Reader Beer Guide Cover Picture (and More) – Day 1/Night 2 in a Long Distance Relationship – World Series and Still Sucking at NFL Fantasy

Day 1 without her went totally fine.

It was more like a regular day like when she went to work and I stayed behind and worked.

I finished and sent an article. The other got published. I sent pay requests. I did the phone calls I needed to do.

… sort of.

Apparently, the people I needed to call still have house phones. Yep. Senior citizens. The most awkward of shoots.

The last time I shot a senior citizen it dragged forever. And he told me the story all over again. It was fine. He was a super nice guy. He also happened to fart in his house elevator when I got in with him. That was funny and gross.

Then in his office, we chatted for about an hour before I was like “cool! Well, I need your picture and head out!”

He was a great guy. Invited me to his home. And sent me several emails explaining the case.

Only one person out of the three answer.

And it wasn’t pretty.

He answered the phone like this:

“Hello unknown!

I replied, “hi, I’m looking for Mr. Soandso.”

“You found him!” And he hung up.

I called him again. He apologized and hung up because he thought I was a telemarketer. I mean, that’s why I hate cold calling and prefer to write email or texts.

I told him why I called him and he wasn’t really going for it. Sort of angry that I called him. He ended up reluctantly saying he will meet me at some place at 3 pm. And that’s what I got to do right now.

And to try to find the other senior that is in the story. If not, just take nice pictures of the area I am going. Let’s see what happens.


My girlfriend is calling me and telling about her job interview.

I just hung up.

She wanted to talk and talk and talk.

And I sound like an annoyed boyfriend. I’m not. I have shit to do. I have to shower and get ready to cross the border. I have to finish this stupid word vomit. And make some phone calls. Emails. Write more. And I think a cover comes out today that is my picture?

I’m not sure.

But the phone doesn’t allow me to multitask. So I just sit here talking on the phone. It was getting close to the ten-minute mark of just talking on the phone and she barely got to the point about the job interview. I rushed the conversation along and she wasn’t happy about that. I just want her to get to the point.

My girlfriend is horrible at telling stories.

Her accent is already gaining that Monterrey accent that she has when she calls people on the phone from here.

Sorry baby.

Call me later tonight or something.

It is my cover photo the one that is out today!

Not my cover text.

But hey! Cover photo!

I haven’t had a cover in a while!

I like it.

It’s a bit soft since I was shooting at 1600 ISO and the place was dark with not so great indoor lighting. But hey! The editor chose that picture out of 200+ I sent.

That’s a lot of beer pictures.

To read the article, click HERE!

It has a lot of great information about beers in San Diego!

My favorite from all of them was Council Brewing with them delicious oak-aged sours.

Goddamn, son! Go drink some beer!

And that’s what I did after working yesterday.

After that awkward phone call. And calling the other number a dozen times to no reply.

There was a little kids party outside in the common area. Children were screaming for no fucking reason.

So I had to leave the apartment.

And because it is healthy to leave the apartment.

This is when I started to miss her.

What the fuck do I do by myself?

Girlfriend was out having fun with friends in Monterrey. A tour of her own city because shit changes and other places open up.

So she was having fun.

She called me while she waited for her friends. But of course, once she was with her friends, it was all fun for her!

And I.


I sat down at Norte Brewing Co. to drink by myself. Tap Tuesday. Take advantage that beer is super cheap on that day.

I requested the World Series on tv. I still had an hour to drink before the game started.

I called the senior again. Nothing.


Called again. Nothing.


Called again. Nothing.


Called for some food.

Got me a poke bowl from Ancla Roja. Perfect pairing with an IPA. Delicious shit.

Did you know you can open up those Chinese take-out boxes and turn them into a plate?! Mind. Blown.

The game started.

I called again.


It was 6 pm.

Last attempts at calling this senior dude.


I should call him right now after I shower and head out for the border. But my chances look rather slim. Maybe the other senior dude knows this other senior dude and he can hook it up.

Let’s see what happens.

The Astros lost game 1.

I don’t care much about baseball, but I usually do watch the World Series. Astros is “officially” my baseball team since growing up, my American family lived in Houston. So I adopted Houston teams as most of my sports teams.

Houston Astros is my number one team. So I do want them to win. But I won’t feel much if they do. It makes me happier to see the Dodgers lose than the Astros win. So it’s a twofer. Still… it’s just baseball.

Houston Rockets. I haven’t followed basketball in forever. But it would be nice to see them do something. No team will ever be as good as my childhood Rockets team with their Clutch City and Double Clutch champions. Olajuwon, Drexler, Barkley, Smith, Cassell… what a fucking great team!

The Houston Oilers are gone, but I’m liking the Texans this year (and the first time I like them). I have their quarterback as my fantasy starter!

Speaking of fantasy….

After the Astros game, I went to Nelson for one more beer because I had nowhere to go though I didn’t want any more beer. Caguama de Tecate is not really beer. It’s just oxygen.

I felt lonely.

Went home.

Passed out on the couch early watching videos about video games.

Woke up at 2 am and decided to move to my bed. My empty lonely bed.

But before doing that, I remember that the fantasy trade was going to be confirmed this morning.


Pelón beat me to get Amari Cooper in his team. He was originally mine. Why did I let him go!? Oh yeah, cuz Carr was injured and he wasn’t making points. But now…

Now I don’t have any wide receivers.

Jordi Nelson is useless without Aaron Rodgers.

Larry Fitzgerald is useless with Carson Palmer.


I woke up.

Couldn’t go back to bed.

2 am.

Netflix time.

Watched Jack Whitehall’s stand up special. It’s okay. He has a bunch of funny bits. His dad is funnier.

After his special…. I still couldn’t sleep.

So I watched the last four episodes of Big Mouth.

That show is great!

It got even better towards the end!

I thought it wasn’t going to be able to be that entertaining since the subject could get old quick. Nope. Still fucking hilarious. Great fucking show.

Let’s see what they will do for Season 2. Because there will definitely be a Season 2. I would watch it. It turned out to be a better show than I thought.

At dawn, I tried going to bed. Really couldn’t. Setup my alarm for 10 am. Couldn’t really sleep at all.

And here I am.

Word vomiting with coffee.

I need to shower and head the fuck out.

Because I need to be somewhere at 3 pm.

I guess that means I still have some time. I’m ready!

And I think I’m going to be carrying the heavy ass tripod!

And I’ll come back home to…


At least I have Bisho. Who is obviously sleeping with me now that my girlfriend is gone.

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  1. That’s real nice, no time for a 10 min phone call but you have forever to finish writing 1000 words, so much for LDR’s lasting

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