Pics of Fishies (and others) Published – Missed Fireworks Opportunity – Fixed my Guitar, Fixing Camera Up Next (and More Work)


Well… what I wrote on Monday got published Tuesday afternoon. HERE!


Soon to be published. Some pictures I took this past Friday for another story. And maybe more pictures? I’m not sure at this point. I think so, but perhaps not.

There are no photo missions on the horizon. So I should do way more of what I just did. Write an article. Get published.

Also, invite more people to Tacotopia and Burger Fest. It sucks that almost everyone I invited started with a yes, that slowly dissolved into a no.


Almost no word vomit done. I’m hungry. I’ve been awake since 7 am.

Yep. The girlfriend is on a weird schedule which makes me be on a really weird schedule.

I missed the fireworks because by 9 pm she wanted to be in bed… and I followed.

She even napped from 4 pm to 6:30 pm. Woke up. Made sushi. Couldn’t find what to watch on Netflix. Went back to bed.

So yeah.

Yesterday was slow.

I got published. That was the good news.

I was going to wait for the fireworks from my rooftop. I fell asleep before that. I should have gone to Playas de Tijuana. There was a crowd there and you can see the fireworks from San Diego. Tis a shot I’ve been meaning to get. Another Tj photographer got it. I’m following him now. I should have gone.

Instead, I’m left with basically no pictures.

I climbed the roof at around 9:30 pm when I heard some fireworks. It was just some kids in my street and not a real display.

I went back to bed and didn’t hear them anymore.

I fell asleep watching American Dad.

So here’s an okay picture of Bisho.

And here’s an okay picture again from my rooftop whilst expecting fireworks.

Neither are Instagram worthy.

I want to shoot more. But I have nothing to shoot. I had the chance at shooting fireworks, but I didn’t because I fell asleep before 10:30 pm and I didn’t hear no fireworks.

What else can I shoot?! Food?! I can do that with an iPhone no problem (with good light).

Alright. My schedule is pretty open. I only have one meeting tomorrow.

Here are things that I should do.

Fix this page a bit.

Fix Tijuana Adventure a bit.

Pitch stories.

Fix my camera.

Apparently, the 7D has the common mistake of not reading the battery. I thought it was my shitty off-brand battery, so I bought two more batteries on Amazon. It wasn’t the battery. Is the camera.

Most people would send their camera to get fixed. Canon charges over $200 to do this. Here’s a hint.


Do what I did instead. Watch a YouTube tutorial in how to fix it.

Now… I still haven’t fixed mine. But it seems simple enough.

You just have to disassemble the bottom part of the camera, find a screw that most likely got loose and is bouncing around in there, fit the screw to its proper place, assemble the camera back together.

Just look it up on YouTube. there are several examples in there.

Speaking of fixing things. I finally re-stringed my guitar. That took like an hour out off my life.

I just picked it up to tune it because obviously new strings = it’s going to be out of tune the next day.

Now… my guitar skills have deteriorated immensely. I need to set up a regimen to get better. Maybe do some recordings. How about I target one song every two weeks? Record it. Upload it.

It’s not like the songs will be new. I already know them. I just forgot them because I haven’t practiced in almost two years now.

There goes my college degree.

Nah. College taught me way more than just classical guitar.

Bisho just climbed on top of me.

He is doing better. He hasn’t puked anymore. He seems back to the same usual fat cat that he is.

Girlfriend texted me that she’s going to go eat with her friends from work today. So I’ll be solo until the afternoon. And she will probably go to bed at around 8 pm…

Breakfast, coffee, shower, push-ups, sit-ups, planks, fix camera, pitch stories, play guitar, look for gigs on, etc etc etc.

That’s the plan for today.

Yep. I incorporated sit-ups to my “work out.” Yesterday I could barely do 30, but hey. It’s a start. Better than nothing. So it was around 80 push-ups. Five minutes of planks. 30 sit-ups. What a shit excuse for exercise.

Weird. The Reader posted a movie review about the Teenage Paparazzo movie. I’ve heard I was in that movie twice.

I remember when I met Grenier and he was shooting the movie with that little kid. So yeah. I’m probably in the movie. I’ve seen like a minute of it and I recognized several people I used to work with or against.

I should watch the whole movie.

But fuck it.

I’m back to playing Breath of the Wild after two months of not playing it. I still have a lot of side and shrine missions to complete. I’ve started to use online help, which makes me feel guilty. But without it, there is not much more to explore. Well, there is, but there is not point of it.

It’s tempting just to start a new game. I was so absorbed and addicted in the beginning. I want that feeling again.

I also should buy a new game.

I always want to buy new shit and complain about money. I need to make more money. But lazy. I might end up playing Zelda all day instead of doing all the things I said I was going to do.

Oh yeah!

It was the fishy pictures that ran this time!

Just a couple of my pictures made it into the story. The second time I was going to get pictures of fishies I was feeling really sick, so I didn’t go. And now that I see the cover, I think that no matter how good my pictures got, that illustrated cover is so much better. Here’s the story!

There should also be some pictures I took on Friday in there. The story hasn’t been posted online yet, but I’m sure it was published.

And next story to get nice prints will be in two weeks! I’m excited about that one!

I want more jobs….!

And I just found out that I have no more upcoming photo gigs until next month. I have a whole month to work in other shit!


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