Juan Soldado with Amy (Ghost Story) – Night 1 and Day 1 Without Her – Countdown to the End of The Word Vomit

Day 1 without her.

Day 1 started pretty well. I woke up to see my piece on Juan Soldado getting published. Here it is! CLICK!

It’s about my visit to Juan Soldado’s grave with Amy Venezia a medium psychic from Oregon. Here’s the Imgur gallery. It got downvoted to hell immediately on the page.

Imgur galleries used to be posted nicely on WordPress. It’s not working like that anymore. I’m going to try some more, but it used to just copy/pasta the link and it would do it automatically.


After many tries. Nope. It’s not letting me embed into this post. Shitty.

Maybe it’s because I switched something on my site. I want it back….


Here’s a picture of Amy approaching the mausoleum. A word that I didn’t use in the article but the editor did. I was stuck using the word “grave” or “tomb” over and over. And I forgot that thesauruses exist.

That article got published quick. It only took me a whole year to write it. Maybe it made it on time for this edition which would be the Halloween edition. Next week will be right after Halloween so it would be better to run this week.

Night 1 without her.

It was weird to go to bed without her last night. Especially after spending the day together gleefully.

I worked most of the morning and afternoon. I need to do the same today. And tomorrow.

After working for a while, we went out to eat for the last time.

And yep. You guessed it right.

Teléfonica! Teléfonica!

MUSIC! Cue silly dance moves my girlfriend makes every time we go to…

Teléfonica! Teléfonica!

That joke only works between the two of us.

And so many more little jokes just like that.

She got the pellizcada de rajas from La Carmelita and I got three tacos from different sources: tuna tostada from Otto’s, huitlacoche octopus from Tacosteño, and rabbit pibil from Satobu (or something like that). Chased it all down with a Juan Cordero and some mineral water.

NFL Monday was on TV. My kicker did more points than my quarterback. He actually was my second highest scoring player. Fuck I suck at NFL fantasy.

After feasting, we simply just walked back home.

Back home we finally opened the bottle of white wine by Santo Tómas she got for her birthday a couple months back. Neither of us really like white wine due to its sweetness. It wasn’t that sweet. It was actually very acidic. The best white wine I’ve ever tried. But that’s not saying much because I still didn’t really like it. It was very drinkable though. I felt like it needed some fizziness since it tasted sort of like soda.

Then we said our goodbyes like lovers do.

And we chatted for the last two hours we had together while drinking a margarita like concoction she made with A LOT of mezcal.

Yep. It was probably the heaviest drink she has ever made.

We got pretty fucking drunk.

At around 11 pm it was time to call the Uber. The plan was to go to the airport with her and say a romantic cheesy goodbye there.

We got in the Uber and told the driver about our plans. He wasn’t having it. He said that Ubers get ticketed in the airport. That he could drop us off, but he won’t bring me back. Which really sounded pretty dumb. But he told me he will drop us off and I can figure my way back by myself.

Fuck that!

I told him I was going to get another Uber. I was angry.

But since we were still in the downtown area, we ended up deciding that I’ll just walk back home and that there will be no romantic cheesy goodbye. It was just a quick drunken goodbye by Mercado el Popo.

I walked back home a bit drunk and worried about her getting in the airplane drunk.

I knew as soon as she got on the plane she was going to pass out.

And she did.

She told me she sat down, then woke up when they were landing and missed the flight because she was heavily passed out during the whole thing.


I like it when that happens.

It’s like you never really took the long travel. You just took a nap and BAM! You are in another place.

I should check if she has texted me.

My phone is charging in the living room.

She’s at home by herself. Looking for jobs already.

Her sister picked her up early and then went to work. Her parents went to work as well. She’s back home. And I guess I’ll go see her at some point.

The perfect plan would be to fly to Monterrey, go quickly to Cadereyta, then fly to Querétaro, bus to Guadalajara, and fly back to Tijuana.


But that’s a lot of days of money spending and not working.

We watched a lot of YouTube videos of our hometowns and talked about it visiting for a long time yesterday in the afternoon. And then we talked about how easy it is to make travel videos since we were watching videos made by idiots that had over 100k views. You just need a GoPro and some personality. I probably need more personality.

And the idea would also to try to find the spiciest food in the area. Spicy Travels! That could be a good name for it. Something generic and easy to find on YouTube.

Day 1 without her is going to be fine. I need to finish an article that I started yesterday. Starting is the tough part. It should be downhill from here. Send that before the day ends. Start another article. And go somewhere.

It’s tap Tuesday. Without my girlfriend. To come back to a very lonely apartment. At least there’s Bisho.

Bisho woke up with me and his fur was glistening on the sun.

I like to see my girlfriend in my bed. She looks cute when sleeping.

Night 2 is the one that is going to be weird.

And then whatever follows after.

Begin countdown?!

Countdown till I probably will see her again: 68 days? Probably a couple more than that. Around 73?

Countdown till the word vomit ends: 68 days. Maybe less.

Now I work.

And do some workout. Breakfast. The rest.

And I have a book to write!


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