Lucha Libre with Rumble Girl and Chucuchu – Forced Myself to Party Until 3:30 a.m. – Back to Tacos and Beer

9:44 am on a Saturday and I wake up feeling great.

Yesterday was a great day/night.

I came home at 3:31 am after a long night of partying.

I didn’t even want too. I got convinced to do so. And I am happy that I did.

It feels like Sunday. But there’s no NFL.

I’m not sure what today awaits.

My new roommate comes home. Then he goes to a benefit beer party. I might join him. I might stay. Who the fuck knows.

Workwise, I finished what I had to send on Monday.

Sort of.

I did 5/6 of it, 83.3333% of the job done.

I have all of today and tomorrow and Monday morning to do the other 16.77777%.

And I know what I’m going to write I think. So it should be pretty easy.

I got invited to two things yesterday.

So I knew I had to work so I can go out with no remorse.

I left my apartment at around 5:30 pm. It was already really dark.

I was tired and lethargic. But I forced myself to go out. I kinda was forced anyway.

I wore my fancy faux-fur coat. I regret it as soon as I stepped out of my place. I love that coat. I just don’t like the attention that it gets. It was also not as cold as I thought it was so the coat felt a bit like overkill.

First stop. Norte Brewing Co.

They were doing Tap Tuesday on a Friday. Meaning beers are less than $2.50 a pint.

I had two while I figured my night.

I tried canceling the previous accorded plans.

I tried to wiggle out of it.

But I was going to be a total dickbag if I did… so this is what happened.

My friend Christina, aka Rumble Fest Girl, told me days in advance that she was coming to Tijuana and that we should hang out.

This is Rumble Girl… three + years ago.

Insane where time goes.

(That really old post and more pictures here.)

I took those pictures with my iPad. My iPad was new back then. It’s worthless now. I still need to fix it and give it to my mom because I’m a dick and never did that.


I have Christina to thank for many things. The pictures I took of her for Rumble Fest inspired me to get back into photography.

We were just doing a video promo, but since we had the model and the setting, I took pictures with my iPad and they ended up pretty okay.

I remember being proud and being like DAMN! I can take good pics with an iPad, I should get a camera again.

It didn’t happen until years later… but yeah.

And years later.

Which by that I mean yesterday. I hung out with Rumble Girl again.

Christina was coming down to Tijuana with a friend to meet up with Sal, aka Dj Chucuchu, and go to Las Luchas Libres.

I’ve never been to the Mexican wrestling thing before… so I agreed days in advance.

But yesterday, I didn’t feel like it at all.

While at Norte, the plans seemed to be disintegrating. Christina’s friend forgot her passport. Chucuchu didn’t get a ticket for me. It felt like a blind double date and I had no desire for that. Nothing was going like it should.

So I tried to cancel. But got convinced otherwise by Chucuchu.

I was afraid that the party would get too wild like it’s customary for him. I’m so not used to being out late…

I ended up meeting Chucuchu at the opening of an art exhibit by Otis. On my way there, I had a slice of Pizza Blanca by Volo.

I have no idea who Otis is, but apparently, he is a popular artist in the area.

The gallery was some sort of digitalism avant-garde. I enjoyed a few of his pieces.

Before I could finish seeing all the work, the girls had arrived at the border.

Hungry for tacos.

We picked them up in an Uber and headed straight to Taconazo. Three tacos for me. I forgot that I had the pizza earlier.

Delicious stuff.

And Uber to Auditorio Municipal. First time doing Lucha Libre!

I was going to take my camera, but I’m glad I didn’t. I mean, I would have had some really great shots, but I didn’t want to carry my bag or have the responsibility of the camera.

So. No pictures.

I did a bunch of IG video stories. Hilarious shit.

The auditorium wasn’t packed, which is something I feared. We grabbed seats eight rows from the box. The first fight was two fat guys versus one fat guy and a male stripper that looked like Mexican Hugh Jackman.


It was like being in a weird strip club.

Children chanting for their favorite wrestler while women woo at the Mexican Hugh Jackman to take off his clothes. And he did.

He lost the bout though.

The next fight was much better. Wrestlers were thrown into the crowd. Others did flips and flew around. They did the foldable chair gimmick when they hit each other with chairs. I was surprised to actually see a chair break. Sweet trick.

Some other tricks were laughable.

The claps were really obvious.

And basically, many of the hits just looked stupid. But really fucking entertaining. Plus. I had beer.

The fight before the last included two drag queens.

In opposing teams.

And they make fun of the sexuality in such a weird way.

Mexico is such a weird country for homosexuality and homophobia.

But yeah.

Two teams of three people. Each team had their drag queens.

And they all fight against each other. And pretend to kiss each other and what not…


The last fight wasn’t the best. The action started right away. The ref got involved. There was a midget dressed like some sort of white Ewok. Chairs flew everywhere. Wrestlers did more flips and fake hits.

And suddenly.

It was over.

A weird family-friendly environment while I drank tall glasses of beer and hung out with two San Diego girls and Chucuchu.

It was done shortly after 11 pm.

And we headed straight to La Mija. Chucuchu’s stomping grounds.

More beer while sitting on a pink limousine trying to ignore memories of my ex. Yep. That limo had special significance.

But so did all.

And I push those memories down.

Like the apartment. Is full of memories.

The Pizza Blanca by Volo had memories.

Every beer. Every food. Every taco. Everything is nice memories.

Memories. That’s all.

But partying until past midnight. That hasn’t been done in a while. And it felt good.

I wasn’t even tired….

After La Mija, we went to Dandy del Sur for the last couple of beers.

Christina’s friend out of nowhere announced she had to work at 7 am. But that it didn’t matter because she could sleep at her job. She just had to be there.

It was around 3 am when I dropped the girls off at the border in an Uber and came back home…

Oh, Tijuana!

You dangerously drunken delicious bizarre city.

Time to get some shrimp enchilado tacos.


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