Stranger Things Reviewed – Hanging Out with Other Writers – Happiness in Loneliness

I skipped the blog yesterday. Oops.

Wednesday I didn’t do anything but work and be sick.

And then at night time…

I watched…


For the first time ever.

And holy shit.

What a dumbfuck I have been for not watching it before. Yep. I just started season 1. And I binged watch the fuck out of it. I think I watched six episodes in a row. And went to bed at almost 3 am.

That’s the first time I am awake after 10 pm in a very long time.

How dumb. And how weird.

But it made me feel better. Like I’m back.

No more waking up before dawn. Wake up at a normal hour. Today was at 9:27 am. Yesterday was after 10 am. It felt good.

Finally. It’s like back to normalcy.

Stranger Things is so fucking good. I started watching after reading an article of how it appeals to 80s kids. So I wanted to watch it with “try me mother fucker, let’s see how good you are.”

So I wanted to hate it. Not get into it. Be a smug asshole about it.

The first scene of the scientist running away didn’t appeal to me. I was almost celebrating. Yes. I was going to hate the show. I could be a dick and tell people “akchually that show sucks.” But nope.

The second scene is about nerdy kids playing Dungeons and Dragons. Hah. There’s something in here that I already like. Them kid actors can act very fucking good. It reminds me of so many good old shows. It’s… It’s just a really fucking good show.

So I’ve been watching the fuck out of it and loving every second.

I really don’t have anything bad to say about the show. Even the jock asshole is likable. I even dare to say that is the best thing Netflix has done. Topping House of Cards.

And not because of the recent Spacey drama.

Speaking of which. I mentioned I knew before. I’ll talk about it later…

After binge-watching Stranger Things and falling asleep late, I woke up to wash my face and get out of the apartment.

A writer for the Reader and for other things was visiting Tijuana with a friend of his in LA. We talked through email before so I wanted to meet him and show him around. Connecting with writers is always great. Know more about the business and what not. So I always take the opportunity to do so.

He writes mostly about beer and food so I wanted to gauge his opinions. He is writing a guide of the region and it includes Tijuana (not for the Reader).

I met the writer (Ian) and his friend (Roy) early at Caesars because, well, you need to start with the classic salad (his idea, and it makes sense). I recommended the bone marrow and we ordered it.

Delicious fucking bone marrow for breakfast.

Walked towards La Cevicheria Nais for second breakfast.

Red snapper tostadas for all.

They were kind of sad looking compared to the usual ones. Like it was too early for them and they weren’t ready. Mine barely even had red onions. I should learn to complain at restaurants… but I can’t.

Followed by a long walk to Mercado Hidalgo.

Pit-stop at Taconazo. Nothing for me. They had asada and adobada. Tacos Franc was next.

But… it was closed.

Mercado Hidalgo just across the street. Ian bought some pomegranate seeds in a bag. No chile or lime. Still delicious. And I need the anti-oxidants.

Oh yeah. Through this, I was still sick. I woke up worse than before. But shook it off and went out anyway.

Eating and walking helped me a lot. I’m much better now. Just a slight cough.

From Mercado Hidalgo, towards Plaza Fiesta. Still super early. It wasn’t even 3 pm.

Madueño was open, so we chose that.

Ian got the NEIPA Pineapple Express and enjoyed it. I got their Hops & Dreams. It wasn’t as good as I remember but it was good.

Walked to Sospesso the coffee shop. That was disappointing. It’s supposed to be the best coffee in town. And I’ve had it before and really enjoyed it. Coffee snobs will be coffee snobs. Ian’s cold coffee was sweet. Roy’s coffee wasn’t grand. Mine was really acidic and I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t all it could have been.

From there, the uphill walk towards Teléfonica.

One taco each. And some more beer.

The guys still had Mision 19 to go with a reservation at 6:30 pm. They decided to go early. I could have joined to Mision 19 but I wasn’t really hungry, I don’t love the fancy environment, and also, didn’t feel like spending the money. Even if they paid for me, I would feel guilty about it.

So I left them to enjoy a bromantic dinner together. I wonder how it went…

I walked back to downtown.

Straight to… you know it.


And awesome. It was empty. NFL was on TV and I had a great seat. Just what I wanted.

A nightcap at Nelson.

Walked back home after the game. Bought more beer, Cheetos (torciditos), Reese’s Cups, and Sour Patch Kids.

Oh yes.

I was ready for more Stranger Things.

I haven’t felt this good in a while.

Like back to myself.

And I feel like the New York Times is stalking me.

I saw this article while browsing:

That article has nothing to do with my situation.

Just the title.

I feel more like myself than I have in a long time.

You sacrifice a big part of you in relationships. And that part is back.

It might not be my best part. But it’s me.

I don’t feel trapped moping at Nelson and drinking endlessly wondering if I did the right thing. I can do whatever I want.

I’m starting to have a routine outside of just working out.

I’m ready to get back into music.

I’m ready to get more tattoos.

I’m ready to do more work.

Today is Friday and it feels like Sunday.

I have work to finish.

I should get to it. But I feel like celebrating my new found happiness.

Happiness in loneliness.

It feels good.




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