Confusing Word Vomit in Two Far Farm Countries – Shooting Macro: The Gig is Fun, Is Not Often Enough – Ramona Ribs

I’m sitting outside a Dunkin’ Donuts in downtown San Diego, drinking coffee and eating a granola bar. Neither are from DD (not Dungeons & Dragons). The establishment is packed with people. I wanted a breakfast sandwich. But granola and coffee from my brother’s office will suffice for now.

I didn’t have time to word vomit this morning. I shouldn’t be doing it now. Phone is already at 89% and I have two more shots to take care of today.

Both in Encinitas. Both are early.

I should be done by 1:30 pm or so.

Then who knows.

Back home. Or wait till my brother gets off work.

I need to buy Bisho a flea collar and do some other shopping.

And catch some Pokémon to waste my battery life.

Yesterday was a good day. Ramona is fucking far! Like really out there far.

I’ll word vomit later. When home and not my phone. I need to save the battery….

I’m in the office now. Charging my phone and wasting time while my phone chargers.

It rained for a while. Weather is weird.

Got the job done and it’s only 1 pm.

Easy peasy for part two of the job.

Met the owner of a worm dirt place. I was originally meeting him at noon. Then he switched it to 11:30 am. And then to 11:00 am. Pictures for a minute outside a barn. Talk for a while about being bilingual and worms. And done.

Way too early for my second meeting, but she agreed to meet up earlier!

I went hunting for a cat flea collar. Pet Smart only had collars for over $70. Fuck that shit. Last time I bought Bisho a collar it was less than $20. And it worked great.

So I went to Petco instead. The collar there was $11.99Much better. Not the same collar I got before, but it looks really similar.

Much better. Not the same collar I got before, but it looks really similar. Hopefully, it works. It must.

And moving soon…?

And Oaxaca even sooner!!

Fuck. Shit comes really fast…

And oh!

That article that took me over a week to write did get accepted. I just need to expand on it a little more. I have next week to do that.

And to do a few news stories. Hopefully two or three before Oaxaca.

I bought half a dozen bagels from Einstein Bros (garlic, five cheese, spinach and cheese, jalapeño and cheese, everything, and a pumpernickel). yesterday. They are great. Girlfriend is loving them and wants me to buy them all the time.

Come on… come on.

Job. Real job. Or more gigs. More money. Get a car. Then I can do this anytime.

Buy things in America that you can’t find in Mexico or are simply way too expensive.
I can’t wait. If it happens…


3k a month is not asking much.

2k would make me happy for now… but more money.



And I’m back in Mexico.


Word vomiting on my iMac is so much easier than on my phone. Worried about the battery.

I charged my phone up to 80% at the office, left Andy his macro extenders on his desk, said bye to the guys in there, and went home.

Before that, I went through some pictures with the editor. Gummy worms and chocolate cake.

I got to do some more editing right now.

And find out if I shot Burt Reynolds or not. I’m not sure I did. I don’t remember him. But if he went through fucking LAX anytime between 2009-2011… I probably took his picture.

That border crosser lifestyle. I got some Subway before getting on the trolley. Half the sandwich is in the kitchen. That sandwich visited two countries. That’s more than a lot of people.

The ribs I ate yesterday in the middle of nowhere in Ramona also made it across the border.

Oh shit.

I haven’t even talked about yesterday.

And them ribs….!!!

Yesterday was a good day.

Though I was tired as fuck from not sleeping because of relationship drama and whatnot… Everything went well.

There was a lot of driving.

Yesterday to Ramona, today I was in Encinitas. Highways are ginormous. It takes forever. I used to live in Rancho PQ… that shit is so far.

It didn’t feel like it.

Cars change the perspective of life.

I need my own car.


Before Ramona, I went to a place called Terra Madre in Escondido. It was sort of Escondido (har har har). I was early for the meet, so I played with the macro lenses. Tchk thck tchk it out!

Snail on a tree.

There were ants around it as well, but they were the color of the tree that it was hard to distinguish.

That spider was TINY. Like insanely tiny. I barely saw the fucker. She was hanging out on the table I dropped all my shit. Didn’t even noticed it until it almost touched my elbow.

It was smaller than a penny.

It went down the side of the table…

Not bad for my first time shooting macro, huh?

That’s another view. Spider was fast.

It wasn’t even a true macro lens, just the extensions, which are literally $20. And in the B&H store which is usually stupid expensive. I should get them like now.

Because of not being true macros, focusing was difficult and not the best.

Fuck. Now I want to get them for Oaxaca…

Andy hooked it up and gave me a lens. A long lens. 70-210mm/3.5-4.5f.

I needed it. Won’t use it much because I don’t need it for much. But it’s something I needed in the repertoire.

I miss my old bread and butter of 70-200mm/2.8f.

Before Terra Madre I went to a lady’s house in Del Cerro and into her backyard where the pictures for the story were. Pictures. Chat.


That’s where I bought the half dozen bagels.

Goddamn this word vomit is messy.

Back to Terra Madre.

Met the dude there. He took me around the farm. Gave me a fresh fig off a tree. It even had ants and shit inside the fig. It was nice.

Showed me more of the farm.






What a long fucking drive.

To the middle of fucking nowhere.

And I was hungry. I kept thinking I would see some shitty restaurant and just eat there.

They were none.

It’s like if I drove to the south.

Rural California can get weird.

I found a place called Pete’s Smokehouse BBQ. It was inside a liquor store.


A half a rack of ribs for $11 and a Ripper IPA by Stone for $3.50 and fuck yeah.

The smokiness of the ribs was pronounced. The bbq was sweet and it countered the smoke. But the smokiness won. No wonder he asked me if I wanted more sauce.

Nah, dude. I like em smokey. Good sauce too.

Eating ribs at a liquor store.


I was disappointed at myself for eating ribs at a liquor store and not finishing them.

Half a rack. That ain’t much.

I saved four small ribs for later. Killed the coleslaw though. The coleslaw was mehhhhh

Hold up…  hold up. I have a shitty picture. Picture does ribs no justice.

Ramona. Who the fuck are you?!

I arrived at this other farm with horses and whatnot. Met the folk that live there. Super nice people. It’s a funny gig.



You know the drill.

It made me happy.

And then the long drive back to downtown San Diego to give my brother his car back and back to Tijuana we go.

That was yesterday.

That was something similar today.

Except I was done early. And no one was doing anything. So I just dropped off the car and came home in the trolley.

Bought some beers and two scratch-off lottery tickets. I didn’t win anything. Just another ticket. Gave the other to my girlfriend. She won nothing.

And here I am. Word vomiting and it’s almost Jeopardy time.

Kimby, a friend from San Diego, is supposed to come down to party today. And for the weekend.

Carmaggedon is coming.

I have to work in San Diego again tomorrow.

And it should be a good fun gig again.


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