Girlfriend Leaves Tonight – I’m A Busy Bee For the Next Weeks – CTM: Katy Perry & Russell Brand

Done with the first article out of four!

Should have done this last week but only did half of it. Sort of.

It’s an old story.

A spooky story.

Perfect to run around Halloween time. Fuck. That’s already this week and that magazine already printed. Shit.

Then perfect for right after Halloween? It’s not meant to be a cover story. More like a small feature. But I’m not sure if it’s ready for the big leagues.

My editor told me to go for it. I went for it and ended up a tad longer. So maybe it is for the big leagues to the other editor that I didn’t tell him about the story.

Let’s see what happens. I always do this.

Going to send it …. right meow.



I take too long with my writing and think about way too much.

My friend Justin is inviting me to do some writing work with him. Simpler stuff. Still, I take too long writing … except in this word vomit. Here I just type non-stop whatever pops into my mind.

I have three more articles to work on. One that is due soon. The others I can take my time but I should do soon as well.

And when I have time, try to do some work for Justin.

I’m hungry. And I need to some workout. And I need to shower.

It’s my girlfriend’s last day.

Yesterday we hung out with her friend Sara from her old job. We met up at Colectivo 9 where we all had Indie Burgers and some beer.

My girlfriend just interrupted me and my silly train of thought.

She’s hungry as well.

I should prepare breakfast and continue this word vomit in a little bit.

And oh yeah.

I have three photo gigs pending and one I have to do this week. I need to call and email people to organize this one and get it done before this week ends.

HAH! Work! I have a bunch of it! Weird!

And a confirmed four-day gig with the Reader helping at a fancy event from November 1st to the 4th. That’s going to be easy but annoying running around work. I will be fine.

Done with breakfast!

Breakfast egg burritos with soyrizo. My girlfriend likes how I cooked them.

And she continues to pack. And I continue to work.

Word vomit. Shower. Get busy. Emails. Calls. Keep writing. At least get two stories halfway done or something.

Shouldn’t be that tough.

I need to get a haircute at some point this week.

I just realized my last two posts I’m holding a beer in the picture.

I drink a lot of beer.

I had the Sculpin unfiltered and the pineapple Sculpin yesterday at the bar in Colectivo 9. The bartender was charming as always. And we played Jenga and I didn’t lose!

Then we went to Dandy Del Sur for caguamas. The girls chatted as I watched my NFL fantasy team get destroyed 54.62 vs Sánchez who got 138.88. Sánchez leads the league and I’m way at the bottom with only one win and six losses. Fucking shitty.

Two players in my bench made forty points. Almost more than my whole team.

I suck at NFL fantasy.

I suck as much as Gallos Blancos does in soccer. They fired the coach and hired a new one. Like that will change anything.

At least the Astros are in the World Series. A team that I barely care about but I technically support since my childhood. So that will be exciting!

Go Houston!

After Dandy’s, we went to Nelson. Caguamas galore. And jazz, Beatles, and more on the jukebox.

We came home before 10 pm. Girlfriend was drunkish. She passed out early. I was hungry. I made a couple of quesadillas and stayed up watching Did You Know Gaming videos. I’m addicted to that channel. I watch videos of games I haven’t heard of or don’t even like. It’s just good info and very well done videos.

This post needs a picture.

Girlfriend is out today.

I have a bunch of work to do all week so I won’t even have time to miss her. She says something similar. She won’t miss me at the beginning because she will get back to parents and friends and in general being busy.

But I’ve shared my bed with her for the past 250+ some nights. That’s a lot of nights with the same person. I’m used to it. I like it. I’m comfortable.

I am not sure what I’m going to do without her.

But it will be fine. I think.

A lot of work. Which is good. I can make money and fly to her. Her one-way ticket to Monterrey was only 1000 pesos which is roughly around $60.

I need a black marker for my whiteboard. The one that came with it is dry and won’t write anymore. Shit will get me helped organize because there is a bunch of shit for the next few weeks.

It’s Celebrity Throwback Monday.

And I haven’t one of those in a while.

I don’t feel like it. But I’ll plug in my hard drive to see what I have.

We talked about Hugh Laurie at the bars yesterday. Not sure why we were talking about him. People have told me I look like a younger version of him.

He is not on my hard drive. Though I remember seeing him only once.

Hugh Grant is on my hard drive, but fuck that. Two boring folders of him in the airport.

Katy Perry?  I only saw her once and it was not exciting.


I just reviewed my hard drive for Katy Perry and apparently, I saw her more than once.

That’s how good my memory about my time with celebrities is.


It was a long time ago.

Almost a decade now!

I have 18 folders, from those I expect more than half to be duplicates (my hard drive is a bit messy). More than half are titled Russell Brand and Katy Perry.

So this is going to be a twofer.


That’s a lot of folders. I regret choosing Katy Perry. My girlfriend actually chose her.

From all the folders, I only have memories of the first time I saw her. It didn’t even look like her because she had no make-up or anything. She looked bad. Magazines picked it up because she was wearing a cute hat.


First folder is the one I remember and the first time I saw Katy Perry. It was at Terminal 1 where there is no first class (Southwest).

March 22, 2009.

This is or a very similar picture printed somewhere.

Katy Perry blending with the people.

And proving it’s her. It was a meh shoot.

The second time I saw her it was a fuckfest. She was dating Russell Brand and they were the “it” couple of the moment. Everyone knew about their arrival on Terminal 2. This are from January 10, 2010.

Pictures are shitty because there were 50 other photographers there.

That day I also shot Cindy Crawford, Katharine McPhee, Famke Jansen, Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart, John Mayer, Patrick Dempsey, Pierce Brosnan, and Woody Harrelson.


I’m kidding. I don’t care. I don’t really remember the next sets either.

May 2, 2010. Her looking nice. Don’t remember this crap at all.


No memory of that.


This is Russell Brand arriving September 15, 2010. Don’t remember at all. But guess who picked him up?

Yep. Katy Perry. That’s her Audi. Probably doesn’t have it anymore. This was so long ago.

Justin Timberlake was filming some shit at LAX.

And pretending he was in New York. This is defintiely LAX. It’s my picture. I’ve never been in New York.

November 17, 2010.

Don’t remember this shoot either.

December 14, 2010. Russell Brand and Katy Perry arriving together. Don’t remember this crap shoot either.

That big bloke is Brand’s security friend. I remember seeing him a bunch of times. Dude was gigantic.

A two shot was not possible.

Finally, March 22nd, 2011. Exactly two years after I first saw her it was the last time I saw her. Weird coincidences.

Arriving with Russell Brand in Tom Bradley which means everyone fucking knew they were coming. Crapshoot again. Big bloke was there as well.

Happy accident. My camera didn’t flash. Light source is someone else’s flash. Love it when that happens.


Done with the word vomit.

The landlord is coming over so I can sign a contract and she can review the apartment. I have some more work to do. It’s my girlfriend’s last day.

Life is weird.

It’s weird to think that I was in LA ten years ago doing that.

Life is weird.

Chad doesn’t live here anymore and I’ll have a new roommate.


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