Beef Over Indulgence Sunday (Burger Research Continues) – This Weird Tijuana Life – Taylor Swift for Celebrity Throwback

Muddy shitty coffee after a slow shitty morning.

I couldn’t get out of bed…

And I didn’t have coffee.

Got an email about not getting a job that I don’t even remember applying too. Well… that’s nice.

Made my walk to Calimax bought coffee and some yogurt. And then watched Wet Hot American Summer for a while. Not really paying attention.

Shitty muddy coffee.

It was the wrong choice. But I was tired of the shitty Oxxo coffee.

I should buy good coffee….


Last week of August!

Here we go!

I barely did any writing this month. What little I did, got rejected.

However, I did do a lot of picture gigs. And I’m almost done with some text that is due in two days.

A lot of burger research.

A lot of burger pictures.

The one I had yesterday was from Cine Tonalá. Nice thick juicy meaty burger.

And after eating a burger, I wanted Voodoo Stu’s special. So we went there as well. Braised and deep fried beef ribs.

They were insanely good. They reminded me of the beef Wellington mixed with his fried chicken. And the meat was tender and fell off the bone like butter. Delicious. I want some more now…

I ate a cow yesterday.

I overate by a lot.

That was basically it yesterday.

After cleaning and laundry. I prepared a shitty breakfast of tortillas, soyrizo, eggs, and salsa. I’m not as good a cook as my girlfriend at all. And I have zero presentation. It just looked like barf on a plate. It was good though. Trust me. I make it taste alright.

After breakfast, we did nothing for a couple hours until hungry again.

Burger research. Drinks. Voodoo Stu’s to eat more. Beers to go. And home.

We got a couple Little Sumpin’s and a couple Session IPAs by Goose Island. They are selling those at the 7-eleven in Tijuana now. That’s great news! We need more craft beer! (and we need it cheaper)

As soon as we got home, I passed out immediately on the couch from eating too much, didn’t even drank a single beer. I woke up around 9:30 pm. It wasn’t a planned nap.

It’s probably why I feel so off right now.

We hung out and talked about feelings and what not until midnight.

Tijuana is getting stupid dangerous. And that has her upset. And it has me upset.

This is a weird city.

And we are in a weird relationship.

In a weird apartment.

Living a weird life.

That was the gist of the conversation.

And we cracked open the beers.

And she got a bit drunk because she was drinking them more than I was.

I can’t wait till we go to Oaxaca.

But then who knows what happens.

And the future keeps getting weirder and weirder.

We still haven’t decided on where we are staying in Oaxaca. We don’t have much time to decide. I’ll have to save money for it. We are going to try to get a really cheap place, eat cheap, enjoy the beach, be with friends, drink mezcal because it will be the cheapest alcohol, and obviously, I’m taking a lot of pictures.

And I’ll do my morning workout on the beach. I’ll get to jog for a bit. I should jog more. But fuck jogging around this area. I have the park, but it’s shitty and busy.

I miss the beach.

Who knows if I’ll be able to word vomit from Oaxaca. But most likely. Not.

Coffee black and muddy as fuck. Doesn’t taste good. But shit is strong.


Coffee coffee coffee.


Finish work.

It’s pay request tomorrow, and I have to calculate how much I am requesting.

I didn’t finish the other two articles so it won’t be as much as I wanted it to be.

Four and a half photo gigs. One special text.

And I have the rest of the week to finish the other two articles and start my next feature story that I’ve been putting off for far too long.

That’s the plan.

It’s a good plan.

It should work.

I started the morning with no motivation. And look at me. Word vomit motivated me to do what I need to do.


Coffee coffee coffee.

3rd round of petty workout.

It’s throwback celebrity Monday.

I have to plug in the hard drive.

Taylor Swift is on the news and I remember I saw her once.

I don’t really know her music at all. I know one song. And I probably heard the rest in the background. But I really don’t know her music. She has a new video and it’s the talk of the internet, but I refuse to click on it. Not sure if that set of pictures is on the hard drive.

I do have the folder!

February 22nd, 2011. Towards the end of my career.

That day I also shot Colin Firth, Dakota Fanning, Minnie Driver, and Naomi Watts!

Wow. And all the shots look great. I was way better by then.

The worse folder is the Taylor Swift because there was a gangbang of paparazzi for that. I remember it was a gangbang most of the day….

But for Taylor Swift, it was the worst. Whenever someone flies international, the word carries around real fast, so yeah, it was fans and paparazzi waiting for her at LAX.

Let’s edit some shots!

Damn. I remember the shoot being a shit show… but I got some pretty great pics. And apparently, I even took pictures of her mom and dad… wtf?

Alright. Nine shots.

Coffee coffee coffee.

This shitty muddy coffee.

I remember by the end of paparazzi days, Gavin, a friendly competitor, shot RAW and edited all his frames before sending them to the office. I would be like “YO! You have editors?! Why would you do that?”

Now, after so long, I understand. I wish I was shooting RAW (though back in the day it wasn’t the norm) and I wish I was doing all my edits.

Many times it just went from choosing pictures and straight to the office. Sometimes I didn’t even choose the frames. I just sent the whole set. And like I mentioned before, sometimes I didn’t even save my own pictures. So I have memories of celebrities I saw and no proof. Oh well.

Here is Taylor Swift from February 22nd 2011.

A long shot for good measure. It was really dark in that tunnel and the back lights didn’t help to get a good frame.

So flashing all the way!

She had two or more bodyguards plus an entourage and more people…

Sideways shots because it was really tough to get in front of her with all the commotion.

And more sideways shots. That woman with the tiny snap and shoot really wanted to get a picture…

Yeah. I’m not sure what’s so special about this girl… But look! I managed to get in front…

That lady is still in the background trying to get pictures!

I remember that the shot that made print was from another photographer that got her smiling with that number 13 that is drawn on her hand.

That lady… still… in the background.

And that’s Zazzy in the background. He might have gotten the shot that I’m talking about. From what I know… he is still in the game and still chasing celebrities and making his living that way. He was a funny, charismatic, quirky fellow who made silly noises to catch the celebrities attention. Really smart trick. I wonder if he is still making those. He appeared in so many shoots… That dude never stopped working. Shot celebrities day and night, LAX, Hollywood, Malibu, Venice… fucking everywhere.

And apparently, he is still doing that….

Oh. This is the picture of Taylor Swift parents. A quick search just told me that they are assholes. I don’t care either or.

I have no idea why I also have pictures of them. Maybe for the “just in case they die.”

You know… if they got in a car crash after that.. those would have been the last pictures. And that would have been good money.

I wonder if my old pics are still getting printed here or there….

Alright! Monday!

Time to kick this Monday’s ass. Finish the work I have to do. Start the week right. August ends! September begins! And there is much work to do. Save money for Oaxaca.

Much much work to do.

Let’s see how the week pans out.


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