Day 2 to Day 5 in Oaxaca – Wedding, Mezcal, Beer, Random Food, Rinse, Repeat – 1250+ Pictures, No Way to Edit

Day 2 of Oaxaca.

We walked from Mazunte to San Agustinillo. It’s like a 20 minute walk.

The sun and humidity are heavy. But we didnt’ care.

Before getting to San Agustinillo, we bumped into my brother, his wife, and family, and my friend from childhood “El Killer.” They were headed our way. We were headed theirs.

We decided to go to San Agustinillo.

We had breakfast in a place called “La Mora.”

Divorced eggs for me. Girlfriend got some sort of chilaquiles things with an egg.

And carrot/orange juice.

I should have brought more money…

I took out $230 for nine days…

We’ve been spending a lot in food and drink.

And food and drink is cheap.

Beers are usually between 20 to 30 pesos. Food is usually less than 100 pesos for a good meal.

But we eat and drink a lot.

We stayed in San Agustinillo for most of the day. We walked back to Mazunte to change since we decided we were going to be there. And then back there.

In the hotel… where the wedding is going to be. Today…

I forgot the name of the hotel.

Little by little more people arrived for the wedding. More Queretaro friends from childhood.

We are all so old now…

I haven’t seen many of them in many years…

Yep. Got drunk as fuck with friends.

I took a lot of pictures… but I’m an idiot and forgot the cable for my camera to transfer pics to the computer. I can’t edit them anyway, but I can’t transfer them.

So I’m shooting JPEG instead of RAW.

I don’t like it, but it must be done because I’m going to take way too many pictures.

I already took over 100.

There’s going to be another photographer in the wedding. It bugs me a little bit, but it should be fine. He is going to concentrate on the bride, and I’ll do the groom. But I’ll try to catch both because of portfolio reasons.

It bugs me for a stupid reason too…Sigh.

It’s alright.

It’s alright.

Girlfriend is doing planks. I hear friends in the restaurant next door.

I should go running today.

And later… wedding.

Tons and tons of pictures.

And after that we have a whole week to do whatever the fuck we want. Visit other beaches. And what not.

After sunset we walked back to Mazunte and to the restaurant next to the Airbnb. Most of the wedding came basically. I was a mess. A happy mess.

I got plenty drunk. Killer bought a tequila bottle and it was our mission to finish it… so yep.

Girlfriend is a bit mad at me for how drunk I got… She says she’s not. But she is.

And at the restaurant we had marlin tacos, vegetarian sushi, and a tuna bowl. It’s all better than I imagined.

Save draft. I don’t have much to say. No WiFi sometimes and not being home throws me off my routine.

But hey… at least I’m still blogging… right?!



Day 5 in Oaxaca.

Yep. I skipped a couple of days.

The wedding was sort of two days in a row.

After writing the things above…  We went to the wedding.

I have over 1250 pictures to edit already. And I forgot the cable to transfer. So I don’t have many pictures on my camera left. Hopefully, someone will have that cable so I can dump some pictures into the USB drive. And also, so I can start shooting RAW.

The wedding was amazing.

Here are a couple of pictures from of my camera from my phone.

And with my girl.

Ceremony at sunset at the beach was beautiful. But I was jumping around taking hundreds of pictures instead of paying attention.

And the food came. The best was the aguachile, by the public’s consensus and my own. There was some ceviche and seafood skewers. And a lot of drinks.

Mezcal bottles with the name of the bride and groom and little shot glasses with the names of the guests.

And I drank and danced and drank and danced.

The father of the bride said my girlfriend was one of the best dancers, “but not you, you just stood there.”

Well… yep. I know I don’t dance.

My girlfriend is the first girl that truly makes me dance. I got tired of dancing. She didn’t. And in songs I don’t really like I just stood there while she twirled around and danced danced danced.

Live band came all the way from Queretaro to play some reggae. They were great.

DJ was okay. He was doing the DJ wedding job and it was okay. People were dancing which is what matters.

Party ended at around 3 am.

I don’t remember the end.

I was so drunk…

I remember I started drinking whisky…

That’s after drinking tons of beers, mezcal, and some red wine.

Yep. I got fucked.

Girlfriend was pretty drunk too. At some point of the night, we both were talking about puking.

And then… we passed out on a hammock outside my brother’s hotel room.

Mosquitoes feasted on my legs.

They still are.

It looks like my legs have chicken pox. It fucking sucks.

We woke up at the crack of dawn to my little nephew showing me his “Green Arrow” toy and how he shoots little plastic arrows.

We noped the fuck out of there and came back to our room.

We slept most of that Sunday. Woke up in the mid-afternoon to have a mediocre brunch of garlic octopus, garlic mushrooms, and a basic salad.

But with ocean views.

And okay Mojito and mango drinks made with mezcal.

Then we went to Punta Cometa to watch the sunset. Here’s an iPhone pic:

Walked back to our house and had food once again in my friend’s restaurant next to our little humble Airbnb.

Girlfriend got the veggie yakimeshi bowl and put an extra avocado on it. I got the shrimp sushi.

The bowl was tasty. The sushi was okay decent enough sushi.

My brother and his wife + family moved to the hotel next to us. Their room is outstandingly great. He is also paying seven times more than what I am paying.

We have around six more days left here.

Most of the wedding guests have left. The rest are about to leave in the next couple of days.

We have more time. More sunsets. More beaches. More things to do.

Unsure about today. We might go to Zipolite. We might go to Pochutla.

We have been really fucking lazy that it’s almost 2 pm and we barely just woke up and we are doing our morning routine…

Hey. But we slept at around 3 am.

We were going to sleep early yesterday but ended up drinking with the bride’s friends (and the bride and groom). They are all from my hometown so references and other friends sound familiar. One of them is an upcoming stand-up comic. I want to hear his material.

We drank more beers and more mezcal first in this cute Chinese restaurant that seems amazing and then in their hotel room. Also nice. With AC and everything. Also paying way more than what we are paying.

And that’s what we’ve been doing….

Mezcal. Beers. Random food. Rinse. Repeat.

My legs are destroyed by mosquitoes. We bought more chemicals to protect us from them. I don’t think they give a fuck. My blood is too tasty for them to ignore.

Mezcal. Beers. Random food. Rinse. Repeat.

Bisho has been stuck in the apartment with the food I left him since I left him. Poor Bisho. Happy Vegan couldn’t manage to open the door. I’m worried about him. But today, Chad goes to the rescue!

Meow Bishhhhh.

I miss you kitty!

But back to enjoying Oaxaca.

I’ll try to blog again tomorrow if there is anything to say. Things are going great. And after Oaxaca, we still have no idea what’s going to happen.

Fuck it. I might stay here (probably not). But hey. If I want to work in a book, this place would be great for it.

Nice. Cheap. With not that much going on.

I could write shitty erotic fiction. Apparently, there is a douchey guy in town that nobody knows what he does. He seems like he fits the profile of a shitty erotic fiction writer.




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