FB Memories of Actual Vomit with Punks – Procrastinating in Favor of Diablo 3 and a Movie Review (Walk of Shame) – First Time Taking Pictures of a ‘Celebrity’ in YEARS!

It’s past noon already. I haven’t done anything productive. Not even showered.

I didn’t do anything productive yesterday either. Diablo 3 addiction surfaced that easily. And I can’t do anything to stop playing.

Sad thing. I couldn’t even play with my cousin. After he got off work, friends from his work invited him out for some birthday drinks (his birthday was last week). I played Diablo 3 alone and sometimes in an open game with a bunch of strangers that quietly sit in front of their computers and just click on shit with other strangers.

Strange thing the online gaming community.

I should have done some work. Interview the dude I said I was going to interview. But I didn’t feel like it. My girlfriend got home from work and immediately started cooking. Before eating, she took a 2-hour nap. We woke up at 8 pm to have dinner and watch a movie.

She picked Walk of Shame with Elizabeth Banks and James Marsden.

For how horrible the movie, the cast, and the premise was… it actually made me laugh out loud a couple of times. The whole story line is very predictable and sometimes the acting is pretty bad. Some jokes are also really bad. But the few good ones make the movie. 7/10. Watch it expecting nothing (or bad) and you’ll be okay.

Then it was back to bed time.

And some more Diablo 3 by myself time.

Until 2 am while drinking Makers Mark on the rocks.

Woke up.

Back to Diablo 3.

My Necromancer is already level 70 and I’m already collecting cool shit. But it already seems like it is getting dull. Same concept. Go collect the coolest shit we have. Dominate a “high” difficulty (through mostly grinding). Rinse. Repeat.

So the addiction won’t last long.

I don’t plan to play much unless my cousin is online.

I already played plenty in the two days I bought the new character.

And that game is fucking addicting.

My cousin tagged me in a Facebook memory from 6 years ago (2011).

We were playing Marvel vs Capcom in a basement in Portland. All we did was play video games and drink. Great times. And I want to do it again.

I said it before, I’ll say it again. If I move anywhere from Tijuana/San Diego, it will be to the Pacific Northwest.

Also, Facebook was nice enough to remind me of this memory.

That was 2 years later in Tecate at a punk show (2013).

Yep. That’s me vomiting on the sidewalk. Actual vomit. Not my usual word vomit. While the punks from Calafia Puta and DFMK do silly shit behind me.

While the punks from Calafia Puta and DFMK do silly shit behind me.

This is DFMK/Calafia Puta video:

It’s a great video (for the most part), but not my favorite songs by them.

This is my favorite song by Calafia Puta:

They don’t play it anymore because the drummer says is too hard.

The drummer also sent me the picture telling me that Facebook reminded him of that shit. They are currently on tour through California and the rest of the US.  Crazy shit.


My first few years in Tijuana was hanging out with punks. Mostly with those kids (who are only 2 years younger than me). I went to punk shows constantly. I rarely do that anymore.

I was nowhere in life. I didn’t know what to do with it.

I mean… I’m still nowhere and I pretty much have no idea what I’m doing.

But back then I seriously had no idea. I had no job. No job prospects. No desire to work. I actually wanted to be a homeless wanderer. I wanted to sell all my shit and just travel.

I never had the balls.

I like my shit way too much. And I got “stuck” in Tijuana.

And here I am still.

While the background music is by sheer coincidence “Living My Life” by Deerhunter.

That was fucking random.


Today I stopped playing Diablo 3 and shouldn’t go back to it. I’m hungry. I haven’t had breakfast. There’s pasta in the fridge and some pizza I didn’t really like much as well.


Fucking pasta my girlfriend made was so fucking delicious. Creamy fettuccine with broccoli and mushrooms. That gets a 5/7.


Today I get to shoot a pseudo-celebrity for the first time in years. I’m sort of nervous. I’m waiting to hear back from him. I emailed him this morning to see if this was still going on.

I should cross the border soon.



Push-ups, sit-ups, shower, tacos for breakfast.


Girlfriend is at work. She should be off soon. And when she is coming home, I’ll be on my way through the border and far on the trolley. Fucking public transit. But it’s okay. I’ll manage.

I just hope I hear back from this guy so I don’t cross for no reason. Or in case he needs to reschedule (though this is coming out soon, so we need it soon).


Yep. No response yet. I should still get ready to go.

Fall back plan. I still interview the dude I was going to interview yesterday, but today.

They really need pictures from this dude though. So it will have to be sometime soon. And there are two other photo missions next week to take care off. Plus all the writing that I said I was going to do. And more.

So looking for a job or extra gigs is on hold right now. Since I already have too much on my plate and I should take care of that first.

I really want more photo gigs still. High paying photo gigs. Party event nights. I would do weddings, but I lack the experience shooting them, though I know I would get great material. I’m shooting a wedding this October.


I just remembered.

Well… I remember often enough. But I remembered it again now. I really need to buy tickets to go to that wedding this October. And make sleeping arrangements.

No more coffee.

Work-out. Shower. Tacos.

Get ready to cross the border. Get all my gear. Get all my shit together. My SENTRI pass. And gone! To hopefully get some pictures and make money.


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