Girlfriend Gets a Second Birthday – So Many Upcoming Gigs and Work To Do – San Diego Red Is Looking Great (and my article looks pretty there)

Coffee Coffee Coffee.

Gigs Gigs Gigs.

Emails Emails Emails.




Much work.

Good thing.

There’s a cheesecake in the fridge.

My girlfriend had a second birthday last night at Caesar’s.

Coffee coffee coffee.

In an hour or so, some dude that makes shirts is coming over because he wanted some product photography. I have to mount the backdrop to get that nice white background for his shirts. Let’s see how that goes. Product and studio photography is my weakest. I have to learn more. And I need actual strobes.

Gigs gigs gigs.

Gigs everywhere.

Later today, I have to go to Ocean Beach for an upcoming article. Pictures pictures pictures.

Then on Saturday, the same thing, but in Hillcrest instead of Ocean Beach.

Gigs gigs gigs.

And yesterday, the brewer from Mamut hit me up that he wanted pictures for his new beer. So I did that and tried his new beer. It’s a Neipa Double IPA collaboration Black Market Brewing and Brujos Brew. It’s a 9% and doesn’t feel like it. It has somewhat of a Belgian taste and is not really heavy on the hops. Floral, but murky for now.

The brewer is going to add flavors so he has three different batches. New beer comes out tomorrow. And I have a few beers for free for taking pictures.

Brewer explained that he added lactose. That gives it is sweetness and kills the hoppy taste. It’s a really good beginner IPA since it’s really smooth and sweet for 9%. Beware. It will fuck you up.

After that, my girlfriend reserved Caesars for her and her friend that brought her to Tijuana.

We had no idea, or at least I didn’t, that it was her second birthday. She got a bottle of wine and coconut cheesecake.

Before her friends arrive, my girlfriend ordered a bottle of wine and poured it all into our wine glasses. Like predicted, her friends were a bit late, but it was just a bit. Live music. Friends. Wine.

Second birthday.

I got the Beef Wellington again. I didn’t like it as much as the first time, but it was still great.

Picture is super dark and shitty. Should have flashed it. It’s really dark in Caesar’s.

She got the same mushrooms al ajillo.

I got to try the salmon carpaccio as well.

This is her with the cake. Picture was overexposed and a tad blurry, but the magic of shooting RAW.

And with her Monterrey friend and new Tijuana friend. Birthday surprise!


We were pretty drunk and tired after that. We walked home and basically straight to bed.

Before I forget.

Because I forgot yesterday…

That long article that I wrote around a month ago that got rejected and I insisted on it, just to get rejected again, for me to insist, and get rejected once again. But it was hard work, and I wasn’t letting it go to waste.

The alternative, get published somewhere else. The San Diego Red had already messaged me that they wanted me to write an article about Tijuana and what is great about living down here. It sort of fit what they wanted, so I send it over to them.

I was checking the webpage constantly all last week and I never saw it get published. The editor hit me up the beginning of the week that he was ready to publish it. And well. Here it is or click the picture!

The Red has been changing for the better. The web page looks slicker. It looks nice. The cover photo with my name. The Facebook likes (or perhaps shares, but pretty sure it is likes).

I’ve had other articles in there that have been shared like wildfire. My only problem with them is I never know when I’m going to get paid and I have to keep asking for payment. And also, they have a strong political bias that I rather not get involved with.

Other than that, the Red has been doing a great job for being an English/Spanish portal in the Tijuana/San Diego region. Most places focus on either language, but they do a great job of doing both.

The piece was well received and I am happy. It actually inspired me to keep doing some work for them. I’m pretty sure they will publish food reviews and basically pay the same. So might as well give them a chance.

So… all in all!

Thanks to the San Diego Red for running my article that I worked hard for a week and it’s what I honestly see Tijuana right now. And talking to Genaro Valladolid gave me a better understanding of where Tijuana is headed.

Coffee Coffee Coffee.


I don’t think what I do can be considered a workout. I’ve been doing around 80 push-ups and 150 sit-ups. I still have a belly. I imagine it would be way worse if I didn’t do anything. But hey. I miss having a skinny six pack just for having a fast metabolism. Them 30s. They hit.

Bisho has fleas.

I spotted one on him this morning. I was about to get it out and killed it, and fucker escaped.

It was a weird morning. I woke up to a random white girl screaming stuff in English. I looked out, and she was sitting in the corner just yelling shit at traffic and the ground. I decided to record it just for funsies and because she woke me up. As soon as I started recording, she got up and walked away. I stopped recording, and I saw her walk back… SHIRTLESS!

At 6:36 am. Random white American woman walking around shirtless in downtown Tijuana.


Gigs gigs gigs.

Yesterday was very productive. Besides taking pictures and celebrating a second birthday, I went out and got two interviews, pictures, and a video.

First interview was with a guy that I have seen almost every time I cross the border. He sells gum and assorted candy. It was a good interview, but I started coming up with better questions once the interview was done. I’m bad at real interviews. I’m way better at casual ones.

Second interview was way better, it was with an Organillero. That article is already written in my head. And it will be great. The dude knew his stuff, his history, the history of his instrument, of why they use army uniform, everything. He gave me a great interview that I’m afraid I’m going to go long with it, then send it to the other editor, to get rejected, to cut it in half and send it to the other editor.

Neither of the people I interviewed I query. And the ones I query, I didn’t find.

So yeah….

Like always.

Working on stuff that didn’t get accepted but that inspired me.





Fun stuff.

Good stuff.

I got paid today. Got paid almost nothing. That was my fault for not working for a bit over a week. And what I worked in got rejected or I haven’t sent it.

But this upcoming week I have a lot of work and at least $500 guaranteed in work that I MUST DO. So there’s no being lazy and not working for the upcoming whole week. Including this weekend.



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