Pink Sunsets and Interview at Norte – Hanging Out with Sophie (and More) – Full Circle of a Small Tj Life

I have to go to a place I’ve never been today to take pictures for the special issue.

I’m sort of nervous I’m not sure why.

A new cover comes out tomorrow. And I think it’s going to be my favorite cover so far.

You’ll have to wait and see. I’m excited for this one.

I don’t have much to do this week. The only real thing is today. And I’ll get to do it this afternoon and I should be free to work on some freelance stuff.

Keep writing the book. If that’s a real thing.

I’m still surprised I found that text of Elijah Wood and when I decided to quit. I didn’t remember that I actually wrote it the same day.

I wish I had a blog back then. A weekly one. Because I definitely wouldn’t be able to do it daily. My agency would fire me. It would be dumb to be telling everyone all the secrets from the job.

Now I don’t care.

Now the job is not even the same.

The agency I used to work for no longer exists. Well, one of them still does.

National Photo Group.

Sounds nice.

My first real job.

Well, it was the other agency first. But I don’t like mentioning them. I still don’t like to talk about that drama. Maybe on the book. Maybe…

The other book I’m “working on” has nothing to do with the paparazzi shit. But yesterday’s response to that makes me want to write a different one.

So who knows.

Maybe I’ll write two books for 2018.

I’ve been getting enough practice.

Just do the same as the shit I do here but not publish. Word vomit every day on a google.doc and then shop around for publishers/editors.

Is that how that works?

Or self-publish the book?

Who knows. But I’ll have time to work on that and find out.

The paparazzi book that I was supposed to write turned into the weekly blogging with just celebrities and some info about myself.

That turned into this daily word vomit.

And then it will go full circle and be a book.

So… for the couple of people that said that they would buy a book. It’s already here for free.

That’s the idea.

Go back through my old posts, organize, edit, and turn the posts into a book.

A Blook.

Then to Blideo.

Turn into a Blogbuster.


What a fucking dumb name.

“On 16 February 2011, there were over 156 million public blogs in existence.”

That’s from Wikipedia.

Half of those are on WordPress.

I’m back to being lazy!


I wake up early. But I don’t feel like getting out of bed until later. I can sleep more. My schedule is back to my normal lazy human.

No office job.

I can do whatever I want!

I didn’t even eat until 3:30 pm yesterday. That was sort of bad.

Because I went out to grab a sandwich and then I was already at Norte.

Where I was going to meet with a friend to interview her.

I got there an hour+ early…

It was a bad idea.

Because Norte beers be expensive if it’s not Tuesday!

And I was buying.



It was seven beers and it was less than $23.

That’s not expensive.

But on Tuesdays, it could be half of that!

The interview went well.

Her project is awesome.

And it goes along with something I already wanted to write.

Again, it feels like I might go long. Though I pitched it just to go short.

But I already have twenty minutes of interview and it really is a great project and it could easily be around 1,500 words or 2,000.

Let’s see what happens.

I’ll work on the transcript a little bit today before leaving…. if I have time.

Then let it marinate. Maybe even work on an easier story in between. Then finish it all before the weekend.

And I guarantee by next week I’ll be posting about how I haven’t done anything….

Thanksgiving week. Nothing for me. I wanted to go to LA, but then I thought of work and Bisho and I decided against it. And also, traffic.

My friends weren’t doing anything for Thanksgiving, so I’ll just go the week after. Or just sometime soon. Once I feel like I’m comfortable with leaving the apartment for a couple of nights.

I took my camera with me yesterday. I haven’t shot in a while and it was in case I interviewed the other thing I need to do.

It was dark so early that it wasn’t even worth it.

Sunset was worth it.

It would be better if it was on the beach with a tripod.

Which I might do soon.

Before sunset.

A lovely sink to do the dishes.

I just noticed the purple fringe on the windows. That’s from dropping highlights all the way. Fuck. I could have just raised them a bit and the purple fringe disappears.

Another window type shot.

This parking is great to do “city” shots. It would be so easy to have a model. Flash. And background. And it looks nice. Industrial. Old.

Long exposures.

Of pink skies.

I took thirty pictures. Edited them down to fifteen.

And now those five.

And I still can’t decide on my favorite.

After the interview, we had a couple of more beers, kept talking about her project, and then deviated to life, relationships and such.

I’ve known Sophie for around five years now and I haven’t seen her in a long ass time.

She actually reminded me of when we met. I was a complete dickbag to her. She was charging money at the entrance of Moustache because a band from LA was there.

I wasn’t having a good night. And I remember that one of the fucking band members spilled beer all over me. The band was a bunch of pretentious idiot hipsters in Tijuana. So yeah. I didn’t want to pay.

That doesn’t excuse my dickbag attitude.

I saw her after at some party or show or who knows. But I apologized over my atttitude.

We’ve been friends since.

After beers at Norte, we went to Nelson.

And ohhh it’s a small TJ.

A friend of Sophie’s was there. And we said hi. He was waiting for someone.

And that someone!

My friend Cebollita (that’s what I call her).

Apparently, she’s my new neighbor.


And what a small TJ.

Then another dude arrived. This time to meet Sophie. And I also knew him. And Cebollita knew him as well (they dated before). And it all goes full circle.





My so-called book.







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