Forced to Word Vomit by Choice – Marc’s Airbnb Pool Party – Getting Busier, Doing Nothing, Forcing Myself to Work

It’s a gray day.

And Bisho has a flea.

He doesn’t have fleas.

He has a single flea.

A week ago I saw one and killed it. Didn’t see any fleas again. I just saw one and the fucker escaped my clutches. I checked Bisho’s stomach and couldn’t find more fleas (which is where they usually concentrate).

I have no choice. I’m getting him a flea collar and I’m fumigating the apartment. I did that before and it worked. I’ll do it again before it gets worse.

Emails emails emails.

Bills bills bills.

I still have to pay the water bill which is backed up immensely and they might cut our water soon. I have to pay the internet.

I still have to pay rent.

I still have to pay my girlfriend for the plane ticket to Oaxaca.

I still need to try to get a car and figure out more gear.


Coffee. Coffee. Workout.

At least I’m making okay money again this bi-week. The photo gig is a nice bread and butter. Write one or two articles and I’m in an okay place, but not in a great place.

I still have to finish an article…

And write several more.

No photo gigs on the horizon again. I’m sure suddenly they will pop up.

Emails emails emails.

Travel Magazine sent me an email that they want to feature Tijuana Adventure as the best tour guide in the city. I told them I wasn’t and said Turista Libre deserves that mention. I saw the guy from TL on Sunday. We started on the wrong foot, but I hope we are in okay terms mutually and he is not being nice hypocritically. I do only wish him the best and think he deserves to be named the best tour guide.

My only advantage over him is that I am half Mexican.

He has hundreds of advantages over me. Like actually running his place like a legitimate business. My tours are way rawer.

My whiteboard has a section for Tijuana Adventure. It says FIX AND DECIDE. As in, I’m still not sure what I’m doing with the webpage/tours.

The other point is the BEER MAP. Which I should write soon.

Email email email.

Coffee coffee coffee.

Write write write.


That’s going to be the rest of my day.

And I’m not inspired at all, but I have shit to finish.

I feel strange.

Maybe because I had strange dreams.

And because I wake up when my girlfriend wakes up at around 4 am just to sleep again, to wake up again when I hear her leaving the house, to feel concerned about her safety while she’s on her way to her shitty job, to sleep again, and then wake up in a weird mood.

Two more months of that. Then Oaxaca. Then who knows.

And here I am. Forced to word vomit by choice.

Yesterday, the routine. She came home, we ate, and she slept.

I didn’t have breakfast until 3:00 pm. I ordered Poke Bowls from Ancla Roja.

Those. Except, this time we both got tuna. She likes to turn those into temaki rolls. They are cheap and good. There’s still some in the fridge.

My brother’s friend, Marc, from NYC is down here with his boyfriend staying at a wonderful Airbnb in Playas de Tijuana. The place is gorgeous. I told my girlfriend I wanted to go early. She refused and slept. So instead, I waited for my brother to give me a ride after work.

My girlfriend decided to go after the nap. It was around 7:00 p.m. I missed Jeopardy.

But I got to say hi to Marc and meet his boyfriend. Perfect time to see the cloudy sunset and take some iPhone pics.

Here they are:

Yep. Power edit them all with Snapseed.

I like this one. I might post this one. It looks like a drone picture from above. But no. This is the 7th floor. There’s still a couple more floor above that in this building.

$106,000 dollars to buy a condo here. Insane. If I applied myself, I could fucking buy one. I can’t even afford a car. Sometimes I barely afford rent. But here I am. Day dreaming of owning a beach front condo just because they are cheap.

My roommate still has a drone in his closet that’s been there for more than a year and half without any use….

I get it that you are afraid of crashing it. But… come on!

Vertical shot because it fits better on Instagram stories, but then I ended up posting them all anyway…

And yes. This is one of the 2 bedrooms of the condo. The bed is like right behind the tub. Can you imagine having this view and tub?!!? Man…

Those are the Southern Coronado Islands. And you get beach access, a pool, a hot tub, and a gym!



This is my goal in life. Own a fucker like this. And it could seriously be done in 10 years with the border life. Save 10k a year if I was making close to 40-50k a year. WHICH IS NOTHING FOR CALIFORNIA.

Yet here I am.

Eating shit and grinning.


Coffee coffee coffee.


Back in the gorgeous apartment with Marc, his boyfriend, my girlfriend, my brother and his family, we went out to eat tacos. Then we jumped in the pool for a while and drank a couple of beers. And at 10 pm, we came back home in an Uber.

That was our Monday.

I force myself to work today even though I don’t want too.

Workout. Coffee. Breakfast. Shower. Work work work until I’m done with one article and have the material for the next.

There might be a lightning storm tonight. It would be perfect to go to the Playas Airbnb apartment and try to capture some lightning at sea. That’s been one of my dream pictures forever. Long exposure of a lightning bolt.

If it happens, I might have to Uber there at night and try to do some photography work that doesn’t pay.

August is here. And in one week is my girlfriend’s birthday. And we’re supposed to have visitors this weekend.

Time to get busier.









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