From Tacotopia in Del Mar to Las Pulgas Till 3 AM – A Lot of Tacos, Betting Horse Races, and Hanging Out with Friends – Long Chapter (and No Celebrity)


It’s fucking 3:23 pm on a Monday. I didn’t do the Sunday word vomit and this one is really late.

And no celebrity.

No time.

First… I did write a Sunday vomit. I wrote it in the trolley before Tacotopia. The plan was to finish it after Tacotopia….

It went something like this.

Trolley word vomit again.No time to this morning.

It’s Sunday and I should skip it, but I don’t want to.

I just left Palomar Station. The weather is fucking weird.

It actually freaked my girlfriend and I last night. It was very windy and the window balcony door kept making noise.

The door slammed by itself once and it opened aggressively once.
Both times it made us jump.

It was a weird night.

Like a setting for a nightmare.

And no.

I did not go to the show and like always. I regret it.

But I was tired and my stomach wasn’t cooperating with me going out.

Girlfriend passed out at around 9 pm. So she wasn’t going.

I finished the Chapelle special stand up, watched a new weird comedian from Idaho and was in bed at midnight.

The weird midnight.The weather is really strange.It’s cloudy but extremely hot. In a way, it reminds me of Houston. Not what is going on right now, I just mean in general. It’s very humid. This is not very California like.

The weather is really strange.

It’s cloudy but extremely hot. In a way, it reminds me of Houston. Not what is going on right now, I just mean in general. It’s very humid. This is not very California like.

Yesterday. I had tacos for breakfast.

Then Szavio, a new Tj friend from Minnesota, came to hang out. Girlfriend arrived from work and went directly to take a nap.

After a while, she couldn’t. And Szavio and I were going out for food.

So she got up and joined us.

We hit up Colectivo 9 tacos because the bar has AC and because we haven’t had those tacos in a while.

Girlfriend and I drank beers and ate tacos. Szavio only ate tacos.

Then we went to Teoeram/Lúdica for more beer and because a friend was hanging out over there.

More beer.

More friends.

And walked home.

You know the rest.

I’m barely on 24th street. It is starting to rain.

This does not feel like San Diego.

And I’m supposed to meet my IG boyfriend at 11 am.

It’s going to be more like 11:20.

And Tacotopia hopefully right at noon.

I have my camera with.

Let’s see what happens.

I’ll stop word vomiting from my phone right now.

I am already at 70% and didn’t bring a charger and I use it WAY too much.

I was done word vomiting but of course trolley shit is happening.

One guy is yelling on the phone. The other came with hip hop blasting on a portable speaker.
AGAIN. Not everyone wants to hear your shit!! Seriously!!

Get headphones.

And stop yelling on the phone.


Hah! And someone from the other side of the trolley started blasting their own music.

A cop is here now.

People are complaining about the rain… weird.

It was a very calm trolley ride until fucking now!


Let’s take it from where I originally stopped.

Wait no.

In the trolley I forgot to mention that I posted in Como Esta La Línea a Plotagraphed photo of the pinche línea. What a fucking popular post! It’s now at 397 likes. For a really shitty edited video of a cloudy sky and the border line. I mean… the antenna on top of a hill is moving. It was so poorly edited…

People ate it up though…

It’s not letting me post it in here. The Facebook group is private (though it has over 200,000 subscribers). I should post it on my TijuanaAdventure IG…


Now back to it.

Got off from the trolley and ran to my IG boyfriend’s luxury apartment complex. Running was a bad idea. I started getting a pain on my knee.

How old am I?!

Oh yeah.


My knees are about to expire.

IG bf and his buddy Shane were in the car waiting for me to drive to Del Mar. We got there before noon (despite parking really far away).

And holy shit!

Look at how pretty Del Mar at the track is! I’ve been to Del Mar before and loved it, but didn’t know the track was this big or awesome!

Cloudy days!

Cloudy days!

They are awesome for photography.

I’m going to edit some more of this and add some Plotagraph effect.

My first taco. I just grabbed the first one I saw available. It was okay pulled pork. I thought the green stuff was guacamole, but nope. Jalapeño salsa (not spicy at all).

Then the very next taco I saw. Tuna seared taco OOO. It was so good. My girlfriend would really like it. Again, not guacamole, jalapeño sauce. This was probably my favorite…

Went to the stage because I knew that’s where I’ll see some more friends.

And Tony Tee with his taco truck.

I had his pollito birria. I wished there was some of this shit near my house. It’s not fantastic, but it’s a solid breakfast taco.

I want three or four of those right now….


That’s the IG bf and Shane eating a taco.

