Necromancer Time with Cousin – More Foodporn for Tijuana Adventure (but no tours) – Schedule Continues to be Fucky

1:21 pm!

I’m barely even starting my day.

Oh yeah. I’m not working. So I can later complain about how I’m not working.

I bought the new character for Diablo III yesterday… and that quickly, I fell into D3 addiction.

Tomorrow, I have an important photo shoot in the afternoon. Let’s see how that goes.

Today. Today I have nothing.

I have a few articles to work on, but I don’t really feel like it. Two of them are easy and I’ll do them depending on the luck.

My schedule is all fucky.

Her schedule is all fucky.

We continue to be off-sync schedule-wise.

I went to bed at almost 3 am after playing D3 for a few hours. She woke up an hour later to get ready for work.

I’ve been waking up late, a few hours later, she’s off-work and home. By the time 6 pm hits, she’s already falling asleep, and for me, that’s like 2 pm.

Yesterday she fell asleep at 6 pm to wake up at 8:30 pm because she said she wanted to go out for pizza. She didn’t feel like going out. She didn’t even feel like eating pizza anymore. I ordered two pizzas for myself. She fell asleep again at 9:30 pm.

Before all that.

We went to eat.

And what a feast it was!

I was hungover, so we didn’t drink. Just feasted.

Pictures went up for Tijuana Adventure Instagram, which grows more and more each day by itself.

And since this post needs a picture, here it is.

The two in the front are mine. Camaron and pulpo enchilado. It is so fucking good that it gives Los Compadres competition. And it’s at the same price. The salsa is just so fucking good.

The one in the back is chicharron de pork with shrimp. Me pochié machine gun.

You got to pochear when in Tijuana.

That chicharron is really fucking good as well.

And in the back, my girlfriend’s tacos. Chicharron de octopus. Some of the best octopus chicharron I’ve had. The other is the fish gobernador. That’s the only one that was just okay.

The rest are just so fucking good. I’m salivating now. I want to go back and eat there already.

The only problem is… THEY ARE HORRIBLY organized. They usually run out of everything by 5 pm. They take a while to cook. And they close without any warning.

But the place is so fucking good it’s worth it.

Here are a couple more pics.

And the overhead view.

After that, we just came home and she passed out early. I woke up her up during halftime from the Mexico vs Jamaica match because she told me to do so. She fell asleep an hour after waking up.

I just played Diablo 3 all night.

New character. The Necromancer.

Fucker is tons of fun.

Especially now that I remember how to play and know what I’m doing.

There I go, exploding corpses everywhere, raising skeletons and golems, killing demons and what not.

And my cousin in Seattle is getting off work right now, so he’ll log on and we’ll play. And other friends are also playing since the new character came out. Include one of my roommates from my senior year in college.

Five years ago this game came out on my birthday. Now they updated with a Necromancer and I’m still wasting my time playing.

What the fuck!?!

I feel like I word vomited a lot and I’m barely halfway done.


At least I’ve been working out. Them sit-ups. Doing over 100 a day because I seriously have a gut!

What the fuck?! Again!

I have a gut… It’s weird to have one. I’ve never had one. And now I do. And I want to get rid of it soon.

And I think I’m doing a good job. We’ll see how it goes if I keep it going. With all the drinking and taco eating and light workouts.

Coffee coffee coffee!

I already had shit tons of coffee this morning while playing a couple hours of solo Diablo 3…

And I’m avoiding work.

And if you are wondering why is this fucker avoiding work when he always complains about work.

That’s because that’s how I am.

I got published yesterday. I got published a week ago. Rent is paid. I’m low in money, but those two publications, plus some pictures I took, some others that I’m going to take soon, and a check waiting for me in the office = I’m in okay standings.

Nowhere near getting a car or saving enough money to buy a lens. But in comfortable standing.

After that, I need to work on a feature/cover story again. And this time, not get rejected. Then I’ll have enough money to buy a lens, and give Brozo his lens back. And after that, work again in another cover story while working a bunch of little stories. And so it goes.

And the future of Tijuana Adventure is still in limbo.

I’m posting pictures of food and garnering followers. But no one has hit me up for a tour. And that’s probably because I’m weird in how I setup the tours. I don’t have public tours. I don’t look for customers. I basically just wait for them to arrive to me.

At least I’ve been working on my writing and it has been working. And they told me I wasn’t going to have any photo gigs this month and it ended up being the complete opposite (I got as many as usual).

I should finish a story before the weekend. And take more pictures for the next cover.

Then next week work more and more and more.

I’m doing alright.

Now! Pizza for breakfast.

After having a Snickers bar for real breakfast.

My girlfriend is going to get home and cook. And she warned me it’s going to take her a while and she doesn’t want me to hear me bitching about being hungry.

Also. Friday.

It doesn’t feel like it and I couldn’t care less. Girlfriend works tomorrow, and so do I.

The other editor I worked with liked the pics I sent yesterday and we are getting along fine. That’s going to be constant work from that side.

And now… push-ups, coffee, sit-ups, pizza, Colbert Report, shower, push-ups, sit-ups, rinse, repeat.


I plan to interview someone. I already pitched this idea. So it should be easy. I just hope he wants to get interviewed.

1:50 pm. 29 minutes of word-vomit. Great job!


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