Bryan Got Fuego(d), So We Pounded 20+ Beers – Show Tonight: Wand and Dream Burglar! – Tacotopia by the Track Mañana!


That was a lot of day drinking with el Pinche Brallan.

He got here with a 12 pack of Indio beer. I got a shrimp cocktail and mixed two beers in.

That was breakfast.

We watched Rick & Morty, but didn’t pay attention, and just started catching up.

He’s been gone three months.

It’s not that much.

But living in Mexico City must be a trip. He said he wasn’t having that much fun…

After the third beer, Bryan got a call.

It was his boss.

Apparently, he didn’t tell his workplace that he was coming to Tijuana. He had an extra day off this weekend and just bought the flight and didn’t tell them.

His boss…

Who is a guy who I used to work with. Dude is a really nice guy.

But yeah…

Bryan got fired.

Over the phone.

It wasn’t because of his unannounced trip to Tijuana. It was because the program he was working on was just a three-month trial. The trial ran out and they decided not to keep doing it.

Bryan could have saved the plane ticket….

But the boss at least is going to pay him another bi-week and pay for his plane ticket because of the miscommunication.

Or maybe Bryan will stay in Mexico City and find another job? Come back to Tijuana? He is unsure of what to do…

So we drank two more beers.

And headed out to Telefonica under the blazing heat.

Halfway there, I called an Uber.

Too damn hot out.

My girlfriend was waiting for us there. I had to do burger research.

Bryan got the exact same burger that I got from Butchers & Buns. New for Telefonica since Maquína 65 left.

It was the Big Burger “Cali Style,” with 200 lbs of rib eye beef.


I still have to finish that burger beef text.

I’m going to do this today.

It doesn’t feel like a Saturday.

Girlfriend gets off work at 1 pm today.

And there’s a show later tonight.

The burgers were chased down with more beer. Lupulosas.

After that, we walked to Plaza Fiesta. I finally got the medium format film to the developer. Paying $3 to see the negatives. And then if I wanted them printed, he has to digitalize them first then print them.

The film will be ready by 3 pm today.

I don’t even remember what I shot.

I don’t even know if it was any good.

Let’s see what happens.

Beer at Plaza Fiesta in Fauna. Lycan Lupus and Mala Vida.

They had the Citra Pale Ale by Ley Seca, one of my favorite and rare beers ever… but it was pouring wrong and gross.

So I had to opt for the Lycan Lupus. Bryan got the Mala Vida which had a smokey taste to it that that beer usually doesn’t have. It was for the better. Balanced the sweetness out of that Belgian.

Walked back to downtown. Stopped by the ATM.

Walked back home and grabbed 12 barrilitos beers on the way.

Girlfriend went to bed.

Bryan and I watched the boring ass Mexico vs Panama game while pounding some beers.

Then I beat Bryan on PES a couple of times.

Around 11 pm he got a booty call and was out the door.

I stayed up until after midnight watching Dave Chapelle’s special (again) and drinking water.

We drank so much stupid beer.

My kitchen looks like as if I was a rabid alcoholic.

Now that I count it… It was around 20 beers each. I am a rabid alcoholic…

And in my head, I wasn’t very drunk. But from my aggressive Instagram actions, I can tell that I was. I get angry at people when drunk… (or always)

My alcohol tolerance is way up and I’m way too good at drinking. So I was never drunk drunk. Like sick drunk. Or even like stupid drunk. But definitely drunk.

There were some plans for pizza yesterday. They never materialized. I wished I had some pizza for breakfast right now.

Tacos will suffice.





Nope. Coffee.


So fucking hot out. Maybe. I’m hungry.

Yes. Workout.

Can’t be skipping that shit because I’m getting fat.

Tacos tacos tacos.

And I wonder why I’m getting fat.



And that other text.

I’m better at writing about writing than actually writing the writing.


There’s a show organized by Danger Dave.

The bands are completely down his alley. Psychedelic thrashy heavy rock.

That’s the poster.

Pinche Paco says he is taking his camera and that I should bring mine. So let’s see how that goes.

The bands are good.

Not my favorite, but I know it will be a good fun show.

And of course, support Danger David.

It makes me want to have a band and start playing shows and booking shows with bands that I like.

It would be awesome to open for this show. It’s only two bands. A shitty band could open before anything really starts.


This is what Wand sounds like.

Live from KEXP.

That workout sucked. And I need to do more. Then shower. Then tacos. Then… work?



Tera Melos has a new CD out.

Spotify has been playing random songs and I can immediately tell that it is new Tera Melos. Fucking Nick Reinhart is all over the place with them pedals.

Super old Tera Melos will always be my favorite. But this new one is really interesting.

So many tritones and funky effects. Vocals and guitar.

Crazy shit.

This is what it sounds like.


Tacotopia by the Track! In Del Mar.

I abandoned my girlfriend early in the morning to cross the border….

She obviously still can’t cross and it’s obviously still sucking.

So instead I’m going with my Instagram boyfriend and a friend of his. I’ll meet more San Diego Friends at Tacotopia.

All you can eat tacos.

Should be fun.

No drinks because they will be ridiculously expensive.

Coffee. Workout. Shower.




Show. Party.

Wake up early.




It’s September already.

It’s the second day of September!

The year is ending.

Cool beans.

Shit is going to start getting weird quick after this. Weird and busy.


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