Lunch with a Millionaire – Hanging Out with my Cousin from Guadalajara – CThM Anne Hathaway




Time to work.

It seems like Sundays of skipping the blog has become the norm. I wanted to change that. I thought about writing the blog post on the trolley but opted to read a book by Palahniuk (Lullaby). It’s an okay book so far. The least addicting from the few Palahniuk books I’ve read. But it’s about journalism, which I enjoy.

I was reading it on my way to an event in which I had to play a reporter and take pictures. Picture taking was good, though my flash stopped working after just 30 flashes. I used the camera’s flash which sucks. So it was okay. Not great.

Interviewing people went fine.

The event went fine.

And now I have to write a PR puff piece about it.

It’s the beginning of me selling out.

If I was true to myself, there were so many things that were wrong with the event. But because I got hired to do the opposite, soon I’ll write about how marvelous it was.

At the end, they do try to do some positive. But it’s more like the usual activism which makes a person feels good because they think they are helping when in reality they are doing almost nothing.

It’s like finding $20 on the ground while walking. FUCKING SWEET. But that fucking sweet moment lasts only so long and you go back to being a broke mother fucker.

One of the volunteers was a millionaire. Seriously. And he took a liking of me after I interviewed him. I took pictures. Chatted with him. Invited me to lunch with his group. And I sat next to him. We chatted some more. Really likable and nice guy. But with that, “I’m a millionaire” attitude.

I can’t believe how comfortable I got after a while…

I got the salmon with risotto. It was merely okay (we weren’t at the best of restaurants).

After lunch, I said my goodbyes.

And now I have to write a piece about it.

Pictures are already edited. Interviews are already done. I have to transcribe those as well.

And send it soon. I said I would do it for tomorrow, but I’m sure there is no sense of urgency in this one.

And if it works out, it will be a regular thing. And if it works out even better, maybe I’ll get a different position. Finally, make a move to the agency job instead of freelancing for peanuts. Delicious peanuts that feed me very well in Tijuana, but I wouldn’t survive in San Diego and I’m not saving any money.

I also got a job interview query sort of through applying on

Yep. Someone replied asking for my rates.

This might be the beginning of a part time job.

Part time + freelance = $$$, right?!

I think so.

And if so, finally, a car, more gear, more work. Like I’ve been blogging for the past months.

July is almost over.

Which marks the beginning of Rick & Morty Season 3.

Just watched that new episode. It felt short. But I can’t wait till the rest of the season.

After the charity event yesterday, I met up with my cousin from Guadalajara that I haven’t seen in 7 years at Plaza Las Americas where he was doing some shopping for his family and his girlfriend.

All my cousins from Guadalajara are preppy. All of Guadalajara is preppy. I met him at the Polo Shop…

He is one of the two cousins (in my Mexican side) that is my age. The rest of them (a lot) are 10 years or older than me. They are so much older than me, that their kids (my nephews) are just a few years younger.

I joined him shopping for a while. We caught up. He might be coming to the San Diego/Tijuana area every few months for work. Programming.

His job = programming.

Something I should learn but I don’t want to because I already have a lot of things going on. What I should really learn is more editing software and skills.

But coding/programming is the job to have right now.

We went to the Disney story because his girlfriend loves that crap. I felt really awkward in there for a while… Not because of my cousin, but because Disney store with two grown men…

And after that, bargain Cologne shop.

God, I hate the fucking mall.

Cousin wanted to buy me lunch. But I just had lunch with the millionaire guy and I wasn’t hungry. Also. THERE IS NOTHING around the border area with good food. It’s all garbage. Fast food horrible garbage.

The best thing on the border is Jack in the Box and Subway. Yes. I’m fucking serious.

I pointed him to the direction of Jack in the Box. We said our goodbyes. I bought some liquor and beer and crossed the border.

I’m hoping to see more of him soon. And in Tijuana. Or in a great area of San Diego, that’s not Plaza Las Americas.

Walked back home with bags of liquors and a camera full of pictures.

  • Delicious IPA by Stone, six pack for $5 at the Duty-Free.
  • 750ml bottle of Captain Morgan (eww) only $6 (my girlfriend asked for rum and it was the best at that price)
  • Bulleit Bourbon for $15.20 instead of my usual Makers Marks to change my bourbon for once. I wonder if I’ll like it. It seems to have great reviews

Before getting home, I needed a refreshment.


Beer at Nelson because the heat was killing me.

Got home. Got drunkish with the girlfriend. Ordered a horrible shitty burger from Beverly Burgers with some fries and onion rings. All pretty bad but cheap and I was craving a goddamn burger.

Passed out and woke up to the girlfriend complaining of some phantom pains on her legs at around 4 am. She was getting ready to go to work but asked me to get her an Uber instead of her usual scary walk because her legs hurt.

Fuck I dislike her job. But she loves it.

Two more months.

And then we go to Oaxaca.

And then who knows what will happen then?! She is thinking about going home with her parents and for us to spend a couple of months apart (not because we want to, more because we need to be in different places). And that will be probably the toughest part of our relationship.

Workout. Coffee. Coffee. Workout.

I need breakfast.

She gets off work soon.

My brother’s friend, Marc, is here with his boyfriend on vacation. He invited us to his Airbnb today in Playas de Tijuana for a pool party. We should go do that. But first, finish word vomit, and get to work.

Workout. Coffee.



Real work.

Emails Emails Emails.

Let’s get the month of August on!!!!

SHIT! My girlfriend’s birthday is soon!


This post needs a picture.

And yep!

It’s Celebrity throwback Monday!!!

I got distracted by old pics.

Bisho when he was little in 2014.

I got to plug in my hard drive now every time for celebrity pics because I deleted them all from my iMac to liberate space.

So I got distracted…


I do not feel like posting a celebrity today and I have no idea who to pick.

I was going to do 7 years ago on my girlfriend’s birthday. But it’s a boring pick. Gloria Stefan with her family, Javier Bardem (already posted about him), Kimora Lee (boring), Leighton Meester (hate her), and Ryan Gosling (already posted about him).


Fuck. I need breakfast and haven’t decided!


I have pictures of Meghan McCain and a separate folder for Rob Blagojevich.

I truly shot a lot of random people and “celebrities.”

I mean, who the fuck is Lil Twist?!

Fuck it.

Anne Hathaway.

Just found a folder that I don’t remember at all and I shot her several times.

Let’s see.

Here’s a screencap. I don’t remember this either.

Alright, I have 8 folders and some seem to be duplicates.

So 3 folders total.

Let’s edit these fuckers.

And I’m getting HUNGRY!

The clock just hit 1 pm. My query got accepted. I need to finish the PR piece and write a new story. I have to reply emails. And I have to continue this word vomit.

Hah. My only memory of Anne Hathaway is in Air France and I remember being alright, but a tad difficult shoot.

Nope. The three folders I have show her being nice and an easy shoot. Weird. And I really don’t remember any of these…

September 29, 2010, at United.

Next up, October 12, 2010.

And finally, November 11, 2010. With a new boyfriend or something. And a horrible horrible shoot by myself.

Shit is so blurry.

I never really fucked with my flash settings much and I sucked at it. I could have easily been way better. And also, I remember having a shitty kit lens. I should have upgraded that shit. I’m much better than this.

That’s Anne Hathaway for you on this CThM. That’s Celebrity Throwback Monday.

Who will it be next week?!

Coffee. Workout. Shower. Breakfast at past 1:30 pm (or should I just wait for my girlfriend…). AND THEN WORK!


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