I should really stop calling him IG boyfriend. I mean… it’s a joke. But posting a picture of him and calling him that does make me feel a bit gay. So yeah… Joey, aka the Housewrecker.

He a vegetarian, so no meat and got the cauliflower mole, and didn’t like it much… apparently bit dry.


I went there for the Tacos cover issue! I knew it was great from having them tacos… so I was excited.

And it was delicious! The meat is where it’s at. The shrimp wasn’t great. I actually would have preferred it without it or simply with a better shrimp.

But yeah!

Looking back… I should have eaten more tacos.

I bumped unto Ciro the goalkeeper.

He was with a friend of his… apparently explaining how a girl that he plays soccer with has really nice muscular legs.

Yep. The gesturing looked weird.

And paparazzo (me) was there taking fucking pictures.

And now I’m writing about it.

While hungover.

WTF is my life?!

Back to it.

Ciro recommended Cruiser Taco.

I told him it was really “tronchis” and he asked me what that meant. I’m not sure if my friends made that word up or central Mexicans use it or it’s just a word in my mind.

I meant that it was really big and filling. I liked it. The handmade flour tortilla was especially killer. Meat was similar to Duck Dive’s which I already liked a lot… so yeah. They did something right.

Cumbia Machin playing.

Still VIP hour.

Eat as many tacos as you can before the line comes.

Tocaya with a chicken taco.

The cheese ruined it for me, and it was just an okay taco.

Joey loved the vegetarian tacos here though!


I missed her a lot! But I got to keep word vomiting for no reason…

And she is going to cook.

Coffee? I already had a bunch…

I spent most my morning nursing my hangover…

Mexico City cuisine with the standard pollo taco.

As standard as possible. It was good because it was FUCKING chicken.

Simple. And chicken is delicious.

This weird experimental taco from Avian’s.

It was like Asian mall food with some basic mac and cheese. It was intriguing but just okay. It was weird like a taco…

Lobster taco from the Maine Lobster Shack.

It tasted a bit like fake crab… I’m guessing lobster would be somewhat pricey to use in a taco festival.

Curadero with an experimental taco that was just funky.

Pulled pork with crumpled chicharrón on top. I’ve been to their location before and the ones in the restaurant were WAY WAY better. This one I barely finished… I was getting very full.

10 tacos in less than an hour!

And the plan was to have more.

But I never felt like waiting in line. I was already full and I was happy taking pictures. I got distracted by the horse tracks.

I lost $20 betting on horses.

The first bet was to $6 to win. My horse came third.

I learned my mistake and started betting differently but at the same time random shit.

$2 to win here. $2 to place over there. 50 cents for a Trifecta and other crazy weird horse betting shit.

First time really betting on horses.

I bet on Greyhound dog races before. I also lost on that.

But now I have a bit more of understanding of race betting. And it was entertaing.


Here are more pics.

J-Mar playing guitar with his new band Ethics.

They sounded great at a distance, but I need to listen again to really appreciate them.

It was already 1:30 pm and the place started to get super fucking crowded. Not too mention it was super hot and muggy. Rain would have actually helped a bit, but it just drizzled.

The roommate/not roommate was there with his girlfriend Brook.

ME! Inside Brook’s glasses reflection.

Andy got in trouble.

And Alyssa is there. The two main organizers.

Apparently, the track didn’t want weed stores at Tacotopia. Apparently, they didn’t read the contract because there were plenty of them and the fucking event was sponsored by a weed store!

Is California in 2017.

Marihuana is legal.

And it’s everywhere.

Every 7 taco tents, there would be a marihuana tent.

And if it was fully legal, then it would be smart to give some away as well. Marihuana + tacos = excellent combination.

Beers were stupid expensive.

And because it’s at the track, no free drink tickets for VIP or nothing. The Reader usually sells beer for $6 and I think that’s ridiculous. AND FUCK now that sounds ridiculously cheap.

At the track… beers are $13.50.



But IG boyfriend bought me a Sculpin.

And I took a bunch of sips from Cassidy’s margarita.

Oh yeah!

Cassidy was there with friends.

Apparently, I’ll be partying with them in a few weeks because they are coming to Tijuana!

Sonidero Travesura cumbia rocking the stage like always.

Insanely super long lines for everything.

No more tacos.

No line for cotton candy.

So why not.

It was supposed to be some jalapeño cotton candy… it barely tasted like that. Interesting cotton candy nonetheless.

Sticky as fuck!

Hipster standing next to it was not planned. But cool!

And back to horse racing.

Betting money.

Losing money.

But if you watch a horse race… and don’t really bet on it..


Even if it’s a microbet.

Even if it’s a bro-bet.

Like. Hey bro! I’ll bet you this horse will win and you owe me a beer.



