It’s My Mom’s Birthday! – Valle de Guadalupe Time! – No Time To Blog

I don’t have time for this shit.

I wished I had time for this shit. But I got to jump in the shower. Get ready. Go to my brother’s place. And head to Valle de Guadalupe.

It’s my mom’s birthday!

Say happy birthday to my mom everyone!!!

Also. If anyone knows of a job in San Diego (the closer to the border the better), let me know. She could use a good job. Like a librarian or something.


We treating mom to Valle de Guadalupe.

I’m giving her my iPad as a present. I reset it back to factory settings. And it’s hers. Finally.

Problem is that I didn’t fix the screen :(

The screen has been broken for over 2 years now. I just didn’t have time. At least I found a great book that I think she’ll enjoy by one of my favorite Tijuana writers (Luis Urrea).

I spent all of yesterday partying with the roommate, his girlfriend, my Instagram boyfriend, and my girlfriend girlfriend.

We ate. We drank. We did merry.

I took a bunch of pics.

Here’s just one.

That’s why I wished I had more time to blog this morning. Alas, I do not.

We went to La Cevicheria Nais early on, before 1 pm, and started drinking beers and mezcal. Headed over to Dandy Del Sur for more beer and mezcal. My girlfriend met up with us, then the Instagram boyfriend. Then we went to Cine Tonalá for more drinks and foodsies.

More pics of that will be available later. I’m going to use a bunch of them for the Tijuana Adventure Instagram and what not.

That went on until around 7 pm when the girlfriend was way too tired and wanted to go home to sleep.

Again. At 8 pm, she was already sleeping. I watched more King of the Hill, played more Zelda, drank more beers until it was a reasonable bed time.

Today is Valle de Guadalupe time. Taking my camera again. Taking a bunch of pics. Hope my mom likes her presents. Hope is a great day.

It’s my turn to jump in the shower. No time to word vomit. No time to work out. Not even time for coffee coffee coffee coffee.

Okay. Yes to some coffee.

Yes to some push-ups.

But seriously.

Got to run.

Tomorrow. Celebrity throwback Monday and back to reality. Got a bunch of shit to do.

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