Slurpee Was a Horrible Choice and It Make Me Feel Horrible – Walking Under the Sun For Boring Pics – Tijuana Crime News Published

I’m so stupidly hungover for no real reason. I didn’t even drink that much, just the usual. I blame it all on a 7-eleven Slurpee.

Yep. Slurpee was the wrong choice.

The sugary drink and dehydration combined with beers later that night = a headache this morning.

I’m going to lay down a while longer again.

My head hurts.

I laid down for a while and then fell asleep.

My headache was really bad. I couldn’t do anything. Watched what I was missing from the Colbert Report then fell asleep while watching the speedrun of Diablo 2.

Speaking of Diablo 2… I updated Diablo 3 so I can play with my cousin the new character. The Nercromancer. Diablo 2 speedrun made me excited to play again, but D3 is not a great of a game as the previous Diablos were. It’s still a lot of fun to hang out with my cousin through the internet in a hell scenario killing monsters, raising the dead, and what not.

Bad news Tijuana.

That got published.

So yay! Work was done right! And the editor is happy.

Someone in Malta discovered my blog yesterday and really liked it. He/She viewed 53-page posts…

That’s what the stats on my page look like. It’s pretty unusual with that spike from Malta. But the rest is pretty much the same. If you take out the Malta views, then it’s the average. Around 50 views total, most from the US followed by Mexico and then clicks from random countries.

People still find this blog by random google searches about celebrities. Then apparently stick around and listen.

This blog has used 80% of the memory given by WordPress. By the end of 2017, I’ll simply just stop these everyday shenanigans.

I’m still unsure why I’m doing this.

I thought July wouldn’t involve any photo gigs. I have several photo things to take care of. One of them was yesterday and it was pretty pointless.

There’s an upcoming story about the school district right across the border. The person in the story never replied to my messages or emails. The only pictures I got were super boring.

I met up with my girlfriend where always, which has been a while since we did that. Then she joined me to grab some Korean tacos. After that, she walked home, I walked towards the border with my camera.

Getting to the place I needed to be would have taken me 27 minutes via public transit (plus waiting time and money). So I decided to walk it.

FUCK do I need shorts.

And my last pair of shorts got ripped so I don’t have any.

It was a long exhausting walk under the sun.

It sucked.

It was uphill.

And all for some of the most boring pictures ever.

Once I was done, I walked back. Stopped by 7-eleven to get rent money and fuck it, why not, a Slurpee.

That fucking Slurpee was a fucking mistake. It wasn’t even good.

I attribute my headache to the sugar. I felt hungover, but I drank as much as usual (four beers). I didn’t eat much, but tacos late at night. And I woke up with that splitting fucking headache.

Fucking Slurpee.

I got nice beer and a bottle of bourbon from the no taxes Free Duty shop on the border.

A six pack of IPAs for $5.

That’s fucking cheap!

And a bottle of Makers Mark $23 + 20% discount and no taxes. A bottle of great bourbon for $18 and change.

Haven’t open none of that. I’m excited to feel better and opening them though.

Fucking headache.

Now I got to edit photos with a limited Lightroom, so I should buy Lightroom or reset the licensing. Let’s see how that goes.

I promised those pics way earlier today. But I didn’t do anything all morning but deal with my headache, drank shit tons of water, and napped.

Finally drinking coffee.

It’s 2 pm. Girlfriend is getting off work already. I’m barely starting my day.

Coffee coffee coffee.

So tired to work out. But I’ll do some sit-ups and push-ups.

Yesterday I did around 150 of both. Probably more.

No planks. Fuck planks. Though I should do them.

Yep. Girlfriend just called me. She’s on her way home, but first, she has to stop by the bank.

Dumbass lost her card that they gave her from work for the ATM. So now she has to go to the actual bank to get money. Poor thing.

And yeah. I just called her a dumbass.

Two days ago she wrote me a very nice email about us together and what not. She arrives home and I want to hug her because of that nice email and she is all stressed and crying and yelling at me.

BECAUSE she lost her card.

No idea how she lost it. Maybe dropped it. Maybe left it in the ATM.

I don’t lose shit ever.

Or it is very rare.

At least she hasn’t lost the iPhone I gave her… but I feel like the end of the iPhone is near.

Coffee, push-ups, sit-ups, shower, lunch, editing, emails, work, writing a new story as well.

After I crossed the border with my loot of beer and bourbon, I went straight to Nelly Balls for a beer. I was going to meet my girlfriend at Mamut with her girlfriend. I needed beer. I also needed water and food. But I went straight for the beer.

Then met up with her for more beer.

And then met some strangers from abroad that were visiting Tijuana for the first time. I met them because we have a friend in common from Mexico City. My girlfriend went back home and I kicked it with the new friends.

We went to Norte to enjoy the beers and then to Public House to meet with more strangers and more beer. I got an Uber at 10ish pm and came home.

Went to get Tacos El Rey because I didn’t eat much during the day, then passed out near midnight.

The rest you know.

I woke up feeling like shit.

Time to edit pics! And purchase Lightroom officially!


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