Morning Car Crash and Car Drama – Finally Got a Haircute and Applying for Jobs – Time to Work on Food Pictures (Bisho for Warm-Up)

There was a car crash outside the apartment before 4 a.m.

It was really loud that I woke up immediately and thought someone or something had broken the large balcony windows in our room.

A black truck and a taxi were stopped on the corner. A smaller car was on top of the sidewalk. The smaller car seemed to get the worst deal out of it. Not sure if there were any injuries, but if there were any, they were in luck. They crashed outside a hospital.

I saw the drama unfold for a while, and then went back to bed. Never knew what happened. It just scared the fuck out of me.

Speaking of cars and drama.

I need a fucking car.

Yesterday, I scheduled more photo shoots. Only one restaurant does not answer email or phone calls. So I’ll end up going and see what happens.

The rest, I have them scheduled and they are expecting me.

Photo shoots of food! I’m excited. And like always, a little bit nervous. Some of these places are fancy as fuck.

I’m excited. And like always, a little bit nervous. Some of these places are fancy as fuck.

I told my brother I was going to need the car on Wednesday and Thursday. I scheduled all for those two days. Six restaurants. Two days. The first day is going all the way up north because I’m an idiot and I could have avoided this, but now I set it up for that.

One of the restaurants up north is a must have. The other two, well, they are on the way. The fancy one when I called it sounded like they wanted to charge me. I told them I wasn’t dining.

Car drama.

My brother called me late last night to tell me that I couldn’t borrow the car.


I need my own car.

My brother has been super cool about letting me borrow his car. But this time, his wife needs it to get to an appointment.


I had already scheduled everything for today.


I saw myself calling everyone again to cancel and have it setup for Friday so I can have a car. Though I should deliver pictures on Friday.


I should have delivered the pictures a week before or before that.


My brother called me again that he figured it out. So I will be borrowing his car after all. But I have to drive around his wife and his brother-in-law to some places before. So I have a bunch of errands to handle.

And hopefully, still stop by the office.

Good news.

Finally, a taco place I invited signed up for Tacotopia. That one taco place I really like in Colectivo 9.

I wanted to eat there yesterday, but it was closed.

Instead, I went to go get a haircute.



iPhone selfie edited with Snapseed. How horrid.

Also. Pictures of my breakfast edited.

It was not only one breakfast burrito.

It was two burritwos. Burritoes. Burritos.

The over edit makes it seem like I used organic tortillas. Nope. Regular flour. They were okay. I needed a stronger salsa.


This is what happens when you leave everything fucking last hour.

I swear it’s the last time.

Before the haircute and after the burritoes… I didn’t have much to work to do writing wise. So I just started a couple of drafts and plans for the future. I won’t have time to interview people like I wanted this week. I’m going to be busy with the restaurants. But I have to soon because only taking pictures is not enough money.

Besides writing some drafts… I applied for several jobs. Five to be precise. Two that I really like that I hope I get that I put some extra effort into it and wrote cover letters. Three that are like meh. I’ll do them, but they didn’t seem that great.

I do need a JOB though.

Also. With my application, I include a link to my website.

I’m not sure prospective employers will be encouraged by the raveled mind of a crazy cross border….

I still feel weird that some people at the magazine read this…

I still feel weird that my girlfriend keeps reading this…

And some friends…

And of course, my mom….

I still have no idea why I do it. But I know that by the end of the year, I’ll be done. Or when I get an actual JOB and I don’t have time to do this bullshit every morning.

Coffee, workout, breakfast? Shower, car, cross the border, get to work.

And yes. I woke up extra early today. By 6 am I was fully awake but didn’t want to wake up. By 7 am I couldn’t stay in bed any longer.

I had weird dreams like always lately.

I had dreams that I was a paparazzo again. But not seriously. Like I was just doing one job for fun.

Jessica Simpson at the airport.

Working with the same friend I worked for over a year.

I ran into the airport after parking my car. Halfway there, I realized I didn’t have my cameras. What the fuck?! I ran back to the car to get my cameras. When I’m approaching the United Terminal I saw flashes and camera action. I ran to be a part of it. I opened my bag, and I didn’t have any cameras. Just lenses.

I saw the action go in front of me and I didn’t partake because after all, I forgot the cameras.

Does that dream mean anything?

That I am unprepared?!


I didn’t have anything to take pictures of yesterday, so I took pictures of Bisho. Like always. He is a bad model but great target practice. Sometimes he likes to pose for the camera, but for the most part, he is a bit of an annoying asshole that doesn’t give me what I want.


This post needs a picture and I don’t want my selfie to be it. So here’s the best picture of Bisho.

Now I have to take pictures of food. Not sure why I get nervous. Food doesn’t fucking move like a cat does. Or celebrities. I just have to arrange it nicely. And take a few nice shots. It should be easy! RIGHT!?


9 a.m.

Time to shower. And go get my brother’s car. Cross the border. And drive my sister-in-law and her brother to places in San Diego. Then hit up three restaurants. Get back to my brother. Come back.

Rinse and repeat the following day.

Oh yeah!

Cover photo comes out today!

Look how excited I am! (I’m not, I’m busy and more focused on the future than what already has passed).



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