Oaxaca in 6 Hours – Horrible Phone Word Vomit -I Started a Book

There is a dude singing about god in the trolley. He has headphones on. He just yelp completely out of tune “Cristo Salvador.”
Now he is murmuring still out of tune “quédese señor,” repeatedly.
I’m going to try to ignore him.
I need a music device and headphones.
Haven’t gotten lost in my music in forever.
I’m in the trolley. Didn’t have time to word vomit comfortably at home like I usually do. Last minute job materialized and I’m on my way to pickup my brother’s car so I can go to a few locations for pictures. And one headshot. One of three people agreed to pictures.
Dude is still singing about Jesus gleefully.
A simple life.
It would be nice.
I started to write a book yesterday. That was the point of the blog. Practice for a book.
Is similar to what I write now. So if you have been enjoying this, you’ll enjoy the other.
Once done with the blog, I plant to keep on writing, just not publicly like I do. But for a book.
Self-published or let’s see what happens.
All I know is I am writing a book.
It’s not fiction. More like a collection of anecdotes. So there might be some crossover texts or similarities from what has been written before.
After writing what is the first chapter (perhaps), I waited for Brozo and his girlfriend to arrive. They were delayed and I was really hungry… so I was looking out my window since 3:30 pm. 
They didn’t make it till almost 4:30 pm.
Yay! Brozo! And his new girlfriend. Double date time.
We went to Telefonica. No surprise there.
And FEAST we did.
From there to Abary in Plaza Fiesta for the video game bar. It’s just okay. It has potential.
They didn’t have the new Mahvel.
Disappointment. So I just played Street Fighter V with the girlfriend.
A dude with a bike just went in.
He reeks of weed. Heavily. I’m jealous.
He seems to be a construction worker. Gotta be blazed to work that I guess.
I’m jealous.
Mexican guy is still singing about Jesus joyfully while the rest of the trolley just looks sad.
The trolley is just wagons of moving sadness.
The only joy was this sir singing about Jesus.
He is leaving right now.
He looks like a Mexican Mario.
Palomar Street. 1/3 there. Then driving. Then job. Then done.
Extra money for Oaxaca.
And I have to get back home and get ready. Truly pack the bags. Leave everything ready for Bisho. Leave Tijuana for a while.
I’m excited.
I probably won’t sleep.
Back to the double date, we didn’t last long in the video game place. Brozo doesn’t drink much, way less if he is driving. So we headed to downtown to some curios shops.
His girlfriend is from Arizona and wanted to get classic Tijuana souvenirs. She bought a silver bracelet, a little sombrero with a tiny tequila and a shot glass, a magnet, and two puppets.
The puppets was the weirdest of her purchases.
And it made curios shops make a bit of sense. She was wondrous at all the crap they sell. I never bother to go in. I don’t care for them.
Brozo’s girlfriend was loving them.
Norte for a beer and views.
Norte is better during sunset. At night it’s just okay and it can get full. It was okay.
One more drink before they go home.
No. Wait. Street tacos.
Brozo’s girlfriend wanted adobada. And since it was her first time in Tijuana in 13 years… I had to take them through Zona Norte. For touristy reasons and because they have the biggest thickest trompo de adobada.
Brozo and his girlfriend had a taco. I should have gotten one.
Obviously, a beggar came asking for change. Brozo’s girlfriend got the change she had which was around one quarter two dimes and a bunch of pennies. Beggar got mad that she gave him pennies.
Fuck dude. Beggars can’t be choosers.
Then finally, one more drink.
Cevicheria Nais was closed. Which means Tinieblo was closed. That place is not good on Tuesdays.
Cine Tonala was the only thing going on. Dandy’s would have been a good choice but I always want to show people the new shit.
I forget that the classics are classics for a reason.
But hey. It was just one more drink. Not get lost in a Tijuana Adventure and dive bars.
Gin and grapefruit drink for me.
Mezcal and maracuya for Brozo’s girlfriend.
Coffee for Brozo.
My girl didn’t want anything.
Around 9 pm Brozo dropped us back home. There was no border line. So it didn’t take him long to cross.
Smooth double date Tijuana adventure style.
24th street. 2/5 of the way there. I’m hungry. I didn’t have breakfast. In n Out is right here. But can’t.
I’ll grab something when I get the car.
Should be right on time.
Work. Some shopping. Back home. Pack. And Oaxaca time.
There. I’m done with work. That was a lot of driving and not that many pictures. They only need 2. I am sending like 10.
Should be okay money. Hopefully I can get travel expenses covered. That was just a bunch of driving.
It’s 4:30 pm precisely. I’m at the Chee Chee Club with a tall can of PBR and a scratch lottery ticket in which I won another lottery ticket. That’s the second lottery ticket that wins me another lottery ticket.
Sounds about right.
Chee Chee’s is quiet. I still have like an hour+ to kill before going home. 
Besides working, I did myself a favor and bought cat food and litter to leave behind for Bisho.
I also did my brother a favor and went to the post office to send some shit.
I still have his debit card in my pocket. I could be using it to pay for this beer.
But. This place is cash only.
And. I am not an asshole.

Oh fuck piss shit.
I was supposed to post this and it’s 10:16 pm and I just remembered.

I already put my computer inside its box.

Posting from my phone.

So if it looks like crap. It’s because it is crap. 

And it needs a picture.

Here. That was brunch. The Cocky Balboa.

It’s late. I should go to bed. Not sure when I will write next.

And I should really edit this….

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