Anything to make it worth it.

So why not 50 cents (I made a bunch of 50 cent bets)

Winner horse gets water.

I get nothing.


Let’s wrap it up.

This is already getting too fucking long and I have work to do.

After eating whatever my girlfriend is cooking that smells amazing from here, I really need text to finish.

So… yeah…

Here it is.

Andy in his taco form announcing the taco winners.

Bar Bodega wins best traditional taco. I didn’t eat it. It might have been the adobada that always had long lines.

Razzy Ruca’s got most innovative taco…

Didn’t have that either :(

Wonder what it was…

Duck Dive was the runner up!

I did have that!

And it was awesome!

I want more…



Cruiser Tacos.

The one that Ciro recommended.

The Tronchis taco.

It was great… but not my favorite. Because I really liked the tuna one.

I didn’t get to try other tacos I really wanted.

I invited La Doce to the festival, and just saw long lines. I didn’t see Maquina 65 until they already had closed shop….

Oh well.

It was real fun times eating tacos!!!


Back to the tracks.

We met up with the neighbor of Joey. He had a “box” aka, some seats on top. They were nice seats near the finishing line. Way better view. Awesome way to see the race.

This was the view.

I had fun at the track!

Even though I lost a bunch of money.

Joey and Shane bought me some beers because I’m a broke-ass Mexican, so that’s always nice. They spent more buying me beers than what I actually gambled. But I literally gambled the $21 dollars I had with me and I wasn’t going to get some cash for this shit.

We hung out at the track till the last race. They wanted to keep the party going because labor day weekend.


I didn’t even remember about that.

That’s why today feels like another Sunday…

But I have much work to do.

So not for a freelancer like me.

At least this word vomit is almost done.


It’s still not done.

2000+ words and I’m still going with this stupid shit and interrupting myself with more stupid shit. And I’m hungry.

After all the tacos and all the horse racing… We went back to Joey’s apartment to have cigars and whisky like men. Canadian whisky. With Disaronno. Godfathers. My favorite drink.

I don’t smoke.

So no cigar for me.


Fuck it. Just a couple of puffs.


That horrible taste in the back of the throat that cigars give me.

Chase it down with whiskey. OOOO delicious.

And that’s why they pair well together.

But fuck it.

They are horrible things.

So just those puffs were fine.


The consensus was TJ to party.

I was missing my girlfriend and feeling guilty of having fun without her. But I sent her little videos of what I was doing a bunch of times.

We Ubered to the border and cross around 10 pm.

Then we Ubered to my apartment to drop off my bag and then to party town.

Sunday is not a good night to party in Tijuana. But we made it work.

Teorema/Lúdica was closed, so Cine Tonalá instead.

Caipirinhas that were meh and a Juan Cordero Pale Ale because it’s awesome.


Bryan met us after Cine Tonalá….

More beer at Dandy del Sur.

Then… what next..

What could be next…!?

Joey suggested Las Pulgas… and I could tell he really wanted to.

But that place is fucking dangerous.

As in … beer is just way too cheap and it’s just fun to people watch.

I mean… a bucket of six beers in Pulgas is less than $6. That’s less than half of what we paid for one single beer in Del Mar.

Insanity how things work out. There was a cover charge of $4… but that’s nothing to drink beers that cheap.

And we drank more beers.

And more beers.

And people watched.

Pretty girls… three single dudes and me that I’m sort of married.

And pretty girls were looking at me.

And I felt like dancing.

And I was missing my girlfriend.

I danced by myself for a while.

I’m a horrible dancer.

But okay for a 6’4 white dude that doesn’t really even enjoy dancing. Unless drunk and in the right mood. And apparently, I was.

We called it off before 3 a.m.

The guys didn’t hit in any of the girls.

We went back and forth between the two open bars and they were both super packed with people drinking and dancing.

Las Pulgas is so fucking wild.

That’s why I never want to go…

Fucking crazy life.

My girlfriend is done cooking some pasta with tuna and squash sauce.

It smells delicious.

I should go eat.

This word vomit is done.

And my life isn’t that crazy like some others.

Bryan Ubered back with me and spend the night at my roommate/not roommate’s bed. He has been having a crazy life. And I would write about it… but that’s not for me to do. He flies back to Mexico City later tonight, and then he is probably moving back to Tijuana. So I’ll see him again soon.



I eat the pasta… then I just chill at home.

And light work and get ready for all the work this week has.

I mean… it’s fucking September already and the pileup of work is fresh!

I need to query stories as well!

And do a lot more!


It’s celebrity throwback Monday.

Fuck that!

I’ll do that tomorrow instead.





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