Front Page Attempt Flops – Kimby TJ Adventure Time – Visiting the New House, Spending the Night in SD

I just posted a massive burger pic on Imgur and on /r/food.

It pissed me off that a shitty picture of burgers was on the front page.

Friday Reddit.

Shitty Reddit.

The picture on Imgur is doing great.

Spoke too soon.

It’s only been a minute and it already has two comments.

It probably won’t go anywhere on Reddit. I sometimes think I’m shadow banned from /r/food. But maybe is that they get so much traffic that my post gets lost immediately.

Reddit is a fucking lottery.

Yep. Downvoted immediately.

It’s doing well on Imgur though. I’ll post on /r/foodporn and I bet it will do way better.

Fucking /r/food.

It’s a waste.

It’s a great picture.


I finally slept right.

Woke up with no requirements. No need to go anywhere for now. No need to write anything.

I mean… I should still work. But I’m not sure what to do.

I’m meeting with my friend Kimby in a few. Going out for brunch with her and one of her friends who I have no idea who it is. She was supposed to come down yesterday, but her friend fell asleep, and by 8 pm I was already ready to pass out.

I finally slept at the same time with my woman at around 9:30 pm.

So early to be sleeping.

So Kimby canceled coming yesterday and decided to come for brunch. That should be in an hour or so. My girlfriend gets out of work early and she’ll join us.

Then we made an appointment to view the house I want to move to by 5 pm.

I’ll bring my camera.

Hopefully, they will see us as possible renters. And if it works out, the move would be in November.

Crazy shit.

And after that… I have to go to North Park to drink beers and take tons of pictures.

My roommate/not roommate will join me. And probably my IG boyfriend as well.

We will drink some beers, maybe grab some grub, and I’ll sneak around taking tons of pictures.

Oh yeah.

Emails emails emails!

Coffee coffee coffee.

And I should work out.

I’m itchy as fuck.

Bisho got his flea collar on. And he is extra cuddly. And I can see the fucking fleas jumping ship as if the Titanic was sinking. And they land on me and the carpet.

And there are roaches in the kitchen. Not many at all. Not like Joe’s Apartment. But there are some.

Oaxaca in two weeks though. And two weeks after that, new house?

If not… new apartment?

Something will happen.


My wrist still hurts a lot. And I discovered that my right foot hurts. Willy stomped on it while playing soccer. It didn’t hurt. Until I tried locking it to do sit-ups.

I saw Miguel Angel, the guy on the wheelchair yesterday. A lot of people saw the story of him in the San Diego Reader and he already has a bunch of magazines. I was going to take him some, but apparently, friends already did and he has a stack! He says I made him famous and he already wants me to write another story about him. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Oh yeah.

The Red owes me money still.

Let’s bother them about that.

Emails emails emails.

I hate charging people. I hate telling people “hey, pay me, hey, you haven’t paid me.”



Both posts tanked on Imgur and Reddit.

That burger might be just ridiculously too much. Too much foodporn. So I should post it there. They like it better there.

This post needs a picture.

I don’t have a picture to post.

I just got distracted and took pictures of Bisho outside the apartment. I wonder how he will handle a big house.

Kimby is barely walking across.

I’m hungry.

I should shower and head her way to go grab brunch.

Tuna tostadas from Otto’s Grill sounds great… but also that Montecristo by Azarosa sounds real good.

Who knows.

But point is, I’m going to Teléfonica.

Not sure if I should bring my camera or not.

I should be taking more pictures.

The computer gets slow when I open Lightroom and I want to get rid of this word vomit for now.

Here’s a picture I took yesterday in Encinitas while doing the gig and the rain.

Check it out.

That was at the recycling center. They had a bunch like that. That one was my favorite, though the picture is not that good.

Here’s another.

It’s tough to word vomit the morning after when you did the night before.

There’s not enough material in my brain to pick out stuff.

Not enough vomit.

Kimby crossed the border!

Done with coffee.

Some more workout.


Cold shower in cold weather.

Should be fine.

Pay the electric bill.

Meet Kimby.

Brunch and hang out for the next few hours. A mini Tijuana Adventure tour.

Meet the people for the house. Convinced them that I will be a good renter with the help of Andy.

Reach an agreemenet for a house in November.

If that happens…

It’s going to be crazy.

And after all of that, cross the border. Head to downtown. Go to North Park Beer Co. Meet with friends. Drink tons of beer. Take tons of pictures. Spend the night somewhere. Let’s see what happens.

Didn’t reach 1,000 words.

Fuck it. Shower and I’m out for the day.




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