Talking About The Photo Game With Can Gato Ibiza (My Brother) – Tons of Pictures of Food, Friends, Family, and More (Mom’s Birthday!) – No Celebrity Monday

It’s celebrity throwback Monday and I don’t give a fuck.

I’m not posting a celebrity.

Instead, here:

I started clipping the magazines with my pictures. Soon the magazines will be in the trash so I don’t have to carry them around. Soon I’ll make an album with the clippings to make it look all tidy and professional.

Let’s go back all the way back to Saturday. I barely even had time to post yesterday, so I didn’t say much. But more importantly, there were tons of pictures that I enjoyed.

Here are a few I posted on the Tijuana Adventure Instagram.

That’s the roommate with a feast of seafood, beer, and mezcal in front of him.

I blind shot this zonkey picture. That means, I held the camera by my hip, didn’t see through the viewfinder, and just clicked the shutter. If I didn’t do that, the zonkey handler would have haggled me for money.

The views of Cine Tonalá where we had an amazing lunch. I want restaurants to pay me to be their photographer and what not. I want more photo gigs!

Wide angle. Pop them shadows all the way up. Bam. It would be a great picture at night with a long exposure and the tripod set up high.

And this is the octopus taco and tuna tostada. The rest of the food didn’t look as good in picture though it was great.

Here’s the full album:

(sorry roommate, and Brook and my girlfriend for the shitty pics of us that I uploaded in here. Instagram boyfriend barely pictured, but you guys should definitely check out the awesome pic of Tijuana he took).

The album includes the giant clamato beer with shrimp and octopus from La Cevicheria (I should post that on the IG as well). All the pics from Cine Tonalá. Extras of me doing stupid shit. And some street photography.

That Saturday was great.

A fuck shit ton of pics!

That’s all I want to do still.

Give me more photo gigs!

I see it all the time. Other photographers that aren’t that great getting photo jobs. Other photographers that are actually really good getting paid for realsies tons of money.

I want more of that. And I guess slowly but surely. But here I am. Word vomiting about it instead of getting clients.

And after a great Saturday with fancy eats… MORE fancy eats on Sunday.

Yep. Going to Valle with the family was a lot of fun and a lot of eating. Not so much drinking because wine be expensive yo. And I wish I could just order bottle after bottle for my mom’s birthday. But we cannot.

That depressed me a little bit.

I split the bill with my brother to cover all costs. I don’t regret covering at all. I’m happy too. It just made me sad financially again.

And I hate worrying about money. I hate that it is in the back of my mind. Splitting the check dropped me a good $100. That’s 1/3 of the money I made this last paycheck.

The month of June and the beginning of July were not that great money wise. Didn’t have any tours. The big story got rejected. The only thing that fed me were photo gigs. And as you all well know. Those are sporadic and not enough for me to feed my wants of fancy food and drinks.

Two photo gigs just got added to my calendar.

And… I am talking to my eldest brother on Instagram.

He was showing off a picture that he took. And told me he banked €2,000 for that gig. For one event!

Also, that it is really rare to get paid that much. But the people he took pictures for have over 30k followers on Instagram. And the model/ballet dancer he took pictures of has over 350k followers. That’s a shit ton of fucking followers.

He is also complimenting my photo jobs so far. And well… I should start taking my shit more seriously. Have more firm prices. Do the shit I said I was going to do. Fix this page. Have set prices on the top of this thing. Explain what the word vomit is.

Man… this fucking word vomit.

Thing is. I know I have the talent, the experience, the knowledge. I should be banking with photo gigs. But I’m a cheap disorganized whore.


Yep. I’m a bit down because of money issues, but at the same time inspired to make a lot of money.

I have writing gigs on the horizon which I’m not that excited about because taking pictures is easier than writing. But this shit got pre-approved and I’m good at it as well.

Putting so much fucking shit on my plate, let’s hope I can actually eat it all.

But nope.

Instead, I word vomit.

Coffee, push-ups, coffee, sit-ups, coffee, planks, coffee, shower, finish the word vomit, breakfast, emails, work, start writing, work work work work.

And I have absolutely zero cash in my wallet.

Rent needs to be paid. Water needs to be paid. The internet is already paid.

The two light bulbs in the living room went out. Need to buy a couple of those.

Back to Sunday.

Family outing.

