Changed Up The Site A Bit – Work and Work Out (Need To Do Both More!) – That Rejection Still Hurts


I’ve been fucking with the internet for the past two hours while drinking COFFEE.

I put a layer of the muddy shitty coffee before putting the expensive nice but weak coffee on top.

The result is strong coffee with mild good taste.

I did some minimal changes on this site. If you look up on the main tab, I switched the order of my jobs. Since I can’t stop talking about photography, it’s what I enjoy the most, and I feel I am best to get money at… that’s priority #1. Then it’s writing because that’s what I’ve been doing for the past years and what I continue to do. And finally, music. What I really wanted to do in the first place but let’s be honest, I’m not that good.

I also deleted a bunch of tabs. I haven’t really been teaching in ages, so deleted that tab. I also deleted photography tabs because it was an old wedding an old celebrity pics in black and white. This blog has way more pictures and better ones that the ones I posted years ago.

And finally, learned that WordPress has such a thing as a portfolio. I need to create one of those to make my pictures look all nice so for those who don’t know me… get to know me.

Oh yeah. I changed some info. Some replies. Switched the order around and SET UP a price for my photography.

Going pricier than I said I was. $150 gets you the first hour. $100 every hour after that. That’s pretty low for professional photography, but I just started taking my shit seriously (when I should have forever ago).

And to continue talking about photography, the editor hit me up that the boss is happy with how the pictures are turning out for next issue. I’m excited. The previous issues my pictures looked really nice. So that makes me happy and proud. Like it’s nice to show-off a portfolio of nice prints.


This issue the magazine didn’t run any of my pictures because I didn’t take any. The story that got published online last week probably got published in print in this one.

And I finished an article yesterday. Haven’t heard back, but I’m thinking it might get published tomorrow since today is print day.

The article was shorter than I thought it was going to be. I was going to go for around 1,500 words. But once I reached 900, I decided to instead of going longer, I should go shorter. Cut the intro, switched things around, and made it into a short 650-word article instead.

I hope that works. Because I pitched it to the other editor and then switched it around to the other editor. I keep doing that. Or sending stories without pitching. Or sending different stories that aren’t the ones that I pitched. I’m a bad freelance writer.


I just read a story that I help translate.

So I guess a bit tad of me did make it to the magazine in print this week. Who is the handball king of Chicano Park?

The recording was hilarious because the dude wasn’t even speaking English or Spanish but a very Spanglish strange mixture of the both. He was also somewhat intoxicated and slurring his Spanglish. I don’t know how the guy that interviewed him… interviewed him. But he did. And that’s the article. It’s pretty hilarious. The picture came out alright as well. What I had imagined King David would look like (but with some tattoos).





Yep. Doing both now because I was getting fat. I said was, because seriously, just a couple of days doing them and I feel better already. Still fat. But better. I feel them getting under control. And if I keep going, then I’ll be fine…


I can continue eating and drinking!?

As long as I make around 100 push-ups and sit-ups a day? Maybe more?

Planks. Meh. I don’t like planks that much.

Today. Today I have to cross the border to take pictures for a story. The person that I needed to get headshots is not responding. And it makes sense. They are probably not very happy that the story is running. No wonder why I am getting ignored. My only option would be to paparazzi stalk this person. But he is not a public figure and I don’t get paid enough for this shit.

So I’ll just cross the border and take pictures of what might be useable.

I also need to get the rent money.

Which will make my bank account drop some. Because I’m broke and though my rent is cheap, this is no bueno.

Speaking of shit that will make my bank account drop some more. Lightroom just hit me up with the “your version of Lightroom will have some features disabled.” Guess what they fucking disabled? Editing.

So now I can’t really edit pictures.

At least the editor agreed that they will cover the charge for the yearly subscription. So I’ll have to pay the $120 a year to get Lightroom to work. And then get that refunded.

And also… there’s a check waiting for me in the office that I never got.

That’s going to make my bank account go up… very slightly. 4 steps down, one step up. Not good.

I’ll have to wait until two more weeks from now to get paid again, and I’m not sure how much.



I need to work more.

Oh yeah. There’s that story that took me a whole week just to get rejected. I should really find a home for that story. I’m still proud of it though it ended up getting rejected and I’m unsure what to do about it now. And the more time passes, the less valuable it becomes. So I should look for a new home for it. Or edit it so the editor likes it better?

I don’t have a picture for this post. I was going to post a picture of the pasta my girlfriend made for dinner two days ago, then improved it yesterday. But LIGHTROOM doesn’t want me to edit anymore.

That was yesterday by the way.

Girlfriend came home and prepared the leftover pasta by adding some milk to make it creamier and by adding shrimps (which made it so fantastic). So it went from a good pasta to a FUCK YEAH I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND THIS PASTA IS AMAZING. It could have used a bit more creaminess. But still. It was really fucking good.

Then she slept for 3 hours while I finished the story that I already sent and did other things.

She woke up. We watched the movie A Monster Calls. It’s a coming of age movie, meaning it’s for teens and pre-teens. It starts a bit slow and a bit too much like many other movies of that genre. But it picks up and it gets way better.

Basically. Liam Neeson is a giant imaginary tree that helps a kid who has a dying mom and a grandmother who is a nightmare (but really is not, because it’s fucking Sigourney Weaver). Child actor is really good. And I’ll give the movie a B- rating or so. I’m not a movie critic. I’m just a dude that spews his opinion. If you are between the ages of 8 and 14 this is a great movie and a scary one that will leave you feeling like life is great because you are not that kid.

After that, it was bedtime.


Boring life.

Oh yeah.


I don’t know what to post for a picture. I didn’t take any pictures yesterday. And LIGHTROOM is not fucking working.

Here’s a picture that I took for the story that got rejected:


I made myself sad.

But oh well.

That’s what happens when you don’t pitch stories and write very broad and the editor doesn’t like it.

I still wonder if another magazine or news site will like it.

There. Over 1,000 words of absolutely nothing. Sometimes I can type and type and really not said much. Back to working out. I’m hungry, so breakfast soon. Shower. Work. Cross the border. Pictures. Work. And More.

Ninja edit.

Oh shit. Another photo gig that looks interesting. Yay! Work!


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