Sick Again or Perhaps I Developed Allergies? – Local Tj Photo Projects (and More) – ACHOOOOOO!!!

Good morning word vomit of a blog!



…. I am fucking sick again.

I got the sniffles all day yesterday. But I didn’t think much about it. It was just a bit of a nasal congestion. I felt okay. I did a longer and harder workout than what I’m used too (finally, 100 push-ups, 60 sit-ups, 4-minute planks). That’s something I should be doing every day, and probably some cardio. The whole time I was going to the sink to clear my sniffling. But I was fine!

At around 6ish, I left the apartment to go find my girlfriend and some food. She was hanging out with friends from work, drinking beers. I sniffled the whole way there. I got there and grabbed napkins for my sniffles.

Met her friends. Said bye to such friends. We went to grab dinner and more beers.

Pizza and beers at Mamut. I got mad at my girlfriend because I got the octopus pizza for her… She then says “you can have my slices,” AFTER fucking picking the octopus out of the pizza! She left just the bread, cheese, and sauce, no toppings. I’ve gotten mad at her for doing that before! I mean… how is that fair!? I want the toppings on my pizza, not just the bread…

Before all that, I looked for jobs on I saved a bunch and applied to a couple. My resume on the page is not really looking that good. There is a problem where Indeed knows I’m in Mexico, so it mixes English and Spanish on my shit and I think my resume is looking weird. I have to fix that.

And also… now that I am saving jobs to apply for later, I’m getting email reminders that I should apply for them. I don’t need that shit. But okay. Yep. I’ll look into it.

I also wrote drafts of what I should be working on.

Just sent those.

So I’ll wait and see what the editors want me to work on first. And I shall start working on all my ideas. Delete writing missions from the whiteboard.

I didn’t fix my camera yesterday.

That’s something I probably should do today.

After emails, job searching, working out, and the rest, I played Zelda for a couple hours. 35/42 of the shrine missions done. And yep. With online help. No idea where the other 7 are. I will probably end up looking stuff online again.




Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Still drinking shitty coffee.

I don’t feel bad. I just have a lot of sniffles and I feel sort of weak.

Also, it feels like my temperature is up. A slight feverish/cold. I should take some meds. And eat some fruit.

I’m already almost done with a whole roll of TP. Fuck.

Ahh fuck!

I just lost a Jeopardy game after winning two in a row. That’s because I bet it all on a Daily Double about George Gershwin. I had the tougher clues right, and this was supposed to be the easy one. I was wrong.

I don’t have much to do today…

A meeting at 4:00 pm. I should get a haircute and a shave either before or after that.

That’s about it.

And… Just destroyed that Jeopardy game. Went up to position 2279 for this week.



They want me to take pictures for a new campaign about downtown Tijuana. I have great ideas for that. Now let’s see if they like my demands. I’m going to be cheap.

WOO! Photo projects.

Email with my demands sent.


Again, I’m being really cheap. Expensive for Tijuana since there are other people willing to do the same job for way cheaper. But it’s okay for a days work in the field that I like. And it’s a project that I basically already had in mind.

So yeah!


I got shit to shoot today.

Let’s see how it goes.

I have several ideas in mind and though I’m sick, I need to work.

Being sick while freelancing is fucking shitty.

I mentioned it before.

And I keep getting sick.

I need a smaller and lighter tripod. I’m going to go out with my camera today but the tripod is fucking heavy. And it’s not even mine.




Can you tell that when I have nothing to say I just write stupid shit?

So basically. All the time?

Fuck being sick.

I really feel fine. But super fucking congested. Maybe allergies are developing at the age of 31.

This post needs a picture. I don’t have a picture to post.

How about an advertisement?

Yo! You like pictures of food?! Check out the Tijuana Adventure Instagram. It looks like this. 

Only 301 followers, but in a way, I basically just started posting on that Instagram. If I sponsor a few posts, I might get more likes. Which in turn means more business?

I haven’t pushed the tours at all.

I said I would fix this page and fix the other page.

I haven’t.

This page doesn’t need much. Just a little bit of re-organizing. I checked it and it seems fine. I should delete some areas, explain what the word vomit is, and put my sale information. Selling prints would be amazing as well.

Tijuana Adventure is the one that needs help.

I haven’t posted anything in there since February. It looks like a generic blog. It doesn’t look much like a tour service. It could be so much better.

I don’t have any upcoming tours. I don’t pay attention to the website. I don’t even really care if I have tours. I just want the money and I always feel guilty about charging for my tours because I have so much fun.


AHH FUCK being sick.

Push-ups, breakfast, shower.

Coffee, COFFEE, coffee!

I’ve been eating shrimp and fish tacos for breakfast the past two days. I don’t know what I want for breakfast right now. I’m not even hungry. I just know I need to eat.




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