Everything is Hazy After Oaxaca – Feels Like Saturday and Gringo Friends are Coming to Tj Adventure – “El Bar” Spanish Movie Review

Now there are only two days left for Oaxaca.

And I’m nervous.

Traveling always makes me a bit nervous.

Last big travel I had was to Minneapolis and then a road trip to Tijuana with my college friends.

Before that… nothing.

I’ve been stuck in Tijuana far too long.

Getting out for at least once a year is a must.

I need to it once a year or more.

I need to do it more.

I just had a little fight with my girlfriend.

Our fights are stupid.

Like an old couple.

I got mad because she just keeps telling me to turn down the tv.

Fuck that.

I’m deaf and I want to hear.

Stop telling me to turn it down.


Brozo and his girlfriend.

And Andy and his girlfriend.

Are coming for a Tijuana Adventure.

Cine Tonalá, Plaza Fiesta, Norte, Zona Norte, Oryx, Teléfonica, Playas?! Who knows! The possibilities are endless.

Should be a fun day.

Since the moment I woke up I said it “It feels like Saturday.”

It’s not Saturday at all.

We fly in two days. I started to pack my backs already. I know what I’m wearing at the wedding. I’m wearing the same thing I wore for my brother’s wedding a good six years ago. Pants are fucking TIGHT! Not as in cool.. as in they are literally too tight.

I remember for my brother’s wedding they were loose and I needed a belt.


Six years later and everyone was right. Metabolism will catch up.


I try to do a small workout daily of 50+ pushups and 100+situps and I still look fat.

At least they still fit.

That’s what I’m wearing.

Then… it’s beach time!

I don’t really need much.

I have two board shorts. Basketball shorts (which I’m wearing now). Sandals. Other shorts. And half a dozen shirts.

That should do the trick.

Don’t need many socks or much underwear since I’ll be wearing the board shorts for the most part…

And I worry nine days in Oaxaca is a bit excessive.

But once I’m there, I know I’ll be fine.

Coffee coffee coffee! Workout.

I should work today, but there are no articles in mind that I could be working on.

I have a photo gig tomorrow that they send me late yesterday.

Unsure if it will materialize. I sent emails yesterday and heard back from one out of three people. I need to hear back from them today or it won’t happen. It’s an easy gig. But who knows if I’ll be able to take care of it.

I think tomorrow there’s a new cover with a picture I took.

I think so…

I’m not sure.

I just looked at the flights. WOO!

2 days.

Flying at 6:04 am from Tijuana to Mexico City. Connecting flight to Huatulco. Should be in our Airbnb settled before sunset.

Took care of my student loans deferment this morning. Well. I sent the paperwork. Let’s hope they stop bugging me for a while.

I swear I did the one-year deferment earlier this year around March. I feel like they lost my paperwork and made me do it again.

If I start making bank. I swear I’ll pay them. I just can’t right now.

And I am looking for a full-time job!

I rejected one yesterday. But because it wasn’t really full-time. I mean… it was a full-time commitment but getting paid lower than what full-time is or minimum wage. So fuck that. I still wouldn’t be able to pay my student loans with that pay.

Coffee coffee coffee. Workout!

There will be plenty of that in Oaxaca I think… Coffee and beach workout in the mornings.


Who the fuck knows.

I haven’t been in more than a decade. I was little then. I am really not sure what to expect.

And I almost forgot… and weird.

There are going to be two girls that I used to date there…

One is flying there for the wedding because we are mutual friends (and we are still really good friends).

The other lives there and I blocked her forever ago. She’s still cool with me but I still feel like I never forgave her.

How dramatic.


I thought a lot about finally concluding this blog.

Shit is about to get really weird and I’m not sure if I can keep going.

I said it before… After Oaxaca… is all hazy.

I obviously have to keep on working to survive. But I’m not sure where I’m going to be living. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing for work. I’m not sure if I’ll stay in Tijuana.

I’m not sure about anything.

My girlfriend is leaving to Monterrey for over two months.

Though it pains me to say (more like because I know it pains her), it reliefs me a bit to know we are spending some time apart.

But I wished it was just some time apart.

Not two fucking months.

Two fucking weeks max.

That would be a nice cool off and I’ll miss her.

Two+ months is going to be weird.

It’s been a whole year of sleeping with the same woman every night. Except like two or three nights that I spent in San Diego. I think it was three.

Fuck worrying about the future.

Let’s live on the now.

More coffee. More workout. And breakfast very soon.

But back to yesterday again.

It was a regular day. Girlfriend had to go to her workplace to quit. Then she wandered around and I got worried, but I ended up meeting her in Pasaje Rodríguez (she was buying books… she’s reading right now). After several minutes of indecisiveness, we ended up in the Argentinean empanadas place. And we split a bottle of wine.

A bottle of Malbec “Moras” or something like that from Argentinean. Yep. Grape juice with a dry finish. Girlfriend didn’t it was dry and started arguing about it.

We couldn’t finish the bottle there so we just took it and came home to watch a movie on Netflix.

She chose a Spanish “El Bar.”

The second time she chooses a Spanish movie. The first one called “Skins.”

Skins was better.

Both featured the same chubby actor (Secun de la Rosa). He is alright.

This one was about people getting stuck in a bar with no explanation of what is going on. It’s tense.

And then it gets tenser.

And when you couldn’t think it could get any tenser.

It gets even tenser!


Never explained anything.

It just kept getting tenser scene after scene.

It was a highly entertaining movie and at some points very funny. At first, it reminded me of a shitty Shaun of the Dead, but then it just became repetitive in getting tenser and tenser…

At the end, nothing got explained or resolved. The dude that died in the beginning that had the antidote that supposedly cures a disease that they didn’t even ever explain… DIED! And he injected the antidote on himself.

… If he died… and he injected the antidote…

Why did these fucking idiots think the antidote was the response of their disease that they didn’t even know they had…


So many loopholes.

So many fucking loopholes.


Coffee. Shower. Breakfast.

Tijuana Adventure time.

Oh shit.

This post doesn’t have a single picture. Realized that after posting… fuck.

I didn’t want to upload anything, so here’s a shitty picture of that shitty “three bedroom” apartment we saw in Playas…

That was one of the bedrooms. The others weren’t bedrooms either. One had a toilet and a bathroom next to a bed…

This one.

House hunting has been more difficult than anticipated. Voodoo Stu said it took them more than a year to find the place they are living in right now…

I’m not sure if I’m leaving this place after all.

I’m not sure what happens after Oaxaca.

And that’s in less than 48 hours.







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