Sick and Out of Sync (with the GF) – Back to Playing Classical Guitar (Finally! My Nails Are Long For a Reason) – Pre-Approved Writing Missions Ahead

You know what?

Fuck my body.

It’s being fucking weird lately.

Two weeks ago I was super sick with a stomach flu that I was afraid to leave the house in case of an accident.

It was fucking horrible. I was afraid of eating as well.

Yesterday and the day before I had continuous mucus. I went through two+ rolls of TP yesterday. My nose started to hurt so much that I decided to shave my mustache to avoid the roughness.

My face looks fucking weird now. I’m going to shave my beard soon because I have a douchey shitty chin strap that makes me look like I’m Amish.

At some point around midnight, the mucus was gone. I felt better. I could feel it in my nose. I could breathe. I felt good. So I cracked open a beer and didn’t think about it anymore. I was better. But I shouldn’t have.

And then I started coughing.

And spitting out mucus.

That’s how I went to bed. With a throat filled with mucus.

I woke up coughing. It burns. And I spit out a lot of mucus. It feels like I’m going to puke mucus.

I feel sort of alright. A bit too hot in this past really hot days. My throat feels really weird. My body aches a little bit. But in general, I think I’m fine.

But fuck this shit. It’s like an infection that is traveling through my body. And whenever I defeat it from some area, it goes to another area.

I’ve been spitting a lot of thick mucus. It’s fucking gross. And it burns to cough it out. But once it’s out… OHHHH I feel so much better.


Shitty coffee!

Sort of.

I actually bought nice coffee yesterday from a new roaster/brewery. But I forgot to dump the old coffee from the coffee maker, so it’s a mix of shitty coffee and good coffee. Can’t really judge it right now. Also, because I’m sick.



Let’s move to some good news.



Other good news.

The query I sent was accepted by both editors. One pitch was four long story ideas. All of them got accepted. So I can work on whichever I want at my own pace. The other pitch was five short ideas. Only two of those got accepted. But again, I can work on them at my own pace.


They both emailed me around 2 pm. While I waited I did nothing but Zelda.

So there. I have no photo missions but I do have a bunch of pre-approved writing missions. I will be working on those for the whole month.

I also had the meeting with one of the brewers and met the other brewer. She accepted my demands and I will be working on a new beer guide for downtown Tijuana. I also have plenty of time on that since there is no timeline. That’s where I got my coffee. From the other brewer. He is working on a really cool project that should open around two months.

I was going to take pictures for a different project after the meeting. But I was feeling horrible. Super stuffy and hot. Beer sounded appetizing, but I couldn’t.

And for the last tidbit of good news.

I started playing guitar again.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been growing and maintaining my right-hand nails as if I was still playing guitar. I haven’t at all. I just had long nails with the excuse I play guitar. My nails are not long right now, but I’m growing them again because I’m playing again.

My memory betrays me and I barely know how to play the songs that I used to play. But after practicing a few times, they are starting to come back. I’ll be recording some songs and publishing them here or something… I think. It’s just an idea, let’s see how it goes first.

I should play all those again. All except Turkish March. Fuck that. That one is tough as fuck and not worth memorizing.

The new strings sound great. I missed my guitar. I need to practice way more.

Alright. Now some bad news.

My girlfriend and I are completely out of sync right now.

What she wants and what I want are not matching. The schedule is partly to blame. She is leaving the house so early and coming home so early. And she comes home tired and ready to nap while I’m in the complete opposite. Barely starting my day.

Actually, while I went to go meet the brewers, she napped. Then woke up to make sushi. And when she was done with sushi, I started feeling sick that I could barely eat and decided to take a nap.

After I woke up from the nap during half of Jeopardy (7:45 pm), which by the way, though I only watched half, I did awesomely. Well.. after I woke up, she said she was going to put something on Netflix. The internet wasn’t working which I responded in a cruel manner of “what do you want me to do!?”

She got angry. And decided it was time to bed. At around 8:20 pm.


E-mail about payment just came in. I’m missing two things. One that I expected it already, the other that can wait two more weeks.

But yeah. Not as bad as I thought it would be. Working all of that Friday and Saturday helped a lot.

This post needs a picture (and a title). Not sure what to post.

I’m thinking the before and after of me shaving, but I dislike posting selfies.

There’s my girlfriend’s sushi.

She feeds me a lot of sushi. So yeah. Fuck it. That will be the picture again. You won’t get a before and after of my face. Mostly because my electric razor is charging and I already want to post this to get on with the day.

Today, I should go out with her. Or maybe stay home and watch whatever Netflix she wants because I’m sick. And it should be fun times with her, but she went to work early morning and will come home tired. And then she works on early Saturday.

I really don’t like her new job, it’s long awkward hours and it doesn’t pay much. But she likes it a lot, so who am I to complain. After all, I don’t even really have a job. I just invent my jobs as the days go by.

I should organize what I’m going to be writing the following week. Starting by today and tomorrow.

Coffee, shower, a push-up or two because I feel weak, but definitely shower because I smell of sick. I don’t know what I want for breakfast again. Yesterday I said I would buy fruit. Yeah right! I ended up eating three birria tacos. They actually made me feel better. But I should really eat something with more nutritional value.

Yogurt and granola cereal sounds about right.


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