We Going to Oaxaca CONFIRMED – Zigtebra, Lightworks, and Girlfriend’s Birthday – July Ends with Freelance Dullness and Desire for an Office Life



Again I wake up super stupid early. 6 am. 30 minutes after I heard my girlfriend slam the door on her way to work. And I tried to go back to bed, but by 7 am I gave up and got up and went to buy some shitty coffee.


Expensive shitty coffee is done.

Bought some shitty Oxxo coffee. The best of the shitty. It’s weaker and shittier than I remember. I think I liked that shitty coffee El Marino best. It’s so damn cheap and muddy.

From five restaurants emailed, only two of them replied. I have photo shoots set for that on Wednesday. Restaurants that didn’t reply will get phone calls today. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll just simply show up and deal with it then.

I realized way too late that I need this done now. I’m coming close to the deadline. And I like to give my editor more time to choose. But hey. Shit got busy.

I realized way too late that the editor was trying to do me a solid and send me to restaurants up north when I was up north. I got confused and thought those were must haves. Oh well. They are on my list and I’ll go way up north again.

And to the other editor, the owner of the paper, I sent him my thrice rejected article in still hopes of rescuing it. Not sure what will come from it, but hopefully a rescue. I still need to write more, but haven’t. The main editor seems to be way too busy. He accepted my ideas and they are up on the white board, so I’ll do them. Hopefully, I’ll have time this week to do some interviews. Hopefully, I’ll have time and inspiration to write the story after the interviews.

July is ending.

And it’s ending quick.

The first few weeks of August are going to be extremely messy.

It’s my girlfriend’s birthday.

Her sister is supposedly visiting (still unconfirmed).

Lightworks from El Paso, Texas, is on tour and will be visiting.

Zigtebra from Chicago is also on tour and will be visiting.

All of that on the first weekend of August.

And I’ll need to juggle work.

Here’s a song by Zigtebra that is catchy as fuck.

Back to yesterday.

After posting about Caca Fun, girlfriend came home.

She was ready to take a nap. But we talked Oaxaca again. And the logistics of it.

The wedding is early in October. Girlfriend has another wedding late in November.

She’s quitting her job so she can go to the wedding in October. We bought the tickets yesterday.


$200 round trip via Aeromexico. We almost bought them through Volaris which was basically the same price (around $20 cheaper), but the connecting flights were horrible. On our way there, we would have to fly before midnight in Tijuana, to arrive in Mexico city early morning, to wait for 8 hours for the flight. Fuck that shit.

We looked the flights up in Aeromexico and they were better flights and virtually the same price. It’s a way better airline as well.

We still have to connect in Mexico City, but the wait is less than two hours. So it should be fine.

We will be in Oaxaca from October 5th to October 14th. 9 days. Exactly the same days my brother with his wife and kids will be there.

We are excited to go.

I’m excited for the wedding, which is only going to be one huge casual party.

I’m excited to take pictures. Not only of the wedding where I’ll get some drinks after the cutesy shots and get trigger happy for the party. I took pictures for my friend’s dad’s birthday party before. Those pictures were great. So I expect similar results.

Pictures of the beach. Milky Way shots are going to be near impossible. It’s going to be a full moon and it’s only visible very early during the night. But other long exposures will be fun. Nature shots. Landscape. More… much more.

Too bad I won’t be able to edit until I get home.

The problem is after Oaxaca. What happens then? We get back in the middle of October to Tijuana and my girlfriend wants to fly to Monterrey near the end of November. That’s around a month in which she will get a temp job… or something?

And because November is close to December and she wants to spend Christmas/New Years with her parents, she is going to stay over there.

The idea is I’ll go there at some point in December, and then we come back here together.

It will be the most difficult test yet. I mean… besides meeting and living together since the very beginning. It has been 167 days.

And yes. For all of these vacation plans and flights, we need MONEY. Which we barely have. I have a few gigs up in the horizon. I have articles I should finish up. I have upcoming photo gigs that pay some. All spread sporadically through my days that I’m not sure when is what or what is when. The whiteboard and the calendar help a lot, but not with things that don’t have a deadline. And things that have a deadline are just a few and they come at me fast.

Coffee, workout, shower, breakfast, and finally today a haircute (hopefully).

This post needs a picture.

Got distracted with Reddit and a possible tour.

I was going to post a horrible picture of me and my girlfriend yesterday at Mamut. But no. It’s too horrible.

Here’s a shitty picture of my computer instead.

Yep. That’s Diablo 3 and that’s an ancient belt with a shitty roll.

That was at 8:45 pm playing sans my primo. He was already sleeping. My girlfriend was also already sleeping. They both have the same schedule of 5 am to 2 pm which still is fucking me up.

Seriously. Not even 10 am, I’m almost done with the word vomit, not sure what is next.

Probably Diablo 3.

After confirming the flights to Oaxaca, girlfriend was about to nap again. But I was hungry. So I told her to just sleep early, instead of napping, waking up, and sleeping again…

We went to Mamut. Got me some meh chicken wings. She got an okay salad. Good thing Mamut is cheap as fuck. Also, the Rye IPA is pretty on point. Sweet, tropical, refreshing, and not very caramelly. It’s a really nice drinkable IPA.

Then came home. Jeopardy. And halfway through that, she was already sleeping on the couch.

8 pm bedtime fucks me up.

I would do it if I work in an office.

I still have that desire.

A regular job.

One in downtown or close to the border would be excellent.

Anything related in my field would be even better.

If not, I can do other things, just not boring things. I’m bad at boring things.

Anything bilingual is a possibility.

I would love to be a brewer’s apprentice. I don’t mind slaving away at a brewery, cleaning tanks, sweeping, cleaning, cleaning. I’m pretty sure that that’s one of the most important parts. Just cleaning and sanitizing the shit out of brewing equipment. I would be so down for that.

Bartending has always been a fantasy. I even went to bartending school in Los Angeles (which was a shitty waste of time and money). But bartending would involve long nights. I would still do it because the money would be great (even as a bar back). But those jobs don’t come by and land on my lap.


What I’m doing seems to be working. Sort of. I guess. It seems to involve a lot of waiting. Or maybe I should really go try to get a job.

Indeed.com yields some results. I guess I’ll keep poking around.

I could manage constant freelance work as a photographer and writer. But this rollercoaster of sometimes yes and sometimes no is difficult to manage.


Onwards with the day. Which seems like it will be a slow day.

Oh yeah.

The Rob $tone cover comes out tomorrow. Let’s see how that goes.

I get to pick it up, go to the office and grab my long lost check, and then hit up restaurants to go take pictures. Should be a good day for a change.



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