Second Day of Pictures and Editing Till Midnight – Friendly Cat (for 5 Seconds) and Shit San Diego Public Transportation – I Should Learn to Advance Edit

Sunday. And I’m not skipping the blog.

Mostly because the weekend wasn’t really the weekend. I worked all Friday afternoon and edited pictures till past midnight. I worked all of Saturday afternoon and edited pictures till midnight.

Today. Today we will probably go bowling.

The girlfriend is watching documentaries in the living room at a very loud volume and I word vomit. We need to get the Oaxaca Airbnb soon.

Coffee Coffee Coffee.

And work out.

This picture did well on Imgur and on Reddit.

Posting Sunday midnight is probably not ideal for them Karma points.

Oh yeah. It’s also doing decent on Instagram.

Here’s another Instagram picture.

It was weird yesterday when I crossed the border… Border Patrol was there checking people going south. And they stopped me. And asked me if I had $10,000 dollars with me or more. And asked again. And again…

It was awkward and that was new…

Tomorrow there’s an eclipse.

California is not in the best visible area, so I’m not that excited about it.

Also, taking pictures of the eclipse is really hard. So I’m not even sure I’m going to attempt to do it.

Oaxaca is still a month and a half from now. But I already want to pack. I already want to be there.

This bi-week with a lot of work is going to be good, money wise. Sad thing is that it’s good money for me… but I would still be poor in San Diego. I would barely even be able to afford rent. I wouldn’t even eat, or drink, much less, go out. Surviving on ramen and hot sauce and cheap beer. Again, border crossing life to the rescue. Otherwise, yeah, I would either be on the street or a different state.

Yesterday while I was editing, I decided on something sort of career change. Not really. But yes.

I thought about learning to code before. That’s where most of the jobs seem to be at. But as I edited, I realized how basic I am. I can barely do the basics. I should learn how to Lightroom, Photoshop, and After Effects. Like truly learn. If I could manage to do a High Quality Gif… I think there are powers at creating one of those. Not like super powers or anything, but it’s marketable. I’m not sure what those guys do for their day job, but probably something related to what they already do, creating gifs or working with Photoshop or After Effects. Otherwise, it’s a waste of talent.

So yeah.

Instead of coding, like I so often think, I should invest my time in learning how to better use Adobe programs.

I did more than taking pictures of a random cat and the pinche línea yesterday. I also took pictures of more burgers. It went alright, there are at least three good ones. The chef was cool. Half the kitchen was Mexican (no surprise there), so I think the chef liked me because of Mexican. I have his card to send him the extra images.

The sliders were fantastic! One had sliced chile California on top, the other was like pulled pork with a pibíl flavor to it, and the third one was a classic mini cheeseburger. The one with the chiles was the best one and I regret that it was the first one I ate. They were all insanely good. The restaurant was way fancier than I anticipated, the name makes it sound like a dive bar, it’s the complete opposite. And it has its own nice fancy butcher shop. That’s why the meat was beyond tasty.

Seriously recommend that place if you have the money. Or like they said, the sliders are a bar item, so I can probably afford sitting in the entrance bar and to get the sliders. The restaurant in the back… HAH! If I can barely afford the fancy Tijuana ones…

And I snuck into the burger article as a writer as well. So I’ll get paid for both, pictures and text.

I have four Tijuana burger places in mind. I can choose a fifth one, but there are not that many great burger places here…

Speaking of which… I should open a and start that file going. I have to finish it by the end of this week.


And I actually chose 5 places.

So now I have to eat burgers all week! More burgers!

I’m dancing to a stupid song.

Do I look like I know what a JAY PEG is? I just want a picture of a goddamn hot dog.

Mother fucking King of the Hill. What a great show.

Speaking of great shows… it’s weird that YouTube is taking over Netflix in this household. The girlfriend is watching yet another documentary on YouTube, and I keep watching shows in there because it’s very convenient. They even have Futurama and King of the Hill live streaming whenever. It’s choppy and probably bad for the industry, but it’s so convenient.

Coffee coffee coffee.


And then Sunday with the girlfriend.

Maybe Voodoo Stu’s. Maybe a burger, since I need to write about it and get more pictures.

Or maybe baseball.

Game 6 for Toros de Tijuana is today against Rieleros de Aguascalientes. Baseball is so much stupid fun!

But also bowling…


Gallos tied against Veracruz yesterday. I couldn’t watch the game. I was working.

Speaking of which, public transit in fucking San Diego sucks. I know this is a well known fact. But fuck. Especially on the weekends.

I got to the burger place alright, the place wasn’t even opened yet. I did the gig. Ate the sliders (again, delicious), and since I was early for the next thing, I decided to have a beer at the Chee Chee Club.

Then I played some Roller Coaster Tycoon Pinball. I have no idea what happened, but with 50 cents I played around 10 balls. It was even switching between player 1 and player 2. I did not understand the scoring or the game at all. That’s how pinball is, right? You just hit the ball and see what happens. COLORS. Pretty colors and noises.

After that, I went to get the bus to Hillcrest.

Fucking bus was so damn delayed because of construction and being the weekend and other non-sense. It was 15 minutes late than it said, and I was going to be late. So I grabbed an Uber.

$9 Uber ride for just 5 minutes in the car. But I arrived on time.

And I met the drone photographer there. Awesome $5,000 drone (3k for the drone 2k for the camera). Amazing stuff. I’ve never seen one so close in action and seen the controls and the whole setup. This photographer makes bank. And guess who started hooking him up with the jobs… ? The guy that hooked me up with my current gig…

I could be making so much more money.

I need to keep behaving like I live in San Diego and make around 4k a month. 2k is nice enough, I’m barely making half of that and I live happy. But fuck, I have so much potential and nothing.

The neighbors gathered. The people in the story didn’t want their headshots individually, so they said they wanted the neighbors to gather for the pictures. Took some pictures. They are okay. Looking back at it, I could have made it way better. But there were just too many strangers…

This is where the leadership skills are supposed to show and I’m supposed to yell at everyone so they can fit in the picture. I never realized how difficult it is to get a group of people for a picture.

Pictures are okay.

Nothing special.

I booked them at magic hour, and forgot to take advantage of the sun. The canyon didn’t work well for magic hour. Too much shade.

All the neighbors were elderly. And of course, Hillcrest, so yep. They were all really nice. Even other neighbors approached and were like “I had no idea there is a neighborhood meeting” and suddenly wanted to be in…

Nice experience.

After shooting burgers.

Then I met that cat that I posted above.

That cat.

Breakfast. Shower. Enjoy this Sunday. Word vomit out.

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