Procrastinated For a Year: Road Trip Story Part 1 (Minneapolis) Done – Photo Shoots And Forcing Myself to Write – Gloomy Work Days

Coffee coffee coffee!

Emails emails emails.

That’s how my morning started.


Check this shit out.

This will be an ongoing project; therefore, our budget is $6 per 500 words.
All content will be expected to be original with no issues in passing CopyScape.”
$6 for every 500 words.
That means I need to at least write twenty 500 word articles to make $120 a day. Which is barely a good pay. And writing 10,000 words for $120 is laughable.
…. seriously.
$6 for 500 words.
They can just go on and find someone who will do it for $5.

Sometimes I have trouble getting to 1,000 words in my word vomit. And it’s just word vomit!

My work week is settling.

I have Wednesday and Thursday to take pictures of burgers in San Diego. I still have to make the calls to schedule this crap, but I coordinated with my brother for the car. Most importantly, get the picture cover. The rest can wait for a while. I’ll be making those phone calls later in the afternoon.

I was going to do that yesterday to schedule it for today, but schedule conflicts with the car made it better to push it back a little bit.

I’m also scheduling a photo shoot for Saturday, but perhaps that one will be moved around depending on the people that I have to photograph.

The only person that responded to my email about taking pictures on Saturday was a lawyer that does not want his picture in the story at all. He responded right away saying “what makes you think I want my picture?!” I apologized and explained I’m just a freelancer and I didn’t know what the story was about and ended with a “have a nice day.” He said it was cool and also wished me a nice day.

The day is very gloomy.

Very very gloomy.

And I like it.

I have to walk across the border soon, get some cash, buy some beers for my girlfriend (and myself), interview one or two characters that I’ve been procrastinating on, make phone calls, and keep on writing!

Emails emails emails.

Coffee coffee coffee.

Oh yeah.


Yesterday, I forced myself to write even though I didn’t have any real immediate goals.

This is how long I procrastinate.

I finally wrote part 1 out of 4 from the road trip I took with my college friends last year.


One fucking year later, I’m writing the story.

Part 1 is already 1,200 words. That’s why I’m dividing into four or maybe five.

Part 1 is all about Minneapolis.

That part is done.

Next part is about Denver.

Then two parts about Utah.

And finally Vegas and Tijuana.

That’s the idea.

I’m not sure when I will finish it. I might write part 2 today. I have to force myself to write.

I just read it and edit it. It’s not great. But it’s not bad.

Pictures were great.

Pictures I took a year ago. When I was finally re-taking my camera. Whoa. It’s been that long already?!

I’ll eventually send the finalized text to the travel editor. He might not go for it. So then I might just have 5,000 words of a road trip for no reason. But at the same time, I feel like he will go for it. Travel section doesn’t pay much and it’s usually pretty dead. So let’s see what happens.

This post needs a picture. This is what I was doing last year around this time (well, a week before this one).

I was in Minneapolis with my college roommates.

I posted the pictures a year ago. Here they are again.

Yep. I’m finally writing that text.

Procrastination for a year and a week and finally got part 1 done.

It’s because I was being a beer snob and wanted to have my beer criticism down to the science. The text is more honest of what happened and simpler.

My girlfriend came home at around 3:30 pm yesterday.

We didn’t do much. She heated yesterdays leftover pasta and added some more noodles. It was delicious. That vodka sauce she accidentally made was great. Salsas are really her thing.

And I want to tell her that she should make some for profit.

But she won’t.

She doesn’t want to have a business.

She just wants to be a godínez (office worker). She’s liking her new schedule. And it does work slightly better for me, but not quite.

Like usual, she was in bed really early. Around 6 pm she was sleeping after watching some Youtube and having dinner.

I was only halfway done with the travel part 1 article, so while she slept, I finished that fucker.

Right on time for Jeopardy. And it’s now College Tournament!

That’s what I have to do more.

Force myself to write, not watch Jeopardy.

And write more outside the word vomit. On my

Coffee coffee coffee.


Breakfast? Shower? Maybe not…

Word vomit.

Emails emails emails.


This is still opened and I haven’t finished it?!

Where is my mind?!

On Reddit.

I should get off Reddit.

Time to cross the border, get some breakfast at Jack in the Box because I’m craving. Rent money. Duty-free border beer. And come back.

Then go out again and find the people I need to find.

Then come back again and make phone calls and force myself to write some more.

That sounds like the plan.

That is the plan.

David, the neighbor, is here to shower again. He is moving out soon. He left me his iron and ironing board.

I borrowed it to iron the white drop for my studio. My brother connected me with a guy that needs pictures for his product. And since my last product pictures looked bad because the wrinkles on my backdrop, I needed it to iron.

I haven’t iron anything in years. It took a while to remember how to do it, but it was smooth sailing. The backdrop is now rid of wrinkles for the most part, or at least a good size of it that is what I really need for the photo shoot.

I’ll go back to ironing it some more later.

And the photo shoot… well, let’s see how that goes. I’ll probably do it on Friday.

The Reader also needs a photo shoot that involves a drone. My roommate has had a drone in the closet for the past year and a half without opening it. I read reviews about the drone and watched tutorial videos on how to use it just in case.

The drone heavily dropped in price to whatever they paid when they bought it (roommate’s parents). It is now less than $50 now. They don’t even make it anymore. It’s not a great drone.

Nevertheless, I watched the tutorials and I want to play it with. But it is my roommate’s unopened drone.

Other drones on the internet are CHEAP as fuck.

Apparently, with less than $100 you can get an okay drone. With around $300 you start getting decent quality.

Those fuckers drop in price A LOT.

They put me in contact with a different drone photographer and we are going to try to shoot it on Saturday afternoon.


Word vomit done.

I am hungry and I’m not sure if I want breakfast in the US or Mexico.

Jack in the Box double sausage breakfast sandwich is what I crave. I should get that.

2 mile walk to the US. 2 mile walk back to my apartment carrying beers.

Then out to do some more work.

Then phone calls.


Missions established. It’s up to me to accomplish them. Word vomit out.



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