Taking Refuge in Music – Yoshi’s Ramen and Breakfast Croissant at La Marque – New NFL Cover, Went to San Diego for Another Cover!



I’m sick.

I went through two rolls of toilet paper and dozens of napkins yesterday. Today is more of a sore throat.  My nose already hurts. I should shave the mustache.

I have to leave in like 30 minutes to go do a photo gig that I’m missing. I have to deliver by 3 pm. So the earlier, the better. And being sick. Who cares. It’s an easy gig. So I’m okay.

And yesterday. YAY! Yesterday I did some work.

I query four stories and three of them my editor said YES! Aka. Go for them and there’s almost a guaranteed chance they will be published unless I’m really fucking stupid.

Besides that. I also worked that Holiday special. I told myself I was going to finish it but didn’t. But it should all be downhill from here. Intro and outro done. Just need to do the middle. It’s due on Monday, so I’ll have to finish it soon.

I feel like I slept my sleeping schedule from the small nap I took yesterday. Today I woke up at 7:30 am and I didn’t want to get up!

It’s also probably because I’m sick. I went to bed at after 10 pm! WOO!!!!

I also cleaned and vacuum the house.

And after that, I practiced guitar for a while.

I’m horrible at it.

I didn’t play guitar at all last year. Or the year prior to that I barely touched it as well.

Not this new year.

This new year that suddenly I have tons of time. And I feel like taking refuge in music. Get back the guitar skills.

It’s going to take a while. Especially because I get desperate. I hate that I can’t play all the songs that I used to play. Re-learn everything sounds tedious.


Yesterday I didn’t go to Nelson for the first time in a while.

Look at me!

However, I did have a bunch of beer. Tap Tuesday at Nore Brewing Co.

I left my apartment all sick with a lot of toilet paper in my pockets. I needed food and was undecided. I ended up in a ramen place that I’ve wanted to try but never did, since I’m not huge on ramen.

But while sick, ramen sounded like the right choice.

And it was.

Yoshi’s Ramen on Revu.

I still have some in my fridge. I should have asked for the pork instead of the shrimp.

The boiled egg was over boiled.

The noodles got stuck together.

I’m pretty sure neither of those things were supposed to happen.

But I liked it. I’ll try it again.

Also, the environment is really nice in there.

Alright. Should get ready to cross the border.

Get some work done.

Come back. Get more work done. Feel better. Make Money.


Feel better for sure.

I was only going to have one beer at Norte. I ended up having three.

I bumped into some friends.

And you know what really fucking sucks?

Explaining to people that you are broken up.


After always being one entity, you got to tell people that’s no longer how it is.

So… that fucking sucks.

The weird thing is, I saw two couples that are now broken up.

First, I talked to a friend about interviewing her about a cool project she’s been working on. And then, I bumped into his ex-boyfriend at Yoshi’s Ramen.

Then at Norte, I bumped into friends who were never officially together but it was obvious. Didn’t even know they weren’t together anymore. But the dude told me.

So yeah.


And I hate it.

“What happened to your girlfriend?”

She moved away. I broke it off because I don’t agree with long distance. Yes, we are still friends.

In fact, we talked a bunch last night. And we probably should stop. It doesn’t help to try to move on while you still just talk.

But yeah.

I have to explain the same thing to everyone.

Hopefully, not for much longer.

New year.

New year.

New year.

New mother fucking year.

Time to cross the border. Save draft. Finish this later.

And… back across the border and home. 6:04 pm. What a small adventure today was.

I got to City College around 10 am. Why not. Breakfast at Jack in the Fucking Box again.


Too long of a line for some shitty breakfast.

Let’s try Cafe Bassam.



Didn’t like the options and it looked pricey.

So let’s do the gig instead and not have breakfast.



Got to the place for pictures.

Snap snap snap. Done.


Walked around Hillcrest and ended up in La Marque.


Build your own breakfast croissant. Fucking delicious.

Two eggs. Bacon. Mozarella.

I wanted to ask for more cheese and more meat… but… sigh.

I had to keep it light. After all, it’s just a croissant.


Coffee from Intelligentsia. Some of the finest coffee there is.

Then I did a long walk around the area. And around the canyon. More pictures. Looking for things that were mentioned in the story. Sort of fruitless.

Walked a lot.

Walked by a familiar place.

Hah. Some apartments that I was in 7 years ago because a chick that I briefly dated lived there.

And walked more and more and more.

My brother asked me for a favor. So I went to his office.

Grabbed his car. Went to buy shit for him. Went to my own office. Drop the pictures. Said hi to people. Dropped the car.

And trolley home.

Told you it was a small shitty adventure.

Oh yeah.

I also grabbed the new cover!

My picture!

Remember a few weeks back that I went to the bars early morning to watch some NFL!?

Well.. Click the cover and see the pictures that they used.


And now… now it feels late.

Tomorrow I’m going to meet a writer to show him around Tijuana. And I should interview some people.

I am hungry. I had the ramen leftover and it wasn’t enough. I’m feeling much better.

I still have a bit of a cough and the sneezes. But today is probably the last day.

So it was never bad.



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