Great Day to End the Shitmonth – Del Cerro Politics and Gaslamp Party – Goodbye Sober Days

The calm after the storm.

Or more like the great day after a shit week…. shit month

Yep. Yesterday in San Diego went great.

I crossed at the right time. Bus was there a minute after I crossed. Trolley ride went smoothly. I finally did some reading. And got to downtown with enough time to be comfortable and not stressed.

The only thing that went wrong is that exactly when I was meeting my brother, my phone data ran out and I couldn’t message him to tell him I was there. It was a bit of a mix-up but I borrowed his car for the gig no problem.

My girlfriend did me the favor to pay for some data back in Tijuana so I can have data in San Diego. And boy, do I need it because I’m addicted to my phone.

Drove to Del Cerro in San Diego. Never been to that neighborhood. It’s really nice. Doesn’t feel like San Diego at all and it’s much better than the shit Rancho Peñasquitos I lived in.

I ran out of data, but apparently, I could still make phone calls. I met with subject 1 to take pictures for the story. We drove around and he showed me his part of the story. It was a neutral encounter that went well.

Drove around the neighborhood, took pictures, and then had lunch.

A mother fucking lox bagel. I’ve been craving it for years! And finally. It was done.

I did the mistake of ordering the pretzel bagel because they were out of the onion ones. It was very salty. Lox was fantastic though.

And yes. That fucker had capers. They are hidden underneath the salmon.

Met subject 2. A retired private investigator. Super nice guy. But he wanted to talk. They both actually wanted to talk a lot about their case.

So I hung out with this guy for a good hour hearing his stories (man, does he have some really cool stories to tell). He invited me to his home at any time. A really nice house with amazing views, a hot tub, and more. Said that if I was ever in the neighborhood to stop by. After a while of chatting, I interrupted him and told him I needed to leave soon. I had to give my brother back his car before 6 pm.

After hearing both sides of the story, and from my mediation training from college, I came up with some solutions. But fuck it. I was just there to take pictures.

Sad thing is, both sides are right, and both sides are wrong. It’s going to be a helluva dispute.

That story runs next week. I didn’t write it. Just took the pictures.


Job# 1 was done and it went very well. Hope the pictures is what the editor was looking for.

Gave my brother back his car with gasoline in the tank (it was empty when I borrowed it). And on to job #2.

Got some liquid encouragement from Star Bar. Star was there. I met her before. She did not remember me at all. And she was very flirtatious with me last time.

Two liquid encouragements. Star House Beer. Which apparently is not theirs but from some other brewery that I forgot. It’s a really nice IPA and for $4.50 a pint, it is one of the best deals in San Diego.

Magic hour. Well, a tad after magic hour.

Time to walk around and take pictures of Gaslamp.

Tons and tons of pictures of Gaslamp in the afternoon. Sort of boring. Could have saved that step. But it gave me a feel of what I was doing and where I was going.

Went to Chee Chee Club to meet my roommate, met with my Instagram boyfriend instead.

Yep. He came to hang out. We had a beer at Chee Chee’s and headed to Gaslamp to meet office people.

9 pm outside of Sidebar like we agreed.


Sidebar wasn’t even fucking open.

But hey! There they were! Office people at the right time. It was awesome to hang out with them so I can go around Gaslamp and take pictures and not be all by myself. Instagram boyfriend joined the party. And holy shit.


From 330 edited it down to 117.

It was a lot of fun. And I drank quite a bit. The manager at Werewolf gave us some shots. Drank a beer here and there. Got a cocktail from who knows where. And just fucking got trigger happy as fuck.

When we got around to hit Sidebar again, my fucking CF Card was already full. Started deleting frames that I didn’t deem worthy.

And damn. I just realized the flash never failed on me. Thank you flash. I dropped that fucker like two months ago and it still works like a charm. Rechargeable batteries gave me more than 200 flashes no problem.

Gaslamp can be fun. Who fucking knew!

I want to share pictures but I won’t because I have no idea what pictures are going to be ended up being used. This post needs a cover photo though, and my lox bagel does not do justice to all the pictures I took yesterday and how much fun it was.

Yeah. Fuck it.

My lox bagel is going to be the photo cover.

Ahhh or perhaps not!

I haven’t even reached 1,000 words yet… and I feel like I’m done. Alas, I am not.

Lol. Pointless use of “alas.”

The only thing that wasn’t fun was coming back on the trolley late at night. It wasn’t horrible. But it wasn’t fun. I was so drunk, lonely, and desperate to get home.

Crossed back around midnight. Got an Uber from close to the border to home. Dropped my bag at the entrance. Passed out next to my girlfriend who was fast asleep.

And this morning.

This morning I edited the fuck out of all the pictures and send them already. The only thing that will pay me this bi-week.

I have one more small gig. Translate an interview that wasn’t done by me. Let’s check it out soon.

I’m a bit hungover still… but feeling great.

No more shitty days. Literally or figuratively.

Well, figuratively they are bound to happen. Literally as well. But hopefully not for a while on either.

Pro tip: Booze makes things fun.

Today = meet my girlfriend where always. She was going to have a ladies night but I think she canceled.

It’s whatever she wants.

Almost forgot. Shoutouts to a buddy of mine from college. Claire is writing her own word vomit. Check it out!

I’ll give her a better shout out when I have more time.


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