Two More Days in Paradise – Baby Turtle Release Party – French Cuisine and Out of Money

Today is day 8.

Only two more days and then we fly back… Which would be day 10, but we only have that morning.

And now that we are in the last of it… It starts to feel heavy.

As if we didn’t take enough advantage of it.

Day 6 was pretty uneventful and the night was all about soccer. The weather turned to shit so it wasn’t ideal to travel anywhere.

The weather wasn’t that shitty. It just scared us that it was going to be.

A lot of rain. But not crazy thunderstorms as predicted. As they were predicted for the whole week.

Today looks nice. It’s 10:30 am and the plan is to finally go visit Zipolite.

The World Cup qualifying games were insane. USMNT is out. Chile is out. And a lot of people here in Mazunte are Argentineans. They are in. The town was happy.

We watched from a rotisserie chicken place called Pollos Hermanos. A full chicken with mango curry sauce. It was well presented and fucking good. The beer there was meh. Draft cheap beer that wasn’t worth it.


Scratch itch scratch itch!

I can’t spend more than one fucking minute sitting outside without mosquitoes bothering the fuck out of me. And I used that lotion to avoid itching and I’m still itchy as fuck.

My girlfriend just sprayed me with toxic shit to get mosquitoes away and the fuckers don’t care.

They have feasted in more than just my legs. They have even eaten my ass.

That sounds disgusting.

But yeah. Mosquito bites fucking everywhere.

Sometimes I’m like “yeah, I’m used to it, mosquitoes don’t matter.” But many times, I’m like FUCK!!! SCRATCH ITCH SCRATCH!

That’s mostly in the mornings. When I’m affected most. I’m going to finish this and jump in the ocean.

Then run some.

Then jump in the ocean again.

Then to Zipolite in those route taxis that you climb in the back and it makes you feel like cattle.

After the soccer games, nothing happened. We came to our Airbnb. It was “Jam Tuesday” in Sahuaro and as we walked by, they were playing Gangsta’s Paradise. I was going to join in, but the jam was already established, someone was already playing bass, and the crowd was bigger than I thought it would be (also, everyone in there seemed to be Argentinean).

I drank a beer for courage to join them… but then, three songs later they stopped.

I didn’t get to jam.

Day 7 was a bit more active.

Girlfriend wanted to have good seafood. No seafood here compares to the one in Tijuana. I told her that repeatedly. But supposedly, Pochutla has decent seafood and it was recommended to go to Rey Camaron.

So we got in those cattle taxis. It was a longer ride than we had anticipated. Almost half an hour and only 15 pesos for each (less than a dollar). And Pochutla… well Pochutla is not interesting. There is no beach. There is no… nothing. Just an Elektra selling dozens of scooters. The rest is just a shanty looking town.

After walking around for a bit, we found Rey Camaron virtually empty. I got a big michelada with shrimp and a shrimp quesadilla.

Girlfriend got a beer and an octopus quesadilla. She wasn’t happy with her order and was disappointed in general that did not want to order anything else.

My michelada with shrimp was pretty awesome. The shrimp quesadilla was sad, especially compared to my usual shrimp enchilada I get in Tijuana. It was a small quesadilla with five small shrimp with little flavor. Like the ones I make at home…

Actually… the ones I make at home are better than those.

I wanted to order some more, but girlfriend didn’t trust the place.

And that was Pochutla.

Very meh.

Back in Mazunte, I convinced my girlfriend to get in the ocean again. She was very cautious and nervous about it. I told her that once we are over the break of the waves, you can just chill there. I tried to pull her with me.

The ocean was calm. Like a lake. I wanted to teach her how to float or some basic swimming. But as I was pulling her behind the waves… the biggest wave of all day (still pretty small) caught both of us. I hugged her and the wave smashed us to the sand. I hit my jaw on the back of her head. She freaked out, thought she was going to drown and that was enough ocean.

I don’t think she will go in there again. I’m going to right after this.

