Weird Dreams of a Mountain Top Waterpark – New Roommate, Moving Out Soon – My Uber Driver Hated Gays, Tongue Taco Not Related

I had a really weird dream that I was in a small mountain town that was also a water park and it also somehow had snow and acted like a ski-lodge.

It was so remote that it had no cell phone signal. And to get there, you had to fly on a shitty plane that didn’t hold more than a dozen people and it landed on dirt without wheels.

However, the aquatic park ski-lodge was pretty packed with people. And it had numerous pools, bars, lazy rivers, cabins, and ski lifts.

I was staying in a small cabin with my girlfriend for $15 dollars (or maybe it was pesos). My brother’s family was there too and they were staying in a bigger cabin that somehow was also the entrance to the park. So people walked by their cabin to enter. It was weird.

I fought with her. I’m not sure why. But I was so angry I decided to get a cabin by myself. The guy at the lobby informed they only had $5 dollar cabins left (or maybe it was pesos). I thought it was very cheap and said I wanted to look at it before confirming. So I went on a small adventure looking for the cabin. I went by pools, bars, the backrooms, other cabins, and more shit. I found a cabin with 10 beds. I thought he meant this. I didn’t want a share a room. The dude told me it was a small personal cabin. I went back to ask him some more.

Not sure what happened next.

I remember jumping off the mountain with a tiny paper umbrella (like the ones they use in drinks). And I floated down the mountain with that. And landed on a snowboard. And jumped again and floated some more.

Also. Shit got stolen. My wallet and my phone were missing. I had left them in the cabin I was sharing with my girlfriend. Her laptop got stolen. More shit got stolen.

But when looking for it… I realized I always had my phone with me. And my wallet. And the laptop was always where it was.

Weird fucking dream. Maybe it was the mezcal again. Except I didn’t drink any. Well… a tiny sip on a margarita like a frozen drink that my girlfriend made.


Yesterday my girlfriend went to her job interview. It didn’t go well she said. She didn’t really even want the job. She worried too much about it for a thing that she didn’t even believe in or wanted. She would have only wanted it if it was perfect. It wasn’t.

She left at 2 pm and I didn’t hear back until almost 5 pm. I was worried. But nothing happened. She was just out having lunch with her friend.

And I was on my way to a couple of breweries near the border to take more pictures of beer and to meet with Joshua, the future roommate who is replacing Chad.

So now I have two Americans that are willing to share an apartment and pay rent and barely live there. Things are working out perfectly.

It still makes me incredibly sad to leave this apartment. But the time has come to leave Zona Norte.

After hanging out with Joshua and drinking beers, he dropped me off at the trolley station and back to Tijuana I go.

On the trolley, this nerdy looking Asian (or Indian) kid yelled at a girl that was getting off on the Iris Station. “MY FRIENDS PLAY THAT GAME LEAGUE OF LEGENDS!”

The girl walked right off the trolley and didn’t pay attention to him at all. She was wearing a LOL sweatshirt.

A girl that was sitting nearby said: “I don’t think she spoke English.”

Dude seemed really bummed. But at least he tried. And another girl talked to him. So he tried his luck again.

“Oh well. My friends play that game, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, and it’s awesome.” He attempted to start a conversation with the other girl (who was much older than him). She went like “uh huh.” And the dude turned around disappointed at his attempts at talking to girls.

Crossed the border no problem. Called an Uber because I didn’t want to walk. I told the driver who was a young excitable kid where I lived and he was all incredulous that I lived near Zona Norte and asked about hookers. I told him I lived at the end of it, more where all the hookers are transsexuals. Then he told me he hated faggots. Just like that. “Odio cuando se suben maricas a mi Uber.” I tried to convert this homophobe to normalcy.

I was like “dude. Why? That means more women for you. Plus, they are cool, they buy you drinks.” And he just said he hated to see two men kissing. Then just don’t look. I don’t like it either. It’s sort of gross. But it’s also gross to see an unattractive couple kiss. Same shit. It’s not your concern.

The conversation switched to if I spoke English and what I did in the US for work. I told him. He seemed to admire me for some reason. I gave him my business card.

And now he knows where I live.

Maybe he is reading this.


Who the fuck reads this!?

Got home. My girlfriend had been drinking shitty Bohemian beers (the blue ones supposedly Weizens) and a mezcal margarita drink. They tasted sort of gross (the mezcal drink was actually great). I had also been drinking plenty of beers and good ones. That’s probably why they tasted shitty.

I got tired after editing pictures and it was bedtime. To the random weird dreams that I mentioned above.

Today, more gigs. I have three articles to write that I should finish before the middle of next week. Before crossing to San Diego to the other breweries, someone in the office hit me up that they needed an article about something I sort of already wrote. I have to do that. Should be easy.

The other two are a bit more complex. I worked on one before leaving yesterday. I should finish it today or soon.

It’s my girlfriend’s last weekend in Tijuana.

We are meeting with my brother and sister-in-law because it’s her birthday. Then meeting with her friends.

Then not sure.

Then not sure at all.

I have to look at apartments as well.

Girlfriend out.

Chad out.

New apartment.

New life.

Wait for her to come back.

Keep working the many random gigs I keep working on.

Weird life.

Oh yeah. And I’m writing a book.

Bisho is running around like crazy.

That means he is happy. I wonder how he will deal with a new apartment. He knows nothing but this apartment.

Oh shit!

I made it this far and I forgot about pictures again. Oaxaca is too much work. I have to write about that as well.

Here’s the tongue taco I ate yesterday by Corazón de Torta.

Sorry Tony Tee, the picture isn’t great. Light is not good in that place and it was a low effort pic. I could have done better.

The taco though. That shit was amazing. A huge tongue taco very well done. I could eat five of those.


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