Existential Crisis for Post #400 – Bad Luck Mustache Gives me Shit Day – Movie Review: Hector and The Search for Happiness (Pegg’s Worst)

Yesterday was shit.

I shaved my face and left only a mustache.

A bad luck mustache.

I left the house craving tacos varios from Tupidos. I got there and it was pretty packed, but the line seemed to be diminishing. So I said fuck it, how bad can it be?

I waited for 10 minutes while the taquera made tons of orders to go. The client was being pesky about everything in the order. Waiters went by and order more food. Then more clients started piling in and shouting their orders.

And I was just there… waiting. Five more minutes.

The poor taquera was all over the place.

“Dos tacos de maíz ahorita que pueda!” She ignored me. Five more minutes.

A dude started shouting, “órden de asada! Órden de asada!”

I was like… dude… I’ve been here for 20 minutes…

The dude kept yelling.

The taquera gave him the look of hold on dude.

The waiter went by and gave her three more orders.

She started those instead of serving me (thanks to the shouting dude next to me that she wanted to ignore).

I knew I only had five more minutes or less than that till I get my tacos.

But the shouting dude next to me… the exhausted taquera running around…

I said fuck it.

I don’t want to eat there anymore.

Went to the ATM to get some cash. Thought, “Hey, Tacos Polo is nearby and haven’t had them in forever.” Didn’t have them again, they were closed.

Walked around aimlessly to see where I would eat. Torta place? Nah! Tamales? NAH! Tacos? Nah…

Fuck it. Korean Tacos.

It has been a while.



And they are closed.

I think forever.

They weren’t doing good. I liked them. I’ll miss them. People didn’t really like them and their location did not help at all.


Fuck it.

Let’s just get a plain shitty burrito from Pasaje Revolución.


He ran out.

So I got a large fruit and veggie smoothie. It didn’t calm my hunger much. It just made me feel weird.

I bumped into my friends Carlos and Isosceles. Funny dudes. Isosceles was there the night I met my girlfriend. He was actually there on our first kiss.

Hung out with them. Met up with my girlfriend. Ate some tacos with Carlos and my girlfriend. I didn’t feel like eating them. I was hating food. I was hating the day.

The girlfriend didn’t have a good day either.

It was my plan to go to Norte Brewing Co to drink a beer or two before getting back to work. My girlfriend didn’t want to do this… so I said bye to Carlos and walked back to the apartment with the girlfriend…

And then…

She exploded at me for no reason.

Well… the reason was that there were no more red Tecates in the fridge and that there were only Tecate Lights…

It was a dumb reason to be yelling at me.

I didn’t get it.

She was having a shitty day… but not enough reason to do that.

I didn’t want to keep on fighting. So I let her go to the apartment by herself and I went to drink with Carlos at Norte.

Then we obviously texted each other that we are fine.

Went to Minnesotan friend in Tijuana’s apartment. He had his keyboards setup and an okay bass. We jammed for a bit. It was easy jamming. Understandable jamming. I need to jam more.

Came back home in time for Jeopardy and we ordered a pizza.

And she chose “Hector and the Search for Happiness” on Netflix. I agreed because it has Simon Pegg. I took his picture back in the paparazzi days and he was fucking great. Him and Nick Frost. And I truly enjoy any of the movies that they make. They are hilarious.

This one is the worst Simon Pegg I’ve watched. It has funny parts. And it could have been much better. But a lot of it was pointless and forgettable. Some characters that had nothing to do with the movie were introduced out of nowhere.

He went to Africa and SHIT he has a friend there we never heard of? Turns out he is gay (okay)? Then we are supposed to feel something for a random character that appeared in the airplane and he saved her life?

And obviously went back to the old girlfriend who is now married and pregnant and with other kids. They did some crazy psych research where Hector’s (Pegg) emotions turn out to be magical for the research they were doing. Like some sort of super hero of emotions.

And at the end.

He circled back.

To the fucking beginning.

Nothing changed except “he was happier.” DOING the fucking same thing.

Simon Pegg is great. But it’s just a shitty movie.

It ended horribly.

And today.

Today is pay request. I already did that.

Yesterday I didn’t do the work I promise myself I was going to do. So I have to do that.

Girlfriend went to bed at the end of the movie (around 10:45 pm). I joined her. But I couldn’t sleep.

I started to get nervous about life. Panicky about moving out. Nostalgic for the great times I’ve had in this apartment. And nervous again for not really having a job and still not knowing what I’m doing.

Existential crisis.


And again.


It’s Tap Tuesday, so maybe I’ll go out later.

We drink too much beer.

And this.

This is post #400.

400 fucking word vomit posts.

Existential crisis.


And again.

The point of this word vomit?

Existential crisis.

It’s almost the end of the year.

I have almost made it. It also ends.

This project.

Of public existential crisis.

A human brain in display.

Via word vomit.

And nothing happens.


This post needs a picture.

Here’s Bisho.

I got to take him to the vet today.

I have to do some workout and I don’t want to.

I have to write an article and I don’t want to.

I have to look for a new place to live and I don’t want to.

I have to pay rent and I don’t want to.

I have to pay the internet and I don’t want to.


It says I owe two months and they haven’t cut it at all. I think the workers are on strike. I read something like that somewhere.





Avoid all the shit I have to do. Procrastinate my existence.



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