Last Day At Work for my Girlfriend (Party Tonight) – First Experience with Uber Eats (Order Incomplete) – Working on Organ Grinders, Looking for Comments!

I’m supposed to be at my brother’s house right now doing him a favor. One of his clients needed to pick-up shirts.

I woke up late for it, but I got dressed in a jiffy and wanted to go to the house and do him the favor.

But… I suspect my girlfriend took the keys to the house. Subsequentially, I can’t get inside. Meaning, I can’t get the shirts. Thus, I can’t do him the favor.

I feel dumb. Though it’s not my fault. I have no idea why my girlfriend would take the keys.

I noticed it yesterday. She moved the keys from the table by the door to the kitchen.


Can’t find the keys anywhere.

I guess I’ll have to do this later.

I have to feed their dog as well anyway… but I should have been there right meow.

It’s my girlfriend’s last day at work.

Like always, she woke up extra early to get ready and go to work. I didn’t hear her get out this time. I woke up worried and I couldn’t go back to bed. Then she texted me that she made it to work safely.

Why she took the keys to my brother’s house… I have no idea.

Because it’s her last day, she’s celebrating. So there’s a reunion at 8 pm with the few friends she has made so far to say goodbye to everyone.

Is like her goodbye from Tijuana.

Oaxaca is way soon.

It’s already here.

We need to pack and get ready.

And I still haven’t finished the article.

I made some progress though. I’m not loving it. But yesterday as I was trying to go to bed, I made some progress in my head. I should have it done soon. Today.

I have to finish more work to do.

And polish it for Monday.

I didn’t mean for it to be delayed.

Fucking liquid meth and forcing myself to write is never a good idea.

If it was real meth I could have written a book.

I just felt shitty.

Yesterday… as I was working. My friend Szavio hit me up to go out and get coffee. I needed a breather. So I joined him.

Fucking ATMs on a Friday. So fucking full.

I haven’t had any cash in more than four days. So I’ve been limited to spending money with my debit card. Which in Tijuana is very limited.


I don’t need to be spending money.

We got coffee at Bresca. It was meh. That place has gone heavily downhill.

Then we walked to Cafe Riocha 7.

Much better place with a giant wheel of parmesan cheese where they prepare pasta. There I worked on my phone but gave up. Then Szavio let me borrow his Mac for a while. Did some more work.

Grabbed a home beer and bought some home coffee beans.

He played the piano in exchange for free coffee.

I should prepare them coffee right now. I’m drinking shitty yesterday coffee. And I’m hungry and still have absolutely no cash.

Back home at around 7 pm.

Girlfriend was napping all through that, but I knew she wanted to grab dinner together.

After not deciding for an hour… we chose Uber Eats.

The first time we use the service.

We ordered from a Thai place called Katai.

Green curry, soup tom yum, and spicy rice. 225 pesos + 25 pesos delivery = around $12 USD.

They fucked up our order.

The soup got spilled. The curry was okay. They gave us two tiny containers of rice.

It’s fucking RICE.

You are supposed to give shit tons because that shit is so cheap.

They didn’t.

It was like two spoonfuls of rice.

And… the spicy rice was nowhere to be found.

That’s what happens when you order late.

Service was great though. We get to track our delivery bike guy. Everything gets paid automatically on my card. Food took less than 30 minutes to arrive. They deliver in a nice bag and what not. That probably won’t last long and then they’ll default to shitty plastic bags.

Soups were really good.

But they fucked up the order.


Hey! The cat grass started to grow already!

No sign of the catnip or the basil. That’s supposed to take longer.

The mint is not looking very good…

Gallos plays today.

They’ll probably lose. So who cares.

NFL tomorrow.

Hungry. Not sure if I should Uber Eats my breakfast…. The ATMs are way too far away.

Nah. Next, I’ll just be using Uber for everything…

I just reviewed the article I’m supposed to finish.

It’s all downhill from now I am sure…

I just need one more thing.

Comments from people of Tijuana about the organ grinders!

Organ grinders sounds creepy. Like a dude that kills you and then grinds your organs.

But I meant the street organ players.

Like this guy:

That’s all I need to tie the article together.

So… Tijuana!

What do you think about the organ grinders?!


My girlfriend grabbed the keys to my brother’s place and she has no idea why. After telling me she didn’t grab them… she found them inside her jacket pockets.

Apparently, she just grabbed them before going to work for no reason at all. Just an automatic reaction of grabbing keys. She doesn’t even remember…

Coffee coffee coffee.

I don’t want to work out. I already put jeans on because I was supposed to go to my brother’s place early. I haven’t showered. He has a hot shower. I should do it over there.

But at the same time… who cares.

I’m so used to cold showers. It’s nice out.

Fuck. I should work out.

We were indecisive about food. We were indecisive of what to watch before going to bed. She gave up. And just said I’m going to bed and let’s just watch Rick and Morty. We watched the Purge (she is way behind in all of them). It’s not my favorite. I barely like it. But okay.

Then she fell asleep.

And I watched the last episode of BoJack Horseman. Sort of like this last season best.

And Big Mouth.

A new Netflix cartoon series.

It’s pretty damn good.

I saw Nick Kroll talking about it on the Colbert Report and sounded interesting though the cartoon looks dumb. It’s not! It’s pretty damn fucking funny and intriguing. A new take about puberty. With real gross issues. I mean… I could relate to a lot of the crap that happens. There’s a bunch of stereotypical high school experiences that millions of shows and movies have touched on… but the twist on the hormonal and the grossness is pretty damn good.

It’s almost like Superbad.

Real about puberty and awkwardness.

Point is… watch it. I enjoyed it. And BoJack was pretty good too.

Adults watching cartoons because it’s 2017!

And 2017 is almost over!


One response to “Last Day At Work for my Girlfriend (Party Tonight) – First Experience with Uber Eats (Order Incomplete) – Working on Organ Grinders, Looking for Comments!”

  1. I loved, loved, loved this last season of Bojack. That last episode was super nice.

    Thanks for the big mouth mini review, it’s been in my mind lately but I wasn’t sure if it was shitty or not.

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