Balboa Trees Cover – Thanksgiving Vacation Equals Beers – Legoland and Rouleur Brewing

I should have done laundry on Sunday.

I should have bought coffee yesterday.

I should have done this or that.

But coffee…

I need coffee right now.

And laundry later.


I made coffee with the beans from yesterday and it just tastes like shitty water.

There goes the Oaxacan coffee.

One month and some later. It was great cheap coffee… but it has come to an end.

I still have the mezcal.

Going to go get Oxxo coffee.

And let’s see if I do laundry before 5 pm.


On my way to get coffee my downstairs neighbor told me she got robbed last night.

They took her laptop. But she says her laptop was really beaten up so it doesn’t matter.


Fucking scary.

And I have shit in my apartment…

My computer is somewhat hard to rob. But my camera. That’s just take.

Oh yeah!

New cover photo!

It’s a guide to the best trees in Balboa… CLICK HERE for the story or just the picture above.

This one was really fun to shoot!

And I think my favorite so far…

That tree in the cover was my favorite tree in all of Balboa.

There’s something whimsical about it.

Like it’s a card from Magic the Gathering or something…

That day I just went to Balboa and took pictures of trees that were mentioned. I basically followed the guide.

Here are a few more shots that didn’t make the story because they were pretty random shots…


Cloudy day.

Today is nice and warm.

That tree is supposedly Gandalf. I like the name. I liked the tree. It was tree number two.

Tree number three.

Three number tree.

Was the one on the cover. Rooty McRooftace (dumb name) best tree.

Japanese Friendship Garden from afar.

Cool as Dragon Trees.

And the bonsai tree garden.


I need to grab a couple of copies of this issue. Even though it only has my pictures of trees.

I really like the pictures of trees.

I’ll do a nice Imgur gallery later and post it on Reddit and see where it goes.

Yesterday I did half the transcript of the interview when my sister-in-law picked me up to go across the border.

We picked up my nephew from his little school. Dropped them off at the border and went my own way to cross the car.

There was a long line.

And I have the worst luck on the border-line.

Seriously… If I chose a different lane, I would have made it 15-20 minutes earlier.

But oh well.

It was around 40 minutes of border wait.

Then I felt like I was a bit late.

Picked up my sister-in-law and the kids, and dropped them off downtown where my brother works. And I went straight to Legoland.

Made it right on time to my appointment at 4 pm.

With my tripod which was overkill. But oh well. I took the tripod.

On my way to Legoland, I got an email from the bossman. He forgot to send me a story that the magazine needed pictures by basically… today.

I read the story and lucky me, it was about a brewery that was nearby Legoland.

Two jobs in one.

Legoland was annoying.

It’s a small park full of pop details and pop everywhere.

I wanted more Legos.

I guess if I was under the age of 10 I would like the park. But it just felt like an annoying mall.

The dude that met me at Legoland was nice though. He took me to the Christmas and holiday-related spots and I got to work.

Took a total of 180 pictures and edited down to 50.

I’m not totally satisfied with my work. But it will be fine.

Next week I might have to do more related to the Holiday issue. Let’s see what happens. Everyone is on vacation.

I feel like I should also be on vacation.

After Legoland, I went to the nearby brewery. It was empty with only the owner and a beertender there.

I told them what I was doing and it was done!

Pictures of the guy quoted in the story. Pictures of the small brewery. And done.

Rouleur Brewery. Nice small brewery in the middle nowhere.

I talked to the beertender. She was cool. She also sells hops. So we got to talking about selling hops to Tijuana brewers and I told her I knew a lot of them.

She got interested and asked for tips and for a tour later. I told her a lot of what I know and fuck yeah! Beer tour while trying to sell hops sounds ideal!

I tried two half-pints. A juicy IPA and a coffee IPA. Both really good. No complaints there.

As I was leaving, I told them I wanted to buy four cans of beer (for $16).

The beertender didn’t let me pay for them. She said they were on her.

So yep…

Even more free beer.

My fridge is nothing but beer.

And I should really do laundry.




Everyone is on vacation.

So I already got my confirmation for my payment today.

And it’s more than what I thought it would be.

Let’s go celebrate!


Everyone is on vacation. I should have gone to LA. But I was concerned about my cat, work, and money.

Now I am not.

I could go next week. Or just soon.

So instead of vacationing. Today I do laundry. Finish the rest of the transcript. And maybe do some work…?

I’m thinking the streets of Tijuana will be normal and not in vacation mode. But this city is weird.

They celebrate both the Mexican Revolución and Thanksgiving….

And beers in my fridge.

So many beers in my fridge.




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