We ended up in Fuego Cocina. I ended up getting the borrego braseado (braised lamb). Shit was fucking delicious and my brother called it the best thing we ordered. My mom also entrusted me to choose the wine bottle. A mother fucking Nebiollo because that’s my favorite type of wine.

And here’s the wine with my girlfriend in the background.

It was fruity with a dry smokey after, not as strong as I was hoping for, but the table thoroughly enjoyed it.


Now my brother is talking to me on Whatsapp and is sending me shit tons of voice messages and what not.

Showing me off all his success. And he has a slight Spaniard accent now.

He is GETTING shit tons of photo gigs. I want photo gigs!

Ahh the voicemail paused and started over.

Let’s talk photography real quick.

HAVING all the RAW files in my hard drive is painful. Yesterday I took 306 pictures and edited down to 100 and converted them to JPEG. And I want to keep the RAWs and all the original files, but is it really necessary? I deleted them from my hard drive because there were only 4 gigabytes left in my iMac. I’m deleting the RAW files from now on after editing and converting to JPEG.

Or I should plug in my hard drive and throw all the RAWs in there as well.

I need a new hard drive and more RAM.

I need money to buy lenses. So I can give back the lenses I borrowed.

I need money so I can treat my mom and family to Valle de Guadalupe more often.

And obviously, to buy my girlfriend more things and go on more vacations.

Hah. The voicemail finally ended…. and he sent me two more.

And… four more voicemails.

Now we are just talking about photography and what not.

But sigh. I want to finish this word vomit and get my day started. My girlfriend is basically getting off of work already.


Here is the full album of the family enjoying Valle de Guadalupe. Food. Alpacas. Babies. And more.

I started uploading stuff on Photos.Google because Imgur fucks up the order and I uploaded 100 photos.

Now the problem is that it doesn’t share nicely on the site as an album and you have to go spy my photos on Google. I’m still not sure if that’s the best platform. But it is unlimited space for HQ (limited space for maximum quality). Same with Imgur, but at least Google uploads shit in order.

This post needs a featured image after all the fucking images already posted. Here is one of my favorites of the whole day.

The other favorite was posted on my Instagram.


Let’s talk about the rest of the food.

Starting with the dessert.

Yep. It looked like a turd. But obviously, it didn’t taste like one. It tasted like a mount of sweeter Nutella with some marmalade in the middle and truffle shavings. It was way too sweet for just one person and it went around the table and it was still overly sweet for all.

I already talked about the braised lamb. Here are the things I didn’t order but had a bite.

The sear tuna was great fucking tuna, but the portion slightly small for the price. My dad was bothered by this, but this is the rule in expensive places like that. It was worth it.

The huitlacoche ravioli. I almost ordered that because that has two things I love, ravioli and huitlacoche. I’m glad I didn’t. It was really good, but again, a small portion and it was really heavy on the garlic.

Oysters for the girlfriend and me, like we always do. They weren’t nearly as good as the ones we had last week that were gigantic, but they were tasty. Very lemony. Way more lemony than the rest we’ve had.

Nothing special about the cheese platter. Fairly good cheeses from the region that are tasty but nothing mind blowing.

And the mushroom casserole with greens and goat cheese. Oh yeah. That was really tasty as well. The creamy goat cheese paired well with the shrooms.

Now… Google Photos is uploading different sizes. It doesn’t let me upload an album. I’m confused in how this is going to work. But it’s going to work.

Also emails. I know what the next cover is going to be. Well… in a week and a couple of days from now. It looks good. I like it.

I have more photo gigs for the magazine.

I have a lot of writing gigs for the magazine.

I need to get more photo gigs because all I want to do is take pictures.

I need to get to work.

My brother is still sending me shit tons of messages. In both Whatsapp and Instagram. This is his Instagram. He already has way more followers than I do and got back to the photography game after I did. And started shooting with the iPhone 5…

I guess I was the same… I got back to the photography game at first with the iPad. Funny how shit goes.

Alright. There. Time to work and quit this.

Oh. Ending with how I ended last night.

After Valle de Guadalupe, we came home. Girlfriend like always fell asleep real early because she has to wake up real early for work. I pounded a six pack of beer while I edited photos.

Pictures is all I want to do… But this week I work a lot on my writing. And the real writing. Not this silly word vomit.


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