Buffy Budz, from Tijuana, messaged me on a turtle release thing going on near Mazunte in the beach next door of Ventanilla. How she knew…. it’s a surprise to me. There was no one there.

Girlfriend, for moral reasons and lack of interest, did not want to go. She missed out on a beautiful virtually uninhabited beach and a great sunset. She napped instead.

I went with my local family (the wedding I attended and their kid) and my Tijuana family (brother his wife and children).

After two hours of waiting, Eduardo the conservationist, told us all about the turtles that we were about to release into the ocean. He cried to add some dramatic effect. And probably because he truly believes in the work he is doing.

It was just us and five Germans. They had no idea what Eduardo was saying.

We were all waiting to release the baby turtles.

It was so fucking cute.

And to think that the poor little turtles have hundreds of predators. First when they are on land, not only nature, but human predators. And then when they are in the sea there are so many other things that would eat a baby turtle.

But as we released them, most of them headed for the ocean quickly. And as soon as a wave hit them, they would instinctly swim in the cutest fashion.

Poor little turtles.

I hope the one I release makes it somewhere.

Like if I would recognize her. Or if she had any idea that a tall human just picked her up and put her nearby a wave.

My nephew threw his turtle in not a very caring fashion. His dad yelled at him for doing so and then he started to cry. The turtle seemed injured….

But after a while, it picked it up the pace and made it to the ocean just fine…. Hopefully.

It was a beautifully sunset to be releasing baby turtles into the ocean. And Ventanilla is a lovely beach that I just want to go back to… Ventanilla (little window) is a rock formation in the ocean where the sun shines through. The pictures there mounted with a gorilla pod would be insanely amazing. Same with pictures of the Milky Way and thunderstorms in Punta Cometa. Picture potential here is insane here.

I sort of just want to stay here.

And write.



But who would pay me for this shit?

Maybe with pictures as well?

But probably not.

For dinner we went to La Cuisine. Yep. Obviously with a French chef.

Blue cheese salad to share with my girlfriend. It was delicious.

Then Penne a la Provinzana and Filet Mignon with pasa and pasilla sauce with a side of beet and camote pure (imagine the accent in pure, I don’t know how to type accents in this computer). The filet mignon was tiny but scrumptious (the sauce incredible and so was the pure). The pasta was nice and basic. Girlfriend wished she ordered two salads instead of the pasta.

The rest of the gang took a while to catch up. Kids take a long time to get ready.

We were about to leave when they arrived.

And they ordered everything we didn’t order (plus three filets mignon)

Tomato tapenade, oyster panna cotta (with white wine), pork belly with potatoes, and more of the same salad. Again, everything great (except I didn’t favor the panna cotta). Filet mignon and the salad were the two best things.

Those plates in the Tijuana/San Diego region would have been over $20.

They were around $7 each (or less).

All fresh ingredients.

And for dessert, maracuya cheesecake.

Fucking delicious. Not overtly sweet. Really well balanced soft cheese cake with sour maracuya sauce on top.

We ended the night with a couple of beers at my brother’s hotel room that overlooks the ocean. I took pictures of the far away lightning on the ocean. It turned out okay.


Now I jump in the ocean so I avoid thinking about scratching. Run around the beach to get some exercise. Swim some more because shit is fun. Then we head to Zipolite and other beaches around the area.

For our final day, we might go to Puerto Escondido. I don’t really feel like it, but my girlfriend wants to get away from here and see more of what is around. She wants to go all the way to Oaxaca City. Or to Huatulco. And explore further away. There is not much time left and distances here are heavy.

We’ll see what happens.

Can’t believe shit is already coming to an end.

And I’m out of money so it makes sense that this is the end….

Going back to reality is going to suck.

I have a mountain of work to take care off. Which is both great and bad. Great because I will be needing the money and it is a bunch of work. Bad because like always, I’ll need a vacation from my vacation. To recover from all the mosquito bites and mezcal.

Fuck. A huge mosquito just landed next to me. The toxic spray just makes them think about it. But then they don’t care. Fucking mosquitoes.

This place would be more of a paradise if those fuckers didn’t exist.


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