Swoop! Back to Reality – Paparazzo Me vs Now Me (Strange) – Gwen Stefani + Gavin Rossdale (and Kids)


Back to reality!

Girlfriend is at work. She went to bed before 7 pm. She woke up at 5 am to go to work.

I went to bed at around 9:45 pm and woke up at 2:30 am and didn’t get great sleep. Finally got out of bed at 9 am.

And swoop!

Back to reality.

What is it that I do with my life?

Oh yeah.

Coffee coffee coffee, workout.

I wrote the word vomit late yesterday, so I don’t have much to write about.

Two things I forgot.

Our Uber from Tijuana to the border was almost in a car crash.

We stopped by Oxxo because I needed cell phone credit and a girl needed cigarettes.


Car crash next to our Uber.

There was a fight at around 3 am by the taco stand.

I was standing with the girls, a couple of them were eating tacos. The new friend was meeting with her boyfriend and other dudes. A convertible Mustang went by and they stared at the girls and smack their lips. The boyfriend got mad and gave the dudes in the car the finger.

The guys in the Mustang gave the finger back. All the dudes in the taco stand thought it was directed to them.

Tacos were thrown. Punches were thrown. Mustang slowly drove away while receiving punches from a few guys in the taco stand and other tacos thrown into the car.

Those two things I forgot to mention.

And probably a lot of other things.

Like this picture of me licking my girlfriend at Insurgente’s tap room.

Look at how tanned I am!


Tacotopia under the sun + Playas visit under the sun + Burgers and Beer fest under the sun = Me tanned before even going to Oaxaca.

I also forgot to mentioned I got published. A simple story that needed to be written about. So here it is!

Swoop. Back to reality. Did some workout.

Don’t want to do anymore.

I have this week, but preferably just the next couple of days to finish a long article. I have most of the legwork done. So I am thinking it will just take me two days to finish. Today included.

Though I don’t feel inspired at all.

I can barely word vomit.

And it’s celebrity throwback Monday.

This time I will have time to choose and edit a celebrity. If I didn’t word vomit yesterday, I would have skipped it again.


I never published anything about Gwen Stefani.

I liked her.

She was always nice.

I have tons of folders of her.

I should waste time, space, and effort talking about the times I saw Gwen Stefani.

24 more days to Oaxaca. I already want to pack.


NFL started and for the first time in my life, I’m in a Fantasy Football League with my friends. I did horrible. I’m the second worse. My bench got more points than my starters. Dumb mistake. Why would I have Cousins in instead of Carr? Or why would I bench Jordi Nelson? And holy fuck… Houston as a defense!? But why?!

Changes need to be made.


Gallos Blancos lost. I’m used to that. This year is not looking good.


Toros de Tijuana is the champion of La Serie del Rey after beating Puebla 15-3 and winning the series 4-1. They should have lost on purpose to bring the championship game over here. I wanted to go to the game.

Too late. They are already champions. No more baseball.



Oh yeah.

I have two tasks that I wasn’t aware because I was really busy during the weekend. Got to write those down.

I have a possible tour this weekend.

I still need to figure out my student loans.

And I have to work on more stories.

I have no idea why I feel like I have nothing to do when I have all this shit to do.

It’s only Monday.

Getting my week started.

I’ll get done with 30% or more of my next article today. I guarantee myself.

I job offer came my way.

I deflected and gave it to a friend.

I regret it. It was a sweet cushy writing gig. Produce 5 articles a day for $15 each. That’s around $75 a day. For word vomiting. And not having my name involved.

I should have taken it. I might get that same offer later.

Work 20 days a week from home word vomiting, make around $1,500 per month. More than what I’m currently making.

And if I could produce an article every day for the Reader, I would make much more than that. Alas, I only produce like one a week (if I’m lucky).

Photo gig still keeping me afloat.

I should have taken that writing gig.


Back to reality.

Coffee. Workout. Emails. Work. Coffee. Emails. Workout. Coffee. Emails.

I have over 15 folders with Gwen Stefani pictures. I saw her a lot. Many of those folders are probably duplicates. So I probably only have eight original sets.

Let’s see what happens.

Edit pics.


I regret picking Gwen Stefani. I have way too many great pics of her… With her kids. With her husband.

I chose 46 pictures!



