Band Manager at Burgers and Beer Festival – Party Hardy with Monterrey Girls – Hungover from Infinity Beers

What a weekend…!!


I’m tired.

My girlfriend passed out like 20 minutes ago. I skipped the blog yesterday and I thought about skipping again today… but after poking around online for a bit, I decided to fuck it. Let’s do this.

Definitely no coffee. Definitely not working out.

I didn’t word vomit yesterday, basically because I barely touched my computer. I and the two girls from Monterrey went to San Diego early morning for the burger fest. My girlfriend went to work.

Border crossing went smoothly and we Ubered to Golden Hill Park for Burgers and Beer festival.

There will be some burger porn.

A lot of pictures.

We made it to the event an hour early. It was perfect. One of the bands was already setting up and doing soundcheck. Came up to them and started talking. Then we went around and got some burgers… AND BEER.


I suck at writing.

Here is the first burger I got.

It came from a place called Luce. It was okay. Not memorable. First good burger to start. Great meat and bread, but nothing spectacular.


At the entrance, they gave you that little 4 oz cup. It was good for whatever beers you wanted as long as the festival lasted.

I just got really tired again and do not wish to continue with this word vomit.

But I’m going to anyway. So it might be really shitty.

I drank this weird thingy with whisky, beer, and lemonade.

Then this huge burger from Eureka!

I wasn’t a big fan of it. And it was too big that I was already getting full.

Funky’s Burger with the baked mac and cheese burger.

It was really cheesy, a bit overwhelming. But good. Really good. And also quite sizeable.

So… three burgers and I was already done.

More beer.

And more beer.

And more beer!

I would have taken notes, but I was also working so I couldn’t do much.

And… I drank a lot of beer.

These burgers from Banzai near the entrance looked small and tasty. Let’s give them a try.


That’s how it was done.

Small. Simple. Great. It tasted homey. Like a friend made it for me.

And more beer!

And a pineapple sour cider (which was surprisingly good).

And Low Points started playing.

Fun band.

VIP hour still.

Place somewhat empty but a great vibe in general.

More beer.

More burgers.

That one was from Fat Sal’s and it was just okay. Tasted like low effort burger…

And more bands!

The Kabbs rocking it on stage after Low Points.

That was my job.

Tell them… HEY! It’s your turn.

It was almost The Kabbs’ turn and they weren’t anywhere to be found. It was a slight hiccup because the stage guy started yelling at me where was the band…


But they were there.

Soundcheck on time. All good. Everything went smoothly.

Their set was short because they had a replacement drummer. But I asked them to go long. And in the last song, where they sort of just improvised… I like it the best.


This one is from Quad Ale House and it was my favorite in the festival. Them green chiles were tasty!!!!

And obviously.

More beer.

And more beer.

They did a great job with the free beer and the space. The lines never really got long except for a few burger places. Funky’s line was long, but I had it when there was no line. Then I heard everyone talking about the Thai burgers. They always had a line. I never got to try them…

Here’s a general view.

And a picture of me!


More beer. Lagunitas coming at me.


And more beer.


I should have taken notes.

But in general… FUCK… it was all really good beer.

This band is fucking killer.

Fake Tides.

I enjoyed them the best. Interesting shit they are playing.


Check them out.

Yeah. I bothered enough to play them myself.

Splavender played last.

Also tons of fun and a great band with more of a jam messy feel. A lot of soloing and improv. I know them guys. Well through my roommate not roommate. Fun times.


So … Of course, more fucking beer!

The previous band enjoying the other band.

This hamburglar chick appeared out of nowhere.

Some general views.

Getting weird.


Then it was time to announce the winners.

Funky’s with traditional burger win!

Yep. It had mac and cheese. But it pretty much doubles as a gigantic piece of American cheese. So yeah. I’ll give it to them. It’s a traditional burger.

Thai burger got the most creative burger.

Everyone told me it was great… I didn’t get to try it.

Banzai, the tiny ones that I tried and enjoyed got runner-up.

Oh yeah.

That’s Andy wearing the burger costume and underwear and pizza socks.


Backyard getting the other runner-up.

I didn’t try that one either…

And the people’s choice!!! Terra burger!


I didn’t have that one either…

Dun dun dun…

Burgers fest done. I walked with the girls to Walmart because they wanted to buy candy that they can’t find in Mexico.

Then we called an Uber back to the border.


Uber lady was crossing the border anyway. SOOOO…


And dropped us off in downtown Tijuana. Free of charge after the border. So it was roughly $20 for the border ride, but… with a free border crossing scenario.

Crazy stuff.

I mean… we could have been crossing illegal shit and Uber lady was nice and drove us across.

We came home around 7ish and took a power nap.

Except one of the girls who was meeting a friend of hers that she met online through LoL. Crazy stuff. She didn’t sleep at all.

I woke up at 10:30 pm. Woke up my girlfriend.

And it was time to party.

We Ubered to Plaza Fiesta. Had beers at Madueño. Had beers at Insurgente. Went to the Shots place for a … well… a fucking shot.

Then back to downtown.

Girlfriend wanted La Estrella badly.

We got there around 1 am or something… it was male stripper night…



Male strippers.

And it lasted forever. It’s a really really weird scenario. Tons of people, women and men, couples, it feels like a wedding of some sort… except there’s a male stripper.

Grinding on different women and picking them up.

And going around La Estrella doing that…

Not what we bargained for.

We were leaving but we asked if it was going to be stripper night all night.

They said that was the last one.

We turned back around, and yep.

No more strippers.

Dancing time.

And we danced.

And did merry.

But it was short.

The other girls were not into La Estrella mood.

We met with the new friend’s boyfriend outside La Estrella and walked home… around 3:00 am.

The city was still going hard.

So much partying in Tijuana.

It can never stop.

It never fucking stops…

Once at home, we continued partying for a bit…

There are still beers in the fridge.

Tecate Lights though…

And some tequila.

Woke up really hungover this morning.

Monterrey girls are on their way back.

We went to Telefonica for breakfast.

I felt like shit during most of it.

I still feel like hungover shit.

My parents met me at Telefonica randomly…

They seem to be doing better.

It was fun times again.

And though I didn’t want to drink… I gave in and had a couple of beers.

And more beers.

And more beers.

Infinity beers.




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