Drinking and Promoting Colimita IPA with the New Roommate – In Teléfonica Without Her – Long Distance Dawns on Me

I treated Thursday like Friday.

I thought it was Friday since early morning. It felt like Friday. I even told Los Compadres to have a good weekend! Those are the guys that make that super great shrimp enchilado tacos. It was not Friday.

I realized it as I was walking away.

I guess telling someone to have a good weekend on Thursday isn’t bad.

Damn. That was a dumb intro.

I should be hungover but I am not.

I woke up kissing Bisho. One of his long white mustaches got stuck in my teeth. I’m gross and I kiss my pet.

I didn’t feel like writing yesterday. I didn’t.

I did some other work stuff. Next issue will have two of my articles. And pictures.

The plan was to watch a movie on Netflix and then go back to work.

I didn’t even finish the movie.

The new roommate, Joshua, stopped by to check out the place almost at the end of the movie. When everything resolves and you get to find out if she was dreaming or if it was real.

The movie was Otherlife. My girlfriend watched the night before so I decided to watch it so we can talk about it. That’s what we are trying to do while away. Watch movies together like we do here.

And now I don’t know how long the away will be.

There was another comment on the blog yesterday. Apparently, people that have been in long distance relationships read up on this and decided to chime in.

The comment by ‘pamelasusann’ was way more positive. I appreciate it. Traveling the world and being in a relationship long distance relationship sounds like an easier and more fun path that uncertainty.

Day 3 without her. It started to dawn on me. The new life. Not sure what to expect.

She’s getting a job. And it went from her moving back in January to start the year together to “we can see each other every month.” Flying back and forth. A true long distance.

This is not what I bargained for. I’m scared.

I don’t think my girlfriend is happy with my decision to stay in the same apartment.

It’s only been four nights and three days.

OtherLife is a sci-fi that is a bit like Matrix meets Inception meets Black Mirror. But it is not nearly as good as any of them. The main chick even looks like Carrie-Anne Moss mixed with a bit of Kate Beckinsale. Some scenes are just plain bad. The boyfriend is never really introduced properly and the sex scene was just pathetic. Fucking with clothes on? And then not cleaning and putting your jeans on right after finishing!? WHO DOES THAT!?

It was an interesting movie though.

I still don’t know what happens at the end.

What will you do with your OtherLife?!

It’s weird to imagine a roommate that is not Chad. It’s also weird not to live with my girlfriend since I have for so long.

Joshua checked out the place and okayed it. Then we went out for some beers.


The night turned out messy.

“You’re with him? Good luck with that,” said the beertender at Insurgente. Joshua is well known as an avid beer drinker.

This might mean that there will be trouble.

It also might mean this will be a lot of fun.

A chance to go back to the old ways.

Joshua’s wife waited in the car while he checked out the apartment. He invited me over to Teléfonica to take pictures of a new IPA by Colimita that he is promoting.



Sing it to the rhythm of Parabolica.


Now you are grooving.

Here. This might help.

Replace the chorus with:



I told Joshua’s wife about the song that I and my girlfriend sing every time to Teléfonica. And I see her dancing in my head.


I got the tuna tostada like always.

And instead of getting the octopus taco with huitlacoche from Tacosteño, I opted to get an octopus taqueso from Otto’s. I regret it. Tacosteño’s pulpo is way better.

I had my camera with. I’m going to take pictures of my food.

Light in Teléfonica is not great.

I feel like I say that every time I take pictures to excuse myself of how shitty the pictures come out.

The aforementioned taqueso if you were wondering what I meant by that.

No tortilla. Grilled/burnt cheese with more cheese inside and octopus.

And gross.


My girlfriend eats that for me. This time it was Joshua.

And of course. Tons and tons of beer.

It’s a session IPA that is good and simple. Not much head or lacing. Smooth and light IPA.

Pictures in exchange of beer seems like a fair trade to me. Joshua knows every beer person in town. It’s insane.


And then he gave some beers to strangers to promote the beer.

From there, to Plaza Fiesta.

Where Joshua knows everyone and I also saw some familiar faces.




Drop off beer.


Nelson. Especiales. Bed.

Actually. Not bed.

I passed out on the couch again.

I opened another beer and didn’t even drink it. It’s in the fridge after spending all night out in the air. I’m probably not going to drink it. I like to believe I am though, and that I’m not wasting it.

I woke up to go to my bed and saw the pretty colors of dawn. I couldn’t go back to sleep.

It’s early and I’m almost done with this. I already edited the pictures of yesterday.

I have the whole day to do… I’m not sure.

I have the whole weekend.

No plans at all for Halloween. No plans at all for the next two months. But work. And pretend that I’m alright.

No plans for anything anymore. I never liked planning. It doesn’t work out.

I should work out.

I’m sort of depressed but sort of inspired.

Two articles that I need to work on. But I feel like continuing writing my book instead of writing articles.

This calls for some Fiona Apple.




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