Sunrise and Sunset iPhone Pics – Roommate is Home, Party Time! (Just Kidding, I Didn’t Do Much) – Mom’s Birthday Tomorrow

I don’t know where to start today.

Coffee coffee coffee.

That new expensive coffee I’m trying is okay in flavor, but not really strong. Maybe it’s because I’ve been drinking that cheap muddy strong coffee for a while now. But nah. I threw in a bunch of coffee beans, more than usual, ground the fuck out of them, regular drip coffee. It’s not that strong.

Like many of you. Woke up to read Trump news and facepalmed. I still do that every day. Check his tweets. Wonder if this is still real life. Then I just ignore it and go on with my day. Shit is fucking crazy.


Let’s see.


My roommate arrived with his girlfriend before 2:00 pm when I was about to take a nap. It’s the first time he is home in a month or two. He didn’t even let me know he was coming. Suddenly he was here.

I didn’t do any work. I just watched King of the Hill while I coughed and rested.

Took some aspirin and napped while I waited for the girlfriend. She texted me that she was already out drinking with her work friend.

After I woke up, I waited for my roommate to get done with laundry, then we headed downtown. I met up with my girlfriend and her friend. They were playing pool. They sucked. And they were already tipsy with shitty beer.

We rendezvous with the roommate at Voodoo Stu’s for some fried chicken (and some whiskey gingers for myself). From there we went to the Zine Fest before the shows even began.

Girlfriend was tired. It wasn’t even 8 pm and she wanted to go to bed.

I was still a bit sick. So I walked her home.

She passed out on the couch while I was watching King of the Hill and she insisted that I should join her in bed. It was around 8:30 pm! I didn’t want to go to bed!

She got up. Went to bed. I stayed up watching King of the Hill pounding beers by my lonesome self. Then played some Zelda, did some side missions. Like the stupid Zora mission of finding and reading all the tablets. That took a while.

Thought about going out because there were more than four shows going on at the same time. Got really lazy. And it’s weird. I don’t know if I can just go out without her. It’s dumb. But yeah. It was a boring Friday night because she has to work early Saturdays.

She’s at work right now.

I took two pictures on my iPhone and posted them. Sunset and sunrise.

The sunset looked nice while walking home, so I couldn’t help myself and take a shitty phone pic and over saturate it with Snapseed. This is what it looks like:

I woke up early…. like 30 minutes after my girlfriend left. This is what the sky looked like this morning.

But neither of them is going to be the featured pic on this post. It’s going to be this. A silly memory my oldest brother posted on Facebook.

That seems to be near the house where I grew up. I don’t remember that truck at all. I’m the one in the middle.

And now today.

Today is my cousin’s birthday. The cousin that is basically like me, except if you took the Mexican out of me and made me just 100% American. He experienced color for the first time in his life recently and he is overwhelmed by the experience. I wish I was there. But fucker lives in Seattle.

I would love to live in Seattle. The only city I would move in a heartbeat without any doubt if I got a job offer over there.

And tomorrow is my mom’s birthday.

My brother called me to let me know the plans. So tomorrow is going to be more exciting than today. She reads this blog, and I’m not sure if she knows the plans or they will be a surprise. So I won’t say much.

Also, won’t say much about her birthday present, but I think she knows what she is getting.

Today. I’m not sure what is going on today.

My girlfriend didn’t respond to my text. It worries me that she leaves the house real early.

There are not that many events today. Not compared to yesterday. Yesterday seemed to be the most fun night. But oh well. What can you do when your girlfriend has to go to work on Saturday mornings…

Speaking of work.

I should do work.

I got one photo mission yesterday. So that’s at least some money coming my way. And like I said, I also got a bunch of writing ideas pre-approved.

But then I remembered… I already wrote 2,700 words and got rejected. I need to find a home or edit that piece so it goes somewhere. That was a week’s worth of work just to throw in the trash. Which is a tad discouraging.

I was proud of that article. Still am.

I hate rejection.

I deleted everything on the whiteboard to make it more organized. I didn’t write anything.

At least I did play 30 minutes to an hour of guitar. The songs come back slowly but surely. Problem is, I do one mistake and it all goes to hell.

Roommate likes the Decameron Negro songs by Leo Brouwer. I can play those well still. They are tough little fuckers, but they were my closers on my senior recital. There are two passages in each song that need to be polished. But for the most part, I can play part 1 and part 2 how I like it.

I need to remember my pop songs. Need to learn more pop songs. Bohemian Rhapsody is a tough little fucker, but I played it all before, and I’ll play it all again. Across the Universe is an easy little fucker, but I forgot big chunks of it.

Besame Mucho and Girl From Ipanema are easy fuckers that I have under my belt for whenever.

I need to play Una Limosna Por El Amor de Dios (Ultimo Tremolo by Barios). That’s halfway there in my memory. Again. I get stuck and forget the whole damn thing. So I need to polish it. That fucker always got me great tips from old people.

I’m not even sure why I want to get my guitar chops back up. I guess I could get gigs. But I’m already doing so much more.




Tour guide.

And still a broke mother fucker because I’m a lazy fucker that doesn’t work.


What a mess of a word vomit.

Final thought.

I’m better in health. My nose is still a bit congested and I still cough a bit. But I feel great. Coffee. Push-ups. Sit-ups. Planks. Shower. Breakfast. All of the usual will go on today.

And some work.

Because it’s not even 11 a.m. and I’m done with the word vomit and I have no idea what to do next. So I should work.


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