Dan Harmon Says Procrastination is Alright – Masterminds on Netflix (Reviewed) – Not Proud of this Word Vomit


I have a mountain of work and I love procrastinating.

It’s how I do things sometimes…?

I mean, I’m even procrastinating on this word vomit. It’s almost 1 pm and I just started.

At least I’m done with my workout.

But then, for some reason, I decided to watch Louis C.K. newest special again.

And yesterday, I listened to this short interview with Dan Harmon (dude from Rick & Morty).

He talks about procrastination and how the best of writing comes out right before the deadline because of the pressure. Otherwise, you feel comfortable.

It’s not good advice, but that’s how it works.

“In the next three hours, I’ll do ten times as many pages as I would have done in the past two weeks if I have really sat down.”

— Dan Harmon

On that interview.

Shitty quote. But that’s sort of how I work.

And that’s why I wished I had more deadlines.

I got one more gig with an upcoming fast deadline. I already contacted the person in the story. And I already know where to go. I’m borrowing my brother’s car tomorrow like always, and do the gig quickly. It should be nice, easy, painless. Just a bit of driving all over San Diego. With the possibility of tons of traffic.

Add up to the last few gigs I’ve been doing. To the writing gig that actually has the deadline. And then the other two I already did much of the legwork and it should be downhill from now. I have to transcribe first. Fuck that. And then I have to actually write it.

So yep.

Mountain of work.

And I procrastinate.

Oh yeah. And I still have to take the pics of the four shirts that dude left here. I’m going to do that later this afternoon.

And Gallos plays against Tijuana today. Because it’s a double game week of soccer….

So it should be a real busy today and I’m procrastinating a lot.

At least I have also done a lot…

Shitty word vomit!

I wanted to do the transcriptions yesterday. I ended up doing nothing but watching television and playing tons of PES while my girlfriend cooked and every once in a while came and watched with me.

She made gallons of salsa.

And she’s making enchiladas later today.

Man can I play a lot of PES. It’s dumb, but that game is highly addicting. Yep. It’s a soccer game. Not even the latest version. I’m playing the 2015 and I get addicted playing against the computer in the highest difficulty.

After she was done in the kitchen, I chose the Netflix movie this time. It was not a good choice.

Masterminds with Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig, and Jason Sudeikis (to name a few).

It’s pretty funny but at many times just wacky stupid… sort of 90s. And overly done.

And it was long.

I feel like I always complain about that, but this one was unnecessarily wrong. Some scenes just felt like they were added for no reason. Montages of nothing.

And again. It’s really stupid.

Girlfriend fell asleep before it ended.

I was okay with it. Critics apparently hated it. I like Galifianakis enough to still just like it because it is obviously going to have stupid wacky quirky shitty comedy. This time, it felt a bit forced. Like the producers didn’t want it, but the actors still did. Or maybe the other way around.

Watch it if you want a very stupid comedy.

That is also a true story. A weird true story about the second largest bank robbery in history.


There I go procrastinating on Reddit and Instagram!

My Instagram boyfriend just tagged me on a picture of another photographer from the SD/TJ region. Dude takes good pictures. But why state your height on your Instagram profile?

“6’4″ photographer” it’s the first thing on his profile.

Only tall dudes state their height. Or small girls.


Coffee coffee coffee.


Breakfast already done.

Work out already done.

Two giant breakfast burritos with cheese and soyrizo.

More distractions. Posting to Reddit.

Wasting words just so I can get to 1,000.

No desire of writing.

Got to do the transcript.

Have to do some pictures. Have to get ready for more this week.

Oh yeah.

I also have to update Tijuana Adventure because I told the writer in Travel Mag that I will definitely be adding a link.

I should do that right after I shower.

And this post still needs a picture, so I’m going to recycle one from a previous post or something like that….


Shower done!

Word vomit 3/4 done.

It’s a shitty one. But hey. That’s what you get sometimes when you are trying to write every single day all your stupid shit.

I could talk about politics.

I could talk about Tijuana.

But nah.

I have this notion to finish this shit just so I can start my day. So yep. This is still really forced stupid crap.

I burnt my thumb while cooking my egg breakfast burrito :(

Tomorrow will be a busy day.

The editor comes back from vacation, so she is getting a long email with all the photographs that I took when she was gone. Then I have to go to San Diego.

Far up to Del Mar first. Then east to La Mesa area. Easy simple boring shoot that is for a not so easy, somewhat dark, and complicated story.

Wow. This is the shittiest post and I’m repeating myself.

Emails emails emails.

No coffee.

I already drank a lot.

Almost 2 pm and I’m not done with the word vomit!

Not even a picture!


This word vomit is probably horrible for my potential future employee.

Or maybe the other way around.

Let’s check indeed.com for jobs even though right now I have a bunch of gigs.

Once I’m done with them, I’ll get back to erasing most of my whiteboard and starting from zero.

Being a freelancer takes a lot of discipline, you don’t make much money, you work hard sometimes for zero money. Shit is complicated yo.

I just applied for a real estate photography job. That would be more gigs.

Bisho is on my lap. I’m not sure why he is biting me.

He has a big bloody scrape on the top of his head and two small ones by his eye. He has fleas. Not a lot, but at least a couple. And he has been scratching a lot.

I have to take him to the vet.

Probably this Thursday or Friday. Sometime soon.

His scratch looks real bad. Maybe I should take him right now…

Oh fuck me.

This post still doesn’t have a picture.

Here. The full quality pic of the border pic I already posted just to post whatever.

I’m not very proud of this word vomit.


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