Some screencaps.

There were probably shit tons of more screencaps that I didn’t check and probably never got paid for. I remember that I enjoyed reading the comments in my pictures.

Looking back at my paparazzi days, it’s like I was a completely different person. It’s strange.

Now… time to edit 46 pictures.

The older I get, the less I remember about the pictures I took. If it wasn’t for picture evidence, I wouldn’t even remember most of the celebrities I saw…

The first set is from August 9, 2009. And it’s probably the only set I truly remember. And I am sure I shot her before this and I just don’t have the pictures anymore.

Here’s the set of 10 pictures. I remember this day because back then I was dating a tall girl named Riley that I met through OkCupid. She was a fan of Stefani and I had her on my list. I took her to the airport and she acted like a scurdy cat the whole time. She told me to leave her alone a bunch of times… and I was like no!… It’s my job! And Gwen is one of the nicest celebrities out there!


Oh yeah. The rest of No Doubt was also there.

The bandmates weren’t happy with the pictures.

Little Kingston wasn’t having it either. He yelled at me. I thought it was funny. Gwen didn’t give two shits.

This set was surprisingly Exclusive. Which means I was the only person there. Great for money. But not when I was working for that agency, since I know they stole a bunch of money from me.

Zuma looking at me.

Gwen Stefani looking at me.

Airport security time and cute pictures.

Super cute pictures. I wonder what those babies look like nowadays…

Can’t go through the x-ray machine with sunglasses Gwen!

The whole time I was shooting, Riley was next to me incredulous of what was going on. And pulled me every so often to tell me I had enough pictures…

Come on! Gwen didn’t even care.

Next set I have is from October 21, 2009. I don’t remember shooting this, I just remember red bra! And people loved that shit.

Yep. Barely remember this shoot.

And the next shoot was a five days later. With Gavin. Don’t remember it at all. October 26, 2009.

Keep in mind that back in the day I was shooting an average of seven celebrities a day. I can’t be remembering all the shots!

November 29, 2009 is my next set. Don’t remember this one at all. But from the pics, I know I got pictures other paparazzi didn’t because they didn’t know about the airport trick.

I had just switched agencies, which meant I switched from Nikon to Canon. I was still getting used to it and my flashing on Nikon was shit.

Yep. It was a circus.

Gavin telling everyone to calm down, looking directly at me…

This is what I meant. No one knew they were going to the elevator, but I did. So I went ahead of everyone and got a cleaner shot. Too bad I sucked at flashing back then.

Yeah! Gaving rock on! He was also a super nice dude.

This shots seem like it was late night and it was just Gwen with back then, new baby, Zuma.

February 12th, 2010.

Hah! That chick in front of them is Monica the celebrity greeter. She was nice sometimes, a pain in the ass other times. She told me she had been greeting celebrities at the airport since 1986.

That was the year I was fucking born!

I wonder if she’s still doing it…

May 2nd, 2010 Gavin and Gwen sans their kids. I do not remember this shoot at all. But here’s 10 good pics I got that day.

This time they used the airport greeter named Jose. I knew most of the airport greeters that helped celebrities at LAX.


This is my favorite No Doubt video.

I loved it as a kid. I love it now. No Doubt was great.

That bassline is killer.

I have one horrible over exposed picture of her from February 2nd, 2011.

Bad shoot. It was over exposed. That ‘s why she looks funky.

February 11th, 2011 for the next shot.

Don’t remember this at all, but it was obviously at United.

Gwen staring at me at security where there was this airport trick most photographers didn’t know about.

And… Ending it with another shoot I don’t remember at all.

February 19, 2011. The last time I saw Gwen Stefani in person.

There you have it!

Seven sets of pictures of Gwen Stefani + her family. I remember two of those.

Gwen was always really nice. Gavin was cool as well.

I’m pretty sure I saw her a few other times. I have a slight memory of seeing her not at LAX, but I might be wrong since I don’t have picture evidence.

I also have two videos I made. They are a video format is not longer being used (.AVI) so I have to convert it to see them. I’m curious. So I shall.


I need breakfast even though it’s 1 pm.

Workout. Coffee. Shower. Out for breakfast. I want to be outside my apartment to start working on the next article.

Celebrity throwback Monday happened!

Now what?


Back to reality!


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