I Bought Beers for My Girlfriend Forgetting She’s Not Here – Taking Pictures of Old Guys – Responding to Stranger’s Comment


I posted my breakfast on Reddit.

Let’s see if it makes it to the front page.

I doubt it.

But let’s see.

This was my breakfast yesterday:

The Freiburger®: meat patty, white American cheese, fries, coleslaw, mayo, on King Hawaiian Rolls, and topped it off with an egg. I like The Hangover breakfast a bit better. Fries were a nice touch, but the coleslaw wasn’t.

Breakfast at around 2 pm. Yep.

And then I had a cup of ramen noodles near midnight (Maruchan).


I know about nutrition.

And yes.

I also drank three beers. Four total.

A “stranger” commented on yesterday’s post basically saying how my long distance relationship is not going to work with the effort I put in, or some shit like that. I’m not sure if he has followed this blog or knows about my relationship at all. But that was uncalled for. I wanted to reply. But I rarely reply in comments (I barely get comments). But fuck you asshole. You have no idea how I and my girlfriend are.

And how I treat this blog.

I treat this shitty blog as if it was a job. Though I am aware it isn’t. I don’t get paid. I just word vomit. But it’s a project that I started November of last year and it’s coming to an end soon.

The deal is I write 1,000 words a day (preferably in the morning). I’ve only skipped around 20 times this year, and many were during a vacation where there was no WiFi.

So yeah.

I did not have time to talk to my girlfriend on the phone that morning because I needed to finish this crap and get ready to go to cross the border and work.

We still texted throughout the whole fucking day.

And I wanted to call her at night, but she didn’t want too (or more like she didn’t want to make noise).

It was also only Day 2 without her. It’s been less than a weekend. It still doesn’t feel like she’s gone.

And I’m an idiot… I actually forgot that she was gone…

Yesterday, while I was at Ballast Point brewery in Scripps Ranch for an upcoming story… I started looking at their fridge and was grabbing a six-pack for me to share with her.

I started grabbing beers exclusively for her that I think she would like. I started texting her the beer choices… and then I realized…


I don’t give my girlfriend flowers (well, I did on her birthday), but most of the time I bring her beer.

That hit me hard.

The realization that I wasn’t going to share beers with her. That she wasn’t going to be home when I got there. That I go back to an empty apartment. I don’t even have a roommate.

At least Bisho is here.

Bisho is always here.


I also realized that I need friends.

For the whole year, I basically just hung out with my girlfriend every day and night. There were just a couple of nights that we didn’t spend together (because I was in San Diego working). And there were only just a couple of days that I hung out with guy friends without her.

That’s it.

So now that she’s gone. And my roommate is gone… I have nothing.

Friends are gone as well.

All I have is Bisho and beer.

Yesterday, I crossed the border around noon. Got to my brother’s place for the car. He wasn’t there. Went out for lunch. No problem. I waited hungry as fuck since I didn’t eat before crossing.

Got the car. Went straight to Dog Haus for the aforementioned burger breakfast.

Went to Brozo’s place to drop off a Halloween costume that my roommate used last year (or two years ago..?)

And straight to Scripps Ranch.

Got to the meeting spot ten minutes early.

I waited for the old guy.

He was nice. But really confused as to why he was on the Reader. I told him it mentioned him and had some quotes about his daughter growing up in Scripps Ranch. He was still weirded out about it.

I got some quick shots and done!

I asked him if he knew the other old dude. He said “that guy is like really old. Like really really old. And deaf.”

Great. I had to find the older guy.

I asked around to see if people knew where he lived and they told me at the end of the road by the cul de sac.

I knocked on a door and it wasn’t it.

My editor did me the favor to call the house and they did answer the phone to her! I called more than a dozen times and they never answered. She got me the address.

I was two houses off.

They were ready for me.

And boy were they old!

Really nice old couple. You could say the nicest cute old couple.

But they also had no idea what I was talking about or what I was doing.

The old dude asked me who I was several times and who I worked for. And yes. He was really deaf (and confused). The wife told me they never answer calls with unknown numbers.

After taking several pictures he just said, “bye then!”

I thought that was hilarious.

Mission accomplished.

After that, some nice pics of the area to complete the job.

Sunset was nothing special. No clouds. No pretty colors. Just basic sunset.

I went around and took over 200 pics though. Not sure if they will use a picture for the cover or an illustration. I already got paid. And I believe I did a more than decent enough job.

I picked up my brother a bit late. Sorry, bro. I had to take sunset pics.

He was watching the World Series at Karl Strauss and I told him I would pay for his beer.

We came back home to Tijuana. He dropped me off in my apartment and I grabbed my six-pack of beer to not share with my girlfriend who is away and started watching the game.

What a great fucking game!

Movie finale!

It was way better than game one. Not only because the Astros won. It was just a really entertaining dramatic ending. It’s going to be a great series. I’m willing to throw some money in the last game.

I picked up this beer for my girlfriend:

I haven’t drunk it.

I sort of already want it. But I’ll wait until sunset.

This was the six-pack.

Sorry. Blurry shitty pic. I drank three of these while watching the World Series and then, editing hundreds of pictures.

The only thing I would do different is not buying two Sour Wench blackberry ales. It was good, but sweet, and not enough sour. I wanted sourer. My girlfriend wouldn’t like it. The Watermelon Dorado is deceiving in that is sweet (like a Jolly Rancher) but super heavy in alcohol. The Pineapple Sculpin is great.

I should make an album of the San Diego beers I took pictures of.

I wish I could be sharing beers with her.

That’s we do best.

And then Netflix.

That’s kinda all we do.


Day 2 and night 3 over.

Day 3.

I don’t have much to do today. The important work has been taken care off. Next week I have a lot of work. Like a lot.


I need breakfast.

And work out.

And shower.

And figure out more work.



2 responses to “I Bought Beers for My Girlfriend Forgetting She’s Not Here – Taking Pictures of Old Guys – Responding to Stranger’s Comment”

  1. My husband and I met 8 months before I travelled the world. Don’t sweat the small stuff. And don’t listen to troll commenters, sounded like a female to me.

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