Fantasizing to Avoid Reality – Time to Adult – Beer Photography Gig Confirmed


It’s time to adult. Today I adult.

Yesterday I avoided the phone calls and opted for emailing everyone. I didn’t get any replies. So today… in a few hours. I call a bunch of people to try to organize a bunch of shit.

One person replied.

Friday night is set in stone and I’m going to go take pictures of beer in a bar. I’ll meet my roommate there. It should be fun. It’s a gig I like.

And poking through their webpage… it says they are looking for a social media guru. That might be me! I might as well talk to them about this… maybe get a full-time job there?

It’s in a brewery… which I love! And it’s something I’m really good at!

Well… that’s one fantasy.

Another fantasy…

And I can’t stop thinking about it.

The 5 bedroom house with 4 and 1/2 bathrooms that is near my current apartment, which makes it near to downtown, which makes it fucking perfect.

I want to move there.

Besides the penthouse, which I fantasized for a while, this house is actually perfect.

And instead of trying to Airbnb the whole place… why not get roommates!?

It’s 5 rooms!

If all rooms are rented at $200, rent is cover and money is left over for expenses.

Of course, we need to check out the house.

Some rooms have a full bathroom. Some might be small.

So rooms with bathroom = $300 a month. That sounds very reasonable. And without it $250.


I fucking really want that house.

I already have three possible roommates in mind.

But swoop!

Back to reality.

Finally, the student loans reply via email and they are trying to help me this way instead of the phone. They just asked me a bunch of questions. And I just answered. I need to get it deferred. I don’t make enough money to pay it.


I need a car. And save money.

And last week I only worked in one piece that I’m not sure if it’s going to get accept it or reject it.

The editor told me he was too busy and to remind him on Tuesday. That’s today. So I’ll remind him today.


Sometimes I think I shouldn’t get a real job… but then I remember what I just typed above, that I’m never sure if money or not… and think. I should really get a real job.



I just read the whole job description and I’m not qualified for it. I mean… I could do it. I could risk doing it. It’s A LOT of fucking work. And I’m inspired to do it. It would be crazy and I know I could do it. It’s just a fuckton of work. A bit way too demanding. It’s actually two jobs in one.

Reading through the description I was like… yeah… I can do more than half of this. But this is asking for way too much.

I might still inquire and ask to see if I could get some sort of job with them. I mean… I just checked their Instagram and it’s really bad. That shouldn’t be a company’s Instagram.

I just did one push-up.

I’m still really sore.

My wrist is killing me and I’m still walking funny.

It’s like I was run over by a train. Muscles still ache. From playing soccer less than an hour on Saturday morning…. And half of that was as a goalkeeper.

Goddamn, I am not in shape at all.

Oh yeah.

Emails emails emails.

Coffee coffee coffee.

I’m sort of stuck in one of my missions. I’m not afraid to ask for help.


Quick reply!

It has been taken care of.

So no worries for me. Also no cash for me. Sad.

So back to work. Today a bunch of phone calls for the two remaining missions. Hopefully, get rid of a mission later today. Then take care of the other big one in the next two days. Then Friday mission.

And that will be my work week.

If everything goes like it should.

After I was done word vomiting yesterday, in which I mentioned I haven’t paid rent and it was delayed… the landlord messaged my roommate that she wanted the rent money, and she wanted it now! Or else … LATE FEES!

Which is BS since we’ve been paying full rent on time (or barely delayed) for years now. So I went to get the rent for no late fees.

Paid it full. Roommate owes me some money for not living here. Which is dumb.

I should move out soon.

Or start paying rent in full by myself all the time.

I need a job.

Walking to the ATM for cash was painful. My legs are still hurting a lot.

Paying a lot of pesos for rent was also painful. It was okay because I did okay the last month money wise. But in a usual month, it would be really painful.


I do not give a fuck about you. You are worthless. You are like MySpace except you were always nothing.

If that webpage has done you any good, please let me know and explain how.

After paying rent. We did nothing. Girlfriend wanted to go to bed at 4 pm. I got hungry and was about to go out when she decided to cook.

She made fish sticks from scratch! There was still tuna left over.

They were surprisingly good. It was odd for her to fry food. She doesn’t like fried food… They were great. They tasted between fish sticks and chicken fingers, but with better breading, and with real food texture.

No picture. They weren’t really presentable. They just looked like out of the box frozen fish sticks.

Then Netflix movie, I Love You, Man! It was my turn to choose and I didn’t feel like choosing because Jeopardy was going to start soon anyway. I love that movie. I really wanted to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but Netflix didn’t have it. That was the other great option.

That movie hits me in the feels because a lot of it was filmed where I used to hang out in Los Angeles. I actually watched that movie in The Grove and at some point in the movie… THEY GO TO THE FUCKING GROVE!

They also go to James’ Beach where I used to go. Obviously, the Venice boardwalk. And even the billboard ads for the movie were real and I remember seeing a couple of them.

My girlfriend the whole time said, “YES I’VE SEEN THIS MOVIE.” While incorrectly, remembering things about the movie. And then correcting herself once the upcoming scene was about to show.

Halfway through, Jeopardy started. Girlfriend went to bed. She wanted to even before that.

And now, she’s already asking me about Tap Tuesday for beer.

Norte stills has their beers at 40 pesos. Norte sounds like a great choice.

I’m excited for this Friday because I get to do one of my favorite things. Drink beer and take pictures for an upcoming story. I’m excited. Though it will be Friday night and I hate to leave the girlfriend by herself. But a gig is a gig.

It would be really awesome to do some splash photography for the beer. Then add Plotograph… and KABOOM! Amazing picture.

Countdown to Oaxaca, 16 days.


3 responses to “Fantasizing to Avoid Reality – Time to Adult – Beer Photography Gig Confirmed”

  1. Hope your fantasies come true, bud! Get that job as social media person for the Brewery, you can do it! And then someday you’ll be my “in” so I can be their assistant brewer!

    And you’re right, Linked-in is totally useless as far as I know. I’ve been on it for what seems like decades and it’s done nothing for me. If I were some kind of Linked-in fanatic and I set it up where that’s the first thing I check every day, maybe I’d get more benefit from it. A couple of my friends have had articles published there – – (I think they had articles in other magazines that Linked-in reprinted). Other than that, it’s just people I don’t know asking about jobs I’ll never take.

  2. The job involved way more than social media, but I’ll ask about it this Friday.

    LinkedIn does nothing.

    Making phone calls right now and hating it.

  3. I think if you’re the sort of person who really gets benefits from Linked-in, milking your connections for all they’re worth… You have an unhealthy work/life balance. Or you’re a salesman. Same thing.

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