Wasting Inconsistent Days – Drugs Are Bad Mmmkay – College Rebound

I woke up super hungover today.


It hasn’t been that bad for a while.

But I’ve nursed it good enough.

Ordered Uber Eats. Two sandwiches from “Buendwich.” The first one was a breakfast sandwich. It was alright. Nothing spectacular. I could make a better breakfast sandwich.

The second one awaits and I’m going to eat it soon after I’m done with this. It’s supposed to be a cold meats sandwiches. Let’s see how it goes.

Uber Eats was 226 pesos for both sandwiches and delivery. Sort of pricey. I felt bad for not tipping the Uber Eats guy…

Am I supposed to? Aren’t they getting paid for it already?

I think I was supposed too.

I was too hungover to care.

And I’m not sure how often I will use Uber Eats. It’s some sort of awkward exchange.

At least this time the dude came in a motorcycle instead of a car. It’s weird to think my food is riding on the front seat of some dude’s car.

I drank a bunch of water. Ibuprofen. And spent hours on the couch complaining about my hangover while watching YouTube.

Seth Myers.

Who knew he was funny.

I didn’t even know he existed.

But I’ve been watching a lot of his late show clips. It’s good. I like him better than John Oliver.

I showered.

And now I’m good as new.

4:17 pm on a Saturday that does not feel like a Saturday after a couple of bizarre days…

Yesterday was erased.

It basically did not exist.

In the morning, I accompanied a friend to the border. And the line was long.

After dropping her off… I went to Nelson.

It was before 2 pm.

But why not.

I had nothing better to do and had no desire to work. Or to write at all.

They didn’t have caguamas at Nelson. So instead I bought two regular beers.

And bam…


And Alex the bartender almost threw it away.

Red star.

Free drink.

Two regular beers turned magically into three.

And it’s not like I can afford another beer. But just winning at something feels good.

As I was approaching the end of the third beer I got a text from Cassidy that she was coming over with Andy (and Andy’s sister).

I replied that I was at Nelson. She never read the message… but she knew where to find me.

More beers.

Uber to Teléfonica.



More beers.

And of course, Andy likes buying pharmaceuticals and offered me a Valium.

I’m an idiot.

And I took it.

After saying I wouldn’t. I was like… why not?! I rarely do anything like this and hey! It’s free.

We ate.

We went to the hammocks in Teléfonica.

And I fucking passed out on it.

Like completely passed the fuck out.

In public.

I remember trying to get up and tell myself “you are alright, wake up, walk.”

And then thinking.

But fuck it.

I’m so comfortable. And so tired. I’m just going to nap.

I have no idea how long it was. But then it was time to go back to downtown.

We walked to downtown and stopped by the liquor shop. After that, their tiny Tijuana Adventure was over.

They do that more and more.

Just stop by for just a quick drink, meal, and done.

Border crossing fun.

Chad should visit soon.

They left me at Nelson. And I got myself another pill just for whenever I wanted to be tired.

Now more caguamas for me.

Lead singer of DFMK and my friend “El Cap” was there drinking with some friends (including the celebrity bartender “El Principito Lex”). They had to leave because … something.


People do that… right?

Except for Cap.

Cap stayed behind.

And we chatted.


I always hear Cap’s voice in my head yelling ROCK AND ROLL when I think or talk about him.

Balu suddenly entered the bar.

And it was suddenly a small party of punks drinking at Nelson.

And talking in general.

And other stupid shit.

Like back in the day.

Balu was around the 15th person I met in Tijuana. Something like that.

I remember going to a party at his house around five years ago. It was my first Tijuana party while living in Tijuana.

I got lost on my way to his house.

I could still get lost easily in Tijuana….

I remembered I had the two Valiums. I offered one to Cap and then took one myself.

Memory fades to nothingness.

And I woke up hungover.

Still with my socks on.

I do not remember walking home.


Don’t do drugs.

Well not stupid pharmaceutical pills.

I mean. Unless you need them.

I wouldn’t mind having some for whenever I wanted to sleep.

Because those fuckers knock me down instantly.

Still never bought one in my life.


Do drugs when they are free.

Not all.

But you know.

If you have nothing to do.

Why not.

Thanksgiving did not exist this year.

I wanted to go to LA and I’m glad I didn’t. I read articles about traffic and shit. Fuck that shit. I rather go next week. Or maybe in two weeks. Definitely, before the year ends. I want to hang out with my friend Justin and his wife. And his wife says she cooks amazing… so I really really really want to go try some of her food. I think she promised lasagna last time.

I should message her.


No Thanksgiving.

I was going to work.

But no.

College rebound.

I met a girl at a border and we went for veggie food and beers.


I didn’t meet this girl on Tinder or Bumble.

Both of those apps are fucking nothing. I just get entertained by them. But I barely even have matches and the ones that do, don’t message me at all (and I have fucking no idea what to say or care enough).


I met this college girl before.

She was the one on the double date with Chucuchu and my friend Christina.

We hit it off pretty well that night. So we kept talking.

Her Thanksgiving plans went to shit so they switched from going north with her family to going south with me to eat vegetarian tacos and beers.

And I remember two things that she said.

“I’ll gladly be your rebound.”

Which you know… makes things easier. To not pretend anything. That she knows where I’m coming from. Recently single and sometimes still wondering if that was the right choice…

I still have to tell people about that. And it still sucks….

The other thing she said was.

“It had to happen at some point.”

And that’s true.

Be it before or after. It could have happened weeks or months from now. But it was going to happen. And I was probably be going to feel weird about it then as I did recently.

I still feel weird about it.

But I’m okay.

And oh yeah.. that she’s in college doesn’t mean she’s 20. Because… haha… no.

She’s 27.

Now, what’s next?

I was supposed to do a bunch of work.

I haven’t even bought the marker.

Not even 5 pm and it’s already getting dark.

The payment came into my bank account today.

My bank account looks the nicest it has in a while…. As nice as it looked before Oaxaca.

And it seems like it gets better each time…

Though it’s partially luck.

I have much work to do if I want to keep it like that.

But work…


Probably not.

Oh yeah.

I skipped the blog twice in a row and didn’t say anything about that.

And this post needs a picture.

I’m soooo fucking out of my element. My hair is getting stupid long and I don’t feel like getting a haircute anymore. My beard is fucking gross. And I already feel like drinking after barely recovering from a really bad hangover. But there’s nothing better to do.

Sandwich and some Netflix for now. Let’s see how I feel after that. I might stay in and play video games. I want a new game.

Oh yeah. Picture.

Here’s Bisho.

And since I feel weird. Don’t want to work. And I don’t want to be home. I’ll probably revert back to drinking at Nelson’s….




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