Happy Bday ‘Muricuh, Celebrating the 4th – Taking My Photography Game Seriously – Indeed Applying for Gigs

Happy birthday ‘muricuh!

Facebook reminded me that I took pictures exactly one year ago.

That’s the view from Norte Brewery and fireworks from San Diego. I expected Hong Kong to have fireworks but I don’t think they did.

This time, I’m going to try from my rooftop. It would be great to go to ‘muricuh and find an awesome spot to get shots of fireworks, but nah. I’ll do it from my rooftop and let’s see how it goes.

I’ve only celebrated a 4th of July once. It was horrible.

It was at Huntington Beach. The roommate at the time (Scott the Jersey boy) and I drove down to Huntington to celebrate at some house party Scott got invited to. It was … well… just shit tons of bros and chicks with perfect bodies getting fucking plastered with stupid shit. There were house parties everywhere and drunks galore.

I remember I drank around 14 Coors Light in the first 2 hours and drank like 7 tequila shots. I was by far, the guy with the worst body around. I mean, there were a few chubby ones that make the usual party. The funny fat guys. The rest were gym rats. Same with the girls. I felt so out of place.

At some point, the house that we were at, said no more bathroom unless you had a vagina. So that sucked.

I remember I went to the ocean with Scott all drunk to relieve bathroom necessities. This was after walking around the neighborhood and seeing the utter chaos and destruction. There were only two portapotties on the street and there was a huge line to use them. They were hideous inside.

All establishments of fast food or whatever did not let people use the bathroom. The Jack in the Box was a fucking mess.

The ocean was the only choice. And it sobered us up as well.

We went back to the party. It was a shitty mess.

We took a power nap and drove back to Los Angeles.

That was the only time I partied on a 4th of July.

After feeling so meh yesterday, I finally did some work and wrote a story that, again, I didn’t pitch. Editor says he will be working on it today. It might get published. I might get rejected. Who knows. That’s my fault for not pitching shit. But it’s a good story and I wrote it different than the rest (I think). Let’s see what happens.

Tomorrow I’ll pitch a bunch of ideas… like everything that is on my whiteboard.

Tomorrow I find out about the other story as well.

Today, basically everyone is off. So I’m taking the day off as well. I’m not sure what to work on.

I really need to start working on music and each day I get closer to it. But nope.

What I’m really doing though, is taking myself seriously as a photographer.

I fucking have several cover shots already. I have a gigantic portfolio of pictures. I have a unique style of long exposures with flash that I love doing. I need way more photo gigs, that way I can give the lenses I borrowed back so I can buy my own.

Most of the guys that I worked with in Los Angeles moved on to be great photographers that make shit tons of money. I learned from them. Especially from a guy who is now a super expensive wedding photographer (if you want him, you better have $5k saved). He is amazing. And his gear is out of this world. But the dude has a Master’s degree in photography.

I worked with him several times. One of my first travel jobs to Alabama (out of all places) was with him. I remember I was in charge of the follow, he was in charge of the pictures. When I told him jokingly that I lost the follow, he got so fucking angry. And when he found out I was kidding, yep, he laughed it off.

But yeah. I learned a lot from him. And I’m still learning a lot each day.

Indeed.com has a bunch of freelancing jobs for photographers. I already applied for two of them. One of them is for the soccer stadium here, low paying, but fun. The other is for architecture photography, okay paying gig. Many others seem very interesting and well paying and will try to get them as well.

It’s time I take my photography game seriously and not just call myself a hobbyist.

And to take my shit seriously, I should fix this page. Make it easier to navigate. Not just the rants of a caffeinated crazy dude.

Coffee, push-ups, shower (?), breakfast, push-ups.

I should do more than just push-ups, like sit-ups and perhaps planks. But fuck am I lazy.

Gym? Gym one of these days…

Schedule is weird.

Girlfriend fell asleep early because she wakes up at 4 am to get ready for work. This makes me wake up early as well. I was awake at 5:30 am and couldn’t go back to bed, but again, forced myself to be in bed because what the fuck am I going to do that early? Woke up at 9ish am.

Yesterday, girlfriend came home, she made a veggie pesto medley and some sushi. Both were fucking delicious.

Dirk, a friend from San Diego and actor at Legoland, came to Tijuana for a quick visit with his brother-in-law. After sushi and veggies, we joined him at Norte Brew for some beers and to hang out.

Tis was fun. Hanging out with my ‘Muricuh friends is always fun.

We hit up Teorema/Lúdica as well. And then Teléfonica.

The fucking spicy tuna tostada was spicier than ever. I was crying because of it.

After that, they headed home. The borderline gets crazy during the holidays. They were lucky and didn’t have to wait.

We headed home after that, stopped by the bank because I was out of cash, stopped by the 7-eleven for some beers.

I am going short on cash now seriously. It’s because we drink and eat out so fucking often. And I don’t want to stop doing that. So yep. Need more gigs. Need more money. Need need need.

I just saw a post from my oldest brother in Ibiza that he is now shooting with the 5D and a 70-200mm/2.8f.

I’m so glad he is back to the photography game. He is another one that I learned a lot of what I know today.

Push-ups. Shower. Breakfast. Work?



Not sure what breakfast…


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