Girl Pool Birthday Party – Doida Gets a Cake to the Face – Fan Light Experiment and Tons More Pictures (Again)


This coffee is weak.

And it was expensive.

It has a good smell and caramel notes. But weak as fuck. And I threw more beans than usual.

It was better when I was mixing shitty cheap mud coffee with this shitty expensive coffee, but I ran out of the shitty cheap mud and now it’s the light expensive. It feels like I’m drinking watered down coffee. It sucks.

And it’s hot out.

The sun is shining through my window making my home office shitty.

And I woke up real early. At 7 am for no reason.

I also slept on the couch for no reason. Sort of just passed out there. I feel bad because my girlfriend loves to sleep next to me. And when I decided it was time for bed, she was already in the shower getting ready to go to work.

Sorry babe.

I just want this week to be over so I can have some money in the bank. Okay money. Not enough. Not what I should be making. But enough money.

And I have two more photo shoots to take care of still. One will probably be this Thursday afternoon. The other to be arranged, and throughout this week, and probably next one as well.

Today is pay request.

And I forgot. There’s a small check waiting for me in the office. I should get that. And get paid for the rest of my work. Two articles, two photo jobs, one reimbursement, and one rejected article (so no pay on that one).


And it’s time to start working on the rest. But working them without money in the bank feels weird. Three of the ideas will take me the whole week since they are long stories. The other two haven’t happened. The weird magician guy wasn’t there this weekend.

I should pitch other ideas instead.

And perhaps I’ll get a gig working Comic Con. It’s an odd chance since I found the gig through Reddit. It would be awesome to cosplay as Frank West and cover Comic Con.


I used ‘and’ a lot.

‘Also’ as well. As well ‘as well’.

Regardless in particular.

Yesterday was good, though I didn’t do any work except just a few emails and get ready for the week.


By the time I normally start working hard, girlfriend was home, and we had a pool party to attend to. Her friend Doida’s birthday party. Doida was the reason my girlfriend even came to Tijuana, so I’m grateful for that.

I wonder what my life would be in this moment if I never met her. How the past few months would have played out. What I would have written on my daily word vomit.

Seriously. Can you imagine?

My girlfriend made her sushi for her birthday. I took pictures for her birthday. Yep. I know. Cheap presents. But hey. My girlfriend is great at making sushi. I’m great at taking pictures. I also tried to prepare some girly drinks. They were okay.

Edited and delivered by 10:30 pm. I do my shit quick.

The sushi prep.

So much sushi.

The birthday girl with an actual present.

The house puppy.

And the pool party.


Though I was the only one that jumped in the pool.

I guess the plan was the hot tub. Except it was just a tub. The hot part was not working. Just mild cold water with bubbles.

I just swam for a while and let the girls be girls.

Then continued taking shit tons of pictures.


The birthday cake.

And then this happened.

Which was the best thing that happened.

And yep. We still ate the cake. And it was pretty great. The bottom layer was cheesecake!

Sun was gone. Long exposure time.

And this is the picture with the prettiest colors and the water looking glossy. Probably the best shot I got.

By 8:30 pm, girlfriend needed to go to bed. So we came home in an Uber. When we got home I had the idea to attach a small light to my roommate’s fan. This is the result.

Cool stuff, huh?

It would be cool to experiment with a subject in the foreground and the light painting in the back. Or the other way around.

Girlfriend wanted to see the pictures of the party… but passed out while I was editing.

I finished the edit. Sent the pictures. Played some Diablo 3. Then watched Bob’s Burgers until I passed out on the couch.

And yep.

The apartment was really nice. Pool. Hot tub. Security. Beach access. Gym. Parking. Elevators. Mostly very clean. Only $1200 for ocean view two bedroom apartment with access to all of that.

I used to live in a building like that in Los Angeles. Well… the one in LA was nicer because it was very green and had many more pools and tennis courts. But I paid $1,100 for one bedroom in a three bedroom small apartment. It was a total of $3,000+. And yep. I had roommates.

It’s crazy how normal was to pay that much of rent. And now I struggle paying $200.

So ideally, as I continue in my venture of furthering my career as a photographer, writer, musician, and tour guide… I could afford to live in a place like that.

Today is pay request.

Then unsure of what to do with my day.

Again. I have stories to write, but those come with time and I can’t force them. The upcoming photo shoots will have to wait as well. I probably have a lot of other shit to do, but not sure where to start or what to do.

I’ll go back to playing Diablo 3 and/or playing guitar. Yep. I have been playing guitar. I need to do way more of that as well.

I also need to fix my camera because I never did that, but I don’t have a tiny screwdriver. Also, nervous about taking my camera apart.

Weak coffee.




Egg, cheese, and ham burrito breakfast.

Emails. Emails. Emails.

Phone calls.

Emails. Emails.




9:35 am and I’m hungry and the first phase of the day is almost complete.

My next cover photo comes out tomorrow, with a nice inside spread. Cover photos. Those are cool. I’m still really happy with that gig.





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