herself.

Maybe she had broken up by then.

Three pictures. Not that great. Don’t remember this one either.

It’s funny… the next shoot I don’t remember it either.

The weird thing is… the shoot that I do remember, I don’t have it on file. The shoot I remember was in United at night and she was really nice. Maybe it was one of the above… but it doesn’t seem like it.

Anyway, December 6th, 2010.

And the last folder I have of her, March 21st, 2011. A couple of months before quitting the job. The pictures are garbage. I have no idea why I did so horrible. And I also don’t remember this shoot…

There you have it.

Celebrity Throwback Monday Emmy Rossum with a side of Adam Duritz.

And now I have to shower and get ready for my week.

I’m actually inspired to do some work after all this ranting.

It’s Monday. It feels like Monday. I need to work. I have a tour on Saturday. I have shit to do. I’m not sure if I’m crossing the border or have a photo gig. But HEY! December is coming.

And this blog is coming to an end!

Reason to celebrate!

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