Liquid Meth and an Unexpected Party – Be My Guinea Pig, Drink This 7-Up – Late Night Risk

An unexpected party!

That’s a chapter of The Hobbit if you didn’t know…

It happened yesterday.

Not like in The Hobbit. But there was a very unexpected Wednesday party.

I did some splash photography for fun (and for an article, but mostly for fun).

I should have used the flash. That picture originally was way darker before the edit. Flash would have made it look nicer. Or better lighting.

Splash photography is a mess.

I drank a bit over half a glass of that soda.

It’s supposedly infected with liquid meth.

And the incredulous fuck that I am, I was like… nah! Impossible! How can I just buy liquid meth in an Oxxo?

I drank a bit over half of it and then threw it away because I started to feel weird.

I’m still not sure if paranoid placebo or real…

EMAIL interruption.

Okay. I should attend this instead of this…

Unexpected things happened! The email was about this…

I really didn’t think 7-Up could possibly make me feel strange. But it did. I drank the glass around 1 pm after taking pictures.

My girlfriend hit me up that she was at Dandy’s del Sur with her friends. A bit too early to be drinking for me, but okay, whatever. It was time for me to be hungry, but I wasn’t. I felt really strange.

In a bad way.

I had a headache on the top of my head and a sharp pain behind my eyes. I kept sweating more than usual and my eyes got teary a few times. I don’t remember the walk, but I made it to the bar at 3 pm.

I tried to ignore it, but it kept hitting me. After some beers… I still felt it.

It was until a couple hours after that I gained some appetite. Around 6 pm I finally ate a burger and started to feel normal again.

Karla decided to have an impromptu party!


She invited her friends from work (Sara and two other dudes) to come to the house and drink beers and play Risk and what not!

Fuck it!

We came to the house at 8 pm with some beers and we seriously played Risk.

Even though no one had played except me and Karla…

And if you start a game of Risk at 8 pm… you know it’s going to end past midnight.

Everyone stayed over.

Sara and Karla left early in the morning because they had work stupid early because stupid work.

The guys woke me up at 6 am to let me know they were leaving.

It was still dark out.

No one wanted to try the 7-Up.

It’s still in my fridge.

So please. Come prove me wrong. Drink the 7-Up. I don’t dare drink it anymore.

Some part of me is still curious and fucking incredulous that the 7-Up has liquid meth. There haven’t been any other cases of intoxication. I’m sure it’s an isolated case from the little town where the meth 7-Up came out…

But I do not dare drink it.

Karla won the Risk battle. She took over South America and did alliances…

It was basically everyone against me.

I took out the first guy out of the board. I was the bad guy. He played MarioKart 64 while we still played Risk.

I could have ended it all and go for Africa and kill the other guy playing with the red army. Nope. Decided to expand Asian control and try to go for North America.

Mistake and I knew it.

I didn’t want to win…

Sounds shitty.

Invite people to play Risk with you though they have never played in their lives. Beat them at the game.

One of the guys (the red army guy) got the gist of the game pretty quick and was really into it.

The unexpected party got me behind with work.

Here I thought yesterday was going to go completely different.

I was supposedly going to work on transcribing at night and get ahead of one of the stories.


Liquid meth and an unexpected Risk party ruined my plans.

Didn’t even watch the Gallos vs Necaxa game. They lost. Like always.

I have today and tomorrow to finish a task.

I should get to it.


Today is the super secret Reddit meet for admins and mods…

I really want to go to that…

But it’s in a tough place for public transit.

They told me I should let them know if I can’t make it. I said I would… but it’s looking like a no.




I don’t know.

This word vomit is shitty and I haven’t reached 1,000 words.

I still have a slight headache, but I feel more like my usual self. Yesterday was confusing.

I really do think there’s liquid meth in that 7-Up….

Someone come drink it. Be my guinea pig. Prove me wrong. Or right.

I’m not sure. All I know is I’m not drinking that soda and I’m not throwing it away for science purposes.

Short of my daily goal. I have to move on though. And get